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Big Brother 17: Week 10 Power of Veto Plans

This week’s veto meeting will be later this morning, so we’re bringing you the weekly update of what the plan is going into this meeting. It’s obvious who the veto will be used on, it’s the replacement nominee that matters.

James Huling from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

James Huling from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

With James winning the veto, he’ll obviously use it to take himself off the block, which also forces Vanessa to possibly get more blood on her hands by putting up a replacement nominee. Multiple plans were proposed, including putting up just a pawn and putting up a new target all together, though eventually one did get agreed upon.

Austin, Julia, and Liz were originally pushing for John to go up because they fear he’d work with James if they were to keep him, and they’re working with both James and Meg. However Vanessa was adamant about getting Meg out, so their plan was shut down.

Vanessa proposed the idea of Julia going up as the pawn because she is the only one who will guarantee that Meg goes home and doesn’t burn any bridges with people they need relationships with. Julia originally shot down the idea, saying that she’s too big of a target to be used as a pawn. Vanessa then switched the pawn over to Steve, going completely against what she originally wanted, but did agree that she’d put him up.

After that conversation, Austin went downstairs to tell Liz that Vanessa had agreed to nominate Steve. Liz didn’t like that idea, saying that Steve was used as a pawn last week and it should be Julia who goes up. Austin had a realization after Liz approved the Julia nomination, saying that this is the perfect way to stay in good graces with James because if they kept Steve over Meg, he’d have a valid reason to be pissed, but it’s obvious that they’re going to vote to keep Julia no matter what, so James couldn’t be mad at them. Austin and Liz got out of bed to go tell Vanessa of the new plan. Vanessa was shocked, but agreed and thanked them for being willing to do this. Vanessa later talked to Julia who said that she’s on board with the plan because she trusts Austin, Liz, and Steve to vote to keep her.

With all that being said, it looks like Julia will be the replacement nominee with the sole purpose of being a pawn, ensuring that Meg is sent home. James and Meg would have to flip both John and Steve’s vote, which is very unlikely considering how closely Steve is working with Austwins and Vanessa now. So if you’re a Meg fan, today isn’t going to be a good day for you.

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