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Big Brother 17: Vanessa Confronts Steve Before Veto Meeting

After weeks of plotting the entire house against Vanessa, the alliances that Austin and the twins have formed are finally starting to catch up with them. However, they’re not the ones who are taking the fall for them.

Vanessa Rousso from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Vanessa Rousso from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

When John found out that the veto wasn’t being used, he figured he’d make one final effort to sway Vanessa’s decision. What he decided to do was tell Vanessa about the 5 person deal between Austin, Julia, Liz, Steve, and him that was made to get her out. Though this might have been used to turn her against Austin and the twins, it ended up doing the opposite. However it still might have worked out in his favor, depending on who gets their way this week.

Flashback to 10:35 am earlier this morning for when the events quickly escalated. Vanessa questioned Liz about the 5 person deal that was made to get her out. Liz told her that she wasn’t apart of it, but knows that Steve was the one who orchestrated it. Less than a half hour later, Vanessa confronts Steve about it. Vanessa asked Steve who created and orchestrated the five person deal to get her out. Steve told her that it wasn’t him. Vanessa told him that he did orchestrate it, that he doesn’t have her vote, and he can say goodbye now.

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While Vanessa was confronting Steve, Austwins were upstairs talking about how stupid John is for exposing that alliance, as well as how badly he needs to go home this week. They discussed damage control, though none of that was needed because it was less than 15 minutes later that Vanessa told them that she doesn’t blame them at all for making the alliance with Steve because they had some reason to doubt her, unlike Steve who had no reason to question her loyalty because she ‘she hasn’t done anything’ to him to merit this.

Austin, Liz, and Julia now seriously want John out for outing that alliance they made with him, while Vanessa is adamant about getting Steve out because he’s a ‘disloyal little f*ck’. It ultimately comes down to if Austin and the twins cave to what Vanessa wants, or depending on what James and Meg want to do because they’re currently the swing votes. To say the very least, it’s going to be an insane day in the Big Brother house.

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