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Big Brother 17: Week 10 POV Ceremony Results

Today’s veto meeting will determine the fate of Meg entirely. Vanessa will either have a change of heart and nominate a new target, or she’ll go with what Austwins want her to, which is to put up Julia as the pawn so that is seals Meg’s fate.

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto Ceremony - Source: CBS

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto Ceremony – Source: CBS

The original plan going into this week was to get out James, though after he won the Power of Veto, they had to come up with a new option. Vanessa figured that the next best thing to getting James out would be to get her number one ally out, which would be Meg. However Austin did push for John to go up for a while, though eventually he backed off.

Vanessa came up with the idea, though Austin and Liz bringing it back up a few hours later is what put the new plan in action. They’d nominate Julia as the pawn, making it so that Meg couldn’t even campaign, as well as giving James almost no choice but to understand why they kept Julia over Meg. Although this has all been planned, there is always that small chance that Vanessa takes a new route.


Big Brother 17 Week 9 POV Ceremony Results –

  • James uses the Power of Veto on himself
  • Vanessa nominate Julia as the replacement nominee
  • Julia and Meg will remain nominated for eviction going into Thursday’s live show


This will likely be the last nail in Meg’s coffin. There is next to nothing that could be done to flip votes because they’d need both John and Steve to flip. Getting John to flip is possible, though getting Steve to flip is likely not going to happen, as he’s been working closely with Austwins and Vanessa over the past couple of weeks. However, this is Big Brother and anything can happen in three full days.

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