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Big Brother 17: Steve Contemplates Flipping The Vote

It’s been a crazy week in the Big Brother house and that’ll continue into tonight as who will be evicted is still up in the air. Steve spent countless hours going over scenarios and contemplating who he should vote out, as he is ultimately the swing vote.

Steve Moses from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Steve Moses from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

John has made it clear to Steve after multiple conversations that he’d like to flip the vote, which means everything is in Steve’s hands. Austin and Liz will be the votes for Julia to stay, while James and John will be the votes for Meg to stay. Whichever side Steve picks to be on, will determine the outcome of tonight, and possibly even the pace of the rest of the season.

Flashback to 1:30am earlier this morning for another one of John’s talk with Steve. John questioned if Steve wanted to flip the vote because it comes down to the two of them. Steve told John that he wasn’t sure yet. John told Steve that he wasn’t sure either, that he just didn’t want to end up with the two of them nominated together again. Steve agreed, and began asking if James or Julia would nominate them together. John told Steve that James wouldn’t, while Julia would nominate one of them with James. Steve asked John if his fear is of Julia putting them up together. John told Steve that his fear is being nominated next to James and Austin flipping the vote. Steve asked John if he was proposing a four person deal between them, James, and Meg. John said he was, though only if they were to flip the vote. After not coming to a conclusion, both agreed to think it over, which is exactly what Steve did.

Steve began talking over scenarios and situations to himself. Steve began discussing that Austin did want to protect his relationship with James because he was willing to risk Julia being up on Thursday, which is a huge move. Steve reminded himself that Austin did put both him and John up the last time he was HOH. Steve began saying that all of Austwins want John out, all three of them. Steve said that he doesn’t want to be terrible person for evicting Julia, but he also doesn’t want to lose the game for keeping his word. Steve added that winning the game is a lot more important to him than keeping his word. Steve told himself that he has to be okay with being the terrible person and cannot let the guilt factor of not wanting to send Julia home sway his vote. Steve added that he’s going to do what is best for his game, even if that means being a terrible person.

Steve brought out the M&M’s to go more in-depth when looking over scenarios. Because Steve mumbles and the microphones can’t pick all of that up, not everything was audible. Steve told himself that he doesn’t need permission from Vanessa to make this move, so he’s going to do what’s best for him. After going over scenarios, Steve came to the realization that since all of Austwins want John gone, that means that he’d be nominated with John. Steve added that if Meg were to go, that would mean there is a 50% chance that he’d end up nominated with John. Steve had another realization that if he were to get rid of Julia and Austin or Liz were to win HOH and put him and John up, they couldn’t control the vote because suddenly Austwins would only be one vote. After looking it all over, Steve said “I think I need to evict Julia. Holy shit.”. However he kept thinking it over, eventually leading to him saying that he doesn’t know what he needs to do. After about an hour of thought, muttered something about talking to Vanessa and John, then telling the two of them that they’re not flipping, the conversations they had about flipping didn’t happen, and he’s going to keep his word. Just after saying this, Steve was called to the DR.

After returning from the DR, Steve’s microphone was turned down too low to hear anything other than the mentioning of him working with Vanessa, John, James and Meg. Steve also mentioned that he didn’t want to end up being the guy who was sent home because he was afraid to make a move, but said that he needed a way to justify doing it.

Even after the hours of contemplation and thinking, there still isn’t a clear choice that Steve is going to make. We’re going to have to wait until when he wakes up to see who he talks to. If he only talks with John, there is a good chance that he could flip, but if he talks with Vanessa at all, there is almost no way that Steve will follow through with it.

Steve is under tremendous pressure as this decision will be one of the most important ones he’ll make, as it’ll ultimately decide which side he’s on. Regardless, we’re going to be in for quite the show and Steve is going to make the decision that he thinks is best for his game.

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