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Big Brother 17: Nolan Twins Guaranteed To Enter The House

It was a toss-up this week if Liz and Julia would both be able to enter the Big Brother house this week because they were the intended backup target if their plan with Austin fell through. However the Battle of the Block went terribly wrong for the people in power, but it went perfectly for the Nolan twins!

Big Brother 17's Twin Twist - Source: CBS

Big Brother 17‘s Twin Twist Revealed – Source: CBS

The houseguests caught onto the twin twist by week 3, noticing the differences in both the body and personality traits of the two twins. Julia first confirmed that she was a twin to Vanessa, who then told Shelli and Clay, who ended up telling Austin and Steve as well. The rest of the houseguests knew, but never had it confirmed.

Liz and Julia had to survive until after the fifth eviction in order to both join the house, which was a pretty hard feat when everyone found out 2 weeks earlier than everyone thought they would. Da’Vonne and Jason both led a pretty strong campaign with the house about getting them out before they both could join, but Liz and Julia managed to secure their safety this week with by winning the Battle of the Block!

It’s been a crazy five weeks with the Nolan twins switching throughout the game, and it’s only going to get better when they both join the game. The most interesting thing being that one twin has a thing with Austin, while the other has a mini-crush on John. Not to mention the fallout we’ll get to see when Liz finds out that her showmance has been plotting against her sister!

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