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Big Brother 17: Vanessa Blows Up On James

It was a crazy day in the Big Brother house yesterday, with James winning the veto and Vanessa’s plan completely going awry, tensions were high, and they finally reached a tipping point late last night.

James Huling from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

James Huling from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

James made it clear after he won the veto that he was going to be publicly targeting Vanessa, letting everyone know his plans. Austin went to tell Vanessa about it, which ultimately ended with Vanessa telling Meg that if James is saying these things,  it is in Vanessa’s best interest to send James #1 ally out, which would be her. Meg went downstairs to tell James this, who said he’d try to extinguish fires for her, though also said he’s about to start World War 3.

Flashback to 11:20 PM last night for James going up to the HOH room. Everything started out normal. Vanessa explained why she nominated Meg and voiced her concerns about James saying he’s coming after her. Vanessa mentioned that James said he’d nominate Austin and the twins, which indicated he wasn’t going to be loyal to Brass Tacks, giving her another reason to nominate him and Meg. James made a comment that she reads into things too much, and said that Vanessa is playing the game too hard. Once Vanessa heard that, all hell broke loose.

Vanessa starting raising her voice, asking James if he was insulting her, saying she thinks it’s best he goes downstairs because she’s starting to get pissed off. Vanessa tells James that he’s telling her she’s playing the game too hard, but questions who James is to criticize her game, asking if he’s some Big Brother expert or the winner of last season. James tells her that saying she plays the game hard is a respect thing. Vanessa raised her voice again, saying that it’s not a respect thing when he’s critiquing her game. James asked Vanessa if he wanted her to say she wasn’t playing the game. Vanessa said no, but saying she is playing too hard is a criticism.

After Vanessa threatened to get rid of Meg because of what he’s saying about her, the confrontation slowly died down, ending with both James and Vanessa apologizing to her and Vanessa admitting that maybe it wasn’t even an insult, she was just being overly sensitive.

James and Vanessa’s conversation carried on for another, ending generally on good terms and only respect between the two of them. They discussed the plan for this week and going into next week. However the conversation didn’t change Vanessa’s mind about Meg going, it did change her mind about James in general, as she didn’t even use this as leverage to get Meg out like she could have. Instead of playing up the dramatics to Austin and Liz, she told them that her and James are fine now, and that they both respect each other.

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