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Big Brother 17: Vanessa Wants To Blindside Austin

John made it clear to Steve that the only way that he’s going to vote out Austin is if Vanessa tells him that she wants to keep Steve, even though she basically told him exactly that yesterday; however, Vanessa made her intentions a lot more clear yesterday evening.

Vanessa talking to John on Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Vanessa talking to John on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

John has had the fans confused for the last couple days as it was unclear what his end goal was, though after a talk with Vanessa, it seems as though he’s going to go along with the plan to evict Austin. However, I still wouldn’t get your hopes up because John is unpredictable at this point and could keep Austin to spite Vanessa. That being said, let’s recap Vanessa’s conversation with John.

Flashback to 10:15pm last night for Vanessa bringing John upstairs for a conversation. Vanessa told John that she wants to do what hasn’t been a done, a big move that is also a blindside, to which she says that Steve isn’t a big target, Austin would be the big target. Vanessa went on to say that it would be asinine and stupid for them not to break up the showmance before final four because even if he makes a deal with Austin and Liz, they’re never going to take him to the final two over the other, which means that he’d have to win every competition, and the odds would be against him even then going against Austin and Liz, so they should take Steve to final three, someone they could both easily beat out in the final competitions, that way they could secure both their spots in the final two.

While Vanessa was offering all  this, John was being a yes man, saying “yeah” a total of 21 times in only 2 minutes. John did mention that someone put it into Vanessa’s head that he and John are basically a showmance, to which he thought was laughable. Vanessa confirmed that Austin put that into her head, that he said it enough times to her that she believed it. After that, Vanessa told John that she’d swear on something important that she’ll break the tie and evict Austin if he ties the vote tomorrow, to which both John and Vanessa shook on the deal to evict Austin. After agreeing, Vanessa told John that neither Austin nor Steve can know that this is coming, that it has to be a blindside when the votes are read, so he needs to let Austin think he still has his vote.

There is a few reasons why this should be taken with a grain of salt. The first would be the obvious way that John added next to no comments, just agreeing with everything that Vanessa said. The second would be the way that John commented about them needing to take out Austin, which the tone he used almost sounded like a tone of mockery that you give someone you know that you’re lying to. The third would be how seemingly close that John has gotten with Austin, and we’ve witnessed with both Jeff and Clay, that when John becomes your buddy, you’re getting his vote regardless what is good for him or not.

That all being said, there is a chance that John does go through with this plan and votes to evict Austin, then letting Vanessa be the one to break the tie and send Austin out. The main reason why I’m skeptical of this is because previous to this conversation, John told Steve that Steve needed to get Vanessa to tell John that she wants to keep Steve, which is something that Vanessa had basically told him the day prior, but John held out. But who knows. We won’t know for sure until Tuesday night, so it sure will be an interesting eviction!

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