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Big Brother 17: James Plans To Make Huge Move At Nominations

We knew that with James becoming the new Head of Household we’d be seeing a big move this week to avenge Jason’s eviction, what we didn’t know is how big of a move he’d be willing to make.

James Huling from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

James Huling from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

James said from the start that he wasn’t going to waste this HOH on a small target, that he’s going to make it count by making a huge move. James told Vanessa that he was going to make a huge move that might include her friends, of which Vanessa said she’d respect if it’s something that helps his game. What Vanessa doesn’t know is James’ new plan to put two of her closest allies on the block at once to insure one of them stays on the block.


Flashback to 12:45 AM earlier this morning for the first discussions of the James’ plan. James, Jackie, Meg, and Becky discussed nominated Steve with Austin, winning the POV, taking Steve down and putting up Shelli. The plans eventually led to Vanessa and Liz being the two pawns because either would secure the votes on Thursday if they were to take one down and put Shelli up with the intention to backdoor her. However, what James, Jackie, and Meg didn’t know, is that Becky is working both sides.

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Flashback to 2:09 AM for Becky running to tell Clay that James, Jackie, and Meg are planning on blindsiding them this week by either backdooring him or Shelli because of the role they played in getting Jason out. This sent Clay and ultimately Shelli into a fury trying to figure out what to do. Shelli was livid about being accused of playing a role in Jason’s demise and was ready to sell everyone out because of it. Clay and Shelli told Vanessa about it, along with Shelli’s want to sell out Austin to James to get him targeted. Vanessa warned her that if she were to do that, it’s going to backfire. Clay tells Shelli that he’ll get James to swear on his daughter that he’ll honor the deal he made with her just before the HOH competition ended.

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Flashback to 6:40 AM for James back out of bed after hours of thought, discussing a new plan with Meg. James tells her that he’s thought about it and he’s deciding he’s not going to use any pawns, instead he’s going to nominate Shelli and Clay outright. James eventually told Jackie and Becky the plan less than a half hour later. James told them that he’s put thought into this and he’s set on the new plan. Jackie voices her concern that if they’re both nominated at once, they’ll both get to play in the POV. James tells her that only one of the can win, which means one will be going home regardless. James reassures Jackie that he’ll threaten whoever wins the POV that he’ll backdoor one of their allies if they use it, insuring that Clay and Shelli stay nominated.

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Though the nominations are yet to happen and things could change, this is still an interesting plan that James has come up with that will be sure to cause absolute chaos on the Live Feeds both before and after the nomination ceremony happens. With James telling Becky his new plan, she’ll tell Shelli and Clay about it beforehand, which means that Shelli might explode before ever being nominated. You’re not going to want to miss out on the Live Feeds and you don’t have to! You can watch the entire week for FREE with a 7 day trial by signing up here!

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