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Big Brother 17: Steve & John Don’t Plan To Honor Final 2 Deal

The alliance between Steve and John has been one of the favorites among fans, though via one of Steve’s nightly talks with himself and the viewers, he revealed that it was all a sham in just a few short words.

John and Steve from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

John and Steve from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

This isn’t the first time that we’ve gotten a hint that the ‘Rockstars’ alliance between both John and Steve wasn’t going to be one they both stuck with, as John has said something similar in the past about Steve. However Steve’s comments last night confirmed that at least on his side of things, he doesn’t plan on being loyal to it until the bitter end.

Flashback to 2:18 earlier this morning for Steve walking outside after his short talk with John. After getting outside, John remarked to himself “Johnny Mac thinks we have a final 2. It’s so cute”. When this was heard, this was seemingly out of left field because we’ve never heard Steve mention anything like this in his past last night chats. Steve explained earlier with the comment “John I’m sorry but I can’t beat you in jury”, which confirms that Steve doesn’t plan on taking John to the final 2, but does plan on possibly taking him to final 3 and cutting John if he were to win the final HOH.

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We’ve heard John say much the same before while speaking with Becky. Flashback to 9:50am 7/27 for the conversation which involved John speaking about his alliance with Steve. John told Becky that Steve came to him for a final 2 deal, but said that Steve wasn’t likely to get far. John added that Steve is expendable and told Becky that she needed her own Steve, someone that everyone thinks she’s close with, but actually willing to part with.

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With both Steve and John saying similar things in regards of not being completely loyal to each other, it’s safe to say that The Rockstars, is a fake alliance. The two of them are essentially playing each other, though based on the comments made, John seems to be using Steve more than Steve is trying to use John. It’ll be interesting to see if Steve elaborates on this subject tomorrow night during his late night chat with the feedsters.

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