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Big Brother 17: Operation Save Jason Begins

Jason and his allies finally put together a campaign strategy late last night and started their campaign with people who they believe would be willing to flip to save him. Though it could work, the chances are slim, but slim is better than no chance at all.

Jason Roy from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Jason Roy from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

The plan that Jason, Meg, and Jackie put together last night is for them to flip Clay and Shelli’s vote by telling them that Jason isn’t going to be coming after them, but Becky will because she’s said in the past that she’d go after the pair during a double eviction. Meg would be the one pushing this plan, as that was agreed on by Jason.

Flashback to 1:15 AM early this morning for the formation of this plan. They learned of a 6AM lockdown, which Jason figured could be his saving grace if he can convince certain people that it’s going to be an endurance competition because he’d win that and people might want to keep him so that he’ll win and keep them safe. Jackie told Jason that it would be better for her game if he stayed, it’s just that they need to come up with a plan first.

Originally it was going to be flipping Steve and John, but after a few talks, it was clear that it would be better to try to flip Clay and Shelli’s vote. Jason says that they need to convince the two of them that he’d never come after them, and Becky is already planning to in on two weeks. Jason tells Meg that she needs to convince Clay and Shelli that he is her puppet and is able to control him because if Clay and Shelli think that, they think they’d be able to control Meg, which in return would control Jason.

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Meg begins working on Clay for a half hour this morning at 4AM. She tells Clay that she fears that Becky is a loose cannon that they wouldn’t be able to know what she’s going to do, meanwhile they have Jason who they know exactly what he’s going to do because his loyalties are know and he’s going to stick to them.

Clay wakes Shelli at at 4:30 AM to discuss the plan with her and Meg about Jason possibly staying. Meg tells the both of them that she’s talked with Jason and he doesn’t want to go against them, he rather work with the two of them. Meg tells Shelli about Becky mentioning that she’d target Clay and Shelli in the coming weeks, while Jason wouldn’t do that because he’s going to be genuinely loyal. Meg tells Shelli that if them three were to work together with Vanessa, they’d be much stronger than any type of deal they’d get from Becky.

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Flashback to 5:00 AM for Clay and Shelli’s conversation after Meg leaves. Shelli asks Clay what he thinks about all this. Clay tells her that he likes Meg and Jason, he doesn’t like Jackie and James. Shelli tells him that Jackie, James, Meg, and Jason are all getting close this week but they’re trying to keep that hidden. Shelli tells Clay that John is with them, John isn’t targeting them, and they could lose that if they were to vote out Becky. Shelli says that they’ll just lie to Meg and Jackie about voting to keep Jason, that way Jackie votes Becky out, Becky stays, then they can leverage Jackie’s vote against her to get in better with Becky.


So as it stands now, Clay and Shelli aren’t going to flip, and they’re actually going to use the other side’s plan against them so that they can strip their numbers away even further. Though Jason fans shouldn’t lose all hope yet because there a full day for paranoia to brew, and we’ve seen what they can do in the past. You can watch Operation Save Jason on the Live Feeds for yourself with a free 1 week trial by signing up here!


Update: Shelli and Clay told Vanessa about Meg campaigning to her. After their talk, Vanessa was in agreement that Jason still needs to go home because he’s always going to have a seed of doubt in his head about them, while Becky wouldn’t have that at all. Catch up on the full conversation here.

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