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Big Brother 17: Steve Has A Meltdown

We’ve seen houseguests cry before, but we haven’t seen something like we saw with Steve last night in a long time. After regretting making a decision that he believes has already cost him the game, Steve had a fully fledged mental breakdown last night.

Steve Moses from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Steve Moses from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Most houseguests figure out that critical flaw that devastated their game only after watching the show back, however Steve realized his mistake the same day that it was made. After having realized it, he figured that the best course of action would be to cry it out so that it would just get out of his system, so that is what Steve did.

Flashback to 12:10am earlier this morning for the beginning of Steve’s meltdown. Steve explains his buyer’s remorse over letting Vanessa convince him to throw the veto competition because now Vanessa is going to send John home and there is no way that he could beat her. Steve said that he could have won the game today by winning the veto, sending Vanessa out, then him and John would have crushed the three part HOH that begins tomorrow. Steve went on to say that there is no way he could beat Vanessa in the finals, so his decision to throw this HOH cost him the game.

Other than the regret of throwing the veto, the other main reason for his meltdown was that Steve felt as though he let his family down, that he was doing this for his mother and he let her down today because he ‘chickened out’ of the move that would have won him the season. Steve went on to say that he even told himself earlier in the morning that he was going to win the veto to take Vanessa out, but then he had a change of heart, that he believes is his $500,000 mistake. Steve said himself that his only hope is that this is like season 14 and the jury votes for him over the better player, but said that was a long shot as Vanessa has made so many big moves while all he’s done is break up the twins.

We won’t know if he actually threw the competition until we saw the footage of tomorrow’s episode, as a lot of houseguests this season have used throwing the competition as an excuse for losing it, along with just being too hard on themselves. However, we’re not putting it past Vanessa at all to convince him to prove it, as she has show many times over this season that she has the capability to persuade someone into doing something against their best interest. Steve’s only hope now is to win the final HOHs and cut Vanessa at the final three like he said in the midst of his meltdown.

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