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Big Brother 17: John Plans To Evict Steve?

After John managed to save himself with the veto yesterday, it guaranteed himself a spot in the final four, and gave him the option to try and work on Vanessa to try and get out Austin or Liz, depending on who she were to put up as the replacement. However, John is now doing the exact opposite.

John McGuire from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

John McGuire from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

In a very odd turn of events, John is attempting to sabotage Austin’s eviction. It didn’t take long before John told went and told Austin and Liz about Vanessa contemplating sending them home, and that ultimately she left the decision in his hands. There is a chance that Austin is only playing Austin and Liz, but John has already told them so much information that Vanessa has given him in confidence, that it’s unpredictable as to how she’ll act once she finds out.

Flashback to 9:25pm last night for the initial scenarios conversation between John and Vanessa. Vanessa began explaining to John why they needed to stick together and that the two of them need to make the decision on who to evict this week together, as they’ll have majority with his vote and her being the tie-breaker. After some discussion, Vanessa began pushing for Austin to go home, saying that if Steve stays, the two of them are basically guaranteed final three because Liz would be gunning for Steve, while they’d of course take each other if they won the final four veto. John mentioned to Vanessa that she did bring up splitting up a couple this week. Vanessa then told John that both him and Steve could be looked at as a couple too. John told Vanessa that if him and Steve possibly working together is going to be an issue, they should just sent him out this week. John went onto say that he’s currently leaning towards Austin going up as the replacement nominee and Steve being the one who they evict.

Only a couple hours later at 12:29am, John told Austin about what Vanessa had told him in confidence. It began by Austin asking John how his conversation with Vanessa went. John told Austin that since he volunteered to go up, Vanessa wants him to decide who goes home. Austin told John that he needs him and that he hopes that the two of them are still good. John told Austin that they’re good, that he’s going to do what he needs to do when it comes to the votes because his final two deal with Steve has been screwing him over. John went on to say that Vanessa was running over ‘like 500 different scenarios’, questioning if they should keep Steve over Austin.

Steve broke up that conversation, to which Austin and John continued talking later in the bathroom less than 10 minutes later. John told Austin that as far as Vanessa is concerned, it’s him and her vs Austin and Liz. John also told Austin that Vanessa told him that they’d be in the final two, unless he was crazy enough to bring a showmance to the final three. John went on to say that Vanessa wants him to decide the vote and he’s confident that his final two with Steve is what has been kicking him out of the game.

John seems to be set on sending Steve out this week, though of course it’s still possible something could change tomorrow before the eviction is taped on Monday. This is something that nobody was expecting out of John, though we’ve seen similar actions in the past where John would suddenly latch onto the main male target, such as Jeff and Clay, though the difference this time is that John actually is the swing vote.

The only thing that doesn’t seem to make any sense is that if John wants to win, he’ll now have to win out because Austin or Liz will not take him to the final two, which is something that Vanessa was planning on doing. But who knows. Hopefully some DR sessions will help us fully understand John’s thought process a little better.

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