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Big Brother 17: Steve Still Plans To Cut Vanessa

As the last week of the season starts winding down, Steve and Vanessa both will be preparing themselves for the two possible scenarios that’ll happen, which will be dictated by which of them win the third and final HOH.

Steve Moses from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Steve Moses from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

It really goes without question that Vanessa has been the mastermind behind this season, having a hand in almost every eviction. Usually we see a player like this just about each year, and just like in the years prior, there is always going to be a chance that player gets cut because of another houseguest realizing the role that the mastermind played during their season. That is what has happened with Steve and he’s preparing himself to cut her to take Liz to the final two if he wins this last HOH.

Steve began working on the speech that he’ll give if he wins the final HOH on Wednesday at around 2:05am earlier this morning. Steve’s speech starts off with talking about how John said a few weeks back that Vanessa is Derrick, to which he says that he thought it was ridiculous until he sat down and realized that it was true. Steve’s speech then goes into how Vanessa may very well be the best female player to ever play this game, that the fact she was able to get James to target Shelli and Clay when he was out for revenge after the Jason eviction completely baffled Steve and that he is still amazed to this day. Steve goes on to give other examples such as how he has no idea that she managed to get Austin to put up him and John when the clear target was her.

The final and important part of Steve’s speech goes back to what he first said, that if Vanessa is Derrick, he’s Cody. Steve said that when Cody won the final HOH and took Derrick to the final two, Cody made a $450,000 mistake, which is something that Steve just cannot do. That is when Steve plans to break the news that he’s evicting Vanessa and taking Liz to the final two.

This entire speech is entirely based around Steve winning the final HOH. If he doesn’t win, it’ll be Vanessa who picks who she’ll take to the final two, and currently that seems to be Liz. That being said, Liz seems to be in the best spot out of everyone when it comes to securely at least $50,000. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens during the live season finale on Wednesday!

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