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Big Brother 17: Liz Dumps Austin

Austin and Liz were the last showmance standing this season, somehow making it to the final five, and with their alliance still in-tact. Though after today’s veto competition, things didn’t end too well.

Austin Matelson from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Austin Matelson from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Austin went against the original plan of throwing the veto to Julia, and instead won it for himself, ensuring that Liz ends up on the block with her sister. Austin called out Vanessa after winning it, which ended up backfiring as Vanessa told the twins that she has so much information on Austin that they don’t know, which lead to speculation and realizations from both Julia and Liz.

Liz discussed with Julia about how Austin has been a completely different person, going from saying he doesn’t want to win, to doing what he did today at the veto competition. Liz told her sister that the end is near with her relationship with Austin. Liz went out to say that she wants to tell Austin that it just wasn’t meant to be and they should just end it amicably now.

Flashback to 5:10 PM earlier this evening for the conversation that lead to the blow up between Austin and Liz. Austin started telling Liz that he wasn’t trying to hurt her, that he really did want Julia to win the veto so that they could all be safe. Liz told Austin that the way he acted after winning the veto proved a lot to her, that what they have between them probably isn’t going to end well. Austin questions what was proved because he says he hasn’t been lying to her. Liz begins explaining the information that Austin admitted to withholding from her, including bringing up the information that Vanessa says she has on him. Austin told Liz that Vanessa doesn’t have any information on him and that she was just lying. That is when it all went downhill.

Austin told Liz that he loves her and he’s done everything he could to protect her, and saying that the reason he won veto is because when he looked over and saw everyone rooting for Julia, he figured that everyone was in on getting him out. Liz told Austin that he knew he wasn’t the target and that he’s full of shit, and that he should just get out of the room. Austin got up off the bed, telling Liz that he ruined his life for her, that he chose her over a girl that he had at home because he fell in love with her. Liz questioned that, saying she thought him and his girlfriend were on the rocks and that the break up would have happened either way. Austin said he still made the official decision. Liz questions how choosing to break up with someone for her would be ruining his life. Austin began backpedaling, saying he made a big decision for her. Austin told Liz that he loves her with all his heart, he was willing to sacrifice his game for her, so if she doesn’t believe all the moments they had were real, he doesn’t know what to say anymore.

After that blow up, Austin figured they could still amend things as he went to Steve and Vanessa, asking them both to talk to Liz for him so that she’d understand that he wasn’t apart of some big conspiracy to split her up from her sister. Vanessa agreed, and actually told Liz that Austin really does love her and that he was being genuine, though it doesn’t seem to have changed things on Liz’s end. Who knows what will happen when Austin realizes that it really is over.

This spat will is guaranteed to continue on later tonight as Austin understands that amends aren’t being made, so we’ll keep you updated as to this current wreck of a showmance.


Update: Liz plans to make up with Austin for pure game reasons, though she says she doesn’t want to and would be just fine if they never made up.

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