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Big Brother 17: James, Jackie, and Meg Flip On Becky’s Plan

Becky and her allies have worked all week to insure that their plan to backdoor Vanessa would go smoothly. Now they they’ve finally accomplished that after yesterday’s veto meeting, Jackie, James, and Meg are having second thoughts.

Jackie, James, and Meg form Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Jackie, James, and Meg form Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

After Becky blindsided Vanessa and willingly took all the heat for the move, her supposed allies had a change of heart later that same night and decided it might be best after all if they send Shelli home this week since that was the original plan for last week. They believe that there is less risk in keeping Vanessa than there would be if they kept Shelli.

Flashback to 1:38 AM earlier this morning for the conversation between James, Jackie, and Meg about the possibility of keeping Vanessa over Shelli. Meg told them that this is their chance to get Shelli out, and that they’ll regret it if they don’t take this opportunity. Meg added that it would be easier for them to get out Vanessa during the double eviction than it would be Shelli, so they can just send Vanessa right out the door after Shelli. James mentions Shelli taking Clay’s shirt from her bag, which tells him that she’s still salty about him sending Clay home, so Shelli would likely be coming after him if she were to stay.

Meg brought up that they’d only need 5 votes to keep Vanessa. James told her that they could likely get the twins to vote to keep her. James adds that Steve also likes Vanessa, so he’d likely be a vote for her as well. James, Jackie, and Meg agree that they’ll have a better chance of keeping Becky and their group safe with Vanessa in the house rather than Shelli because of Shelli’s vendetta. Meg told them that nobody is mad at Shelli, meanwhile people other than them are mad at Vanessa and would still target her if she stayed. Jackie says that they’ll get Vanessa agree to a deal that says she won’t come after them if they keep her. James finished with that they know that he’s down to do this, just their only concern will be upsetting Becky, which he says that she’ll likely understand. Jackie told them that they’ll sleep on this tonight, chill tomorrow, and make their final decision on Wednesday.

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Flashback to 2:30 AM earlier this morning for Jackie and Meg’s continued talk about possibly flipping the plan. Meg told Jackie that she would never suggest this plan if she didn’t think that they’d be able to get Vanessa out at a later date without it affecting them. Jackie agreed with Meg and added that they can’t just let Shelli stay after they have another chance to take her out. Jackie brought up the possibility of Vanessa staying and possibly winning HOH and the likely hood that she’d put up John and Becky. Meg told her that as bad as it sounds, it’s better for the two of them that Becky is put up instead of James. After more debate of the chance that Becky turns on them when they go against her plan, both girls agreed that Becky would actually have no choice but to stay with them because there is nowhere else she could turn to.

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This is completely out of left field and came at such a random moment in time that nobody was expecting it. After being gung-ho for nearly a full week with this plan, everything has changed after a 15 minute conversation. Things will heat back up in the house as Vanessa continues to blow up people’s games like she has planned, along with Becky finding out about her allies’ new plan. You can watch it all unfold on the live feeds for free with a 7 day trial by signing up here!

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