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Big Brother 17: Vanessa Exposes Becky and Steve

We knew the moment that Becky won HOH she was risking everything by putting up Vanessa because of the amount of information that Vanessa knew about her game. Little did we or her know how much damage that information would end up doing.

Vanessa Rousso from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Vanessa Rousso from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

We knew that it was inevitable that Vanessa would expose Becky’s game, what we didn’t know is that she’d end up doing the same to Steve’s game after her told her information that was too valuable for her to keep to herself. Vanessa not only exposed everything that Becky has done, but she also exposed the alliance formed between Shelli, Steve, and John.

Flashback to 5:58 PM yesterday evening for the initial conversation between James and Vanessa. Vanessa began the conversation by telling James that she was put in this position because she gave her word and stuck to it, while others have chose not to.

Vanessa then began exposing Becky for everything she’s done. Vanessa told James that when Clay and Shelli brought Becky into a meeting, she told them that she had been waiting for this time happen because she trusts the two of them more than anyone in the house,  along with saying that she’d be shifting from the night crew to the day crew, where she’d also be changing beds and sleeping patterns. Vanessa hit James with what was considering the most damning to him, which was that Becky called him a sexist and that she plays up the dumb flirty girl when he’s in power because that is what it takes to appease him. Vanessa added that Becky was taking everything that was said during his HOH reign and told it to Clay and Shelli. Vanessa also said that she was willing to swear on the bible that he was her true target in the house. James told Vanessa that if she could get Austin and the twins on board, she’d be able to stay.

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Vanessa continued her crusade at 6:26 PM yesterday evening, this time to both Austin and James, and eventually to Liz and Julia. Vanessa told the two of them that Steve told her that he’s aligned with John and Shelli because they’re the ones who were left out of the 8 person deal. Vanessa tells them that Becky will have ties to that group if Shelli stays this week. Vanessa went on to tell them that Becky is protected by all sides of the house, proving that she is an opportunist and not someone that they could fully trust.

Vanessa began telling Austin and James that she wouldn’t nominate the two of them if she were to win HOH, that Becky would be her target and either John or Steve would be put on the block with her, not someone from their groups. James told Vanessa that he’s sold on the idea of keeping her. Austin agreed with John and said that she just needs to make the same pitch to the twins.

Directly after Vanessa’s conversation with Austin and James, she went over to talk with Liz and Julia. Vanessa told the two of them that they can’t talk strategy or trust Steve anymore because he’s an alliance between John and Sheli. Vanessa went on to tell the about “The Generals” alliance that Becky tried making with her and Shelli, but said that her and Shelli didn’t take it seriously.

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Vanessa’s plan to expose Becky’s game to her benefit managed to succeed, making her one of the first nominees of the year to throw someone under the bus and something positive actually come from it, though James was planning on keeping Vanessa all along and this just gave him the justification as to why.

Things will continue to heat up as the eviction rolls forward, so we’ll continue to see more games exposed, along with a couple potential confrontations between Vanessa and Becky or possibly even Vanessa and Steve depending on how Steve reacts to learning that who he thought was one of his closest allies actually ended up selling him out. Regardless, we’re in for another great day in the Big Brother house tomorrow.

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