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Big Brother 17: Week 10 Nomination Ceremony Results

It’s that time of the week again where the new Head of Household has to nominate two houseguests for eviction. Similar to last week, the HOH will have to choose a side to work with, as they have deals with everyone.

Big Brother 17 Nominations revealed - Source: CBS

Big Brother 17 Nominations revealed – Source: CBS

With Vanessa winning Head of Household this week, it put her in power to make any move she wanted, including going against the original plan everyone agreed to, which is to go after the returning juror. Instead of going after John, Vanessa decided to create a final three alliance with him and Steve.

Vanessa told Austin, Julia, and Liz that it is best for them to keep John and Steve off the block because they’re two people who will be targets before them. Austin and the twins bought it, giving Vanessa free rein to nominate whoever she wants that she deems as being the best for her game.


Big Brother 17 Week 10 Nominations –

  • James and Meg

James and Meg knew that one of them was going up, but what they didn’t know is that both of them would be going up, leaving John off the block completely. It’ll be most interesting to see how Austwins try to play this, because if they try to pin all the blame on Vanessa, who knows what Vanessa will do, but it will for sure cause chaos.

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