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Big Brother 17: James’ Group Catches Onto Six Sense Alliance

The Six Sense alliance has been dominating the season for the last 4 weeks, going virtually unscathed because nobody knew they were all working together. Though through reckless emotion, the underlying meaning behind a simple statement made by Shelli was enough for James to catch onto what it actually meant.

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James Huling from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Everything changed this week when two Six Sense members were nominated, as it caused dissension among them, eventually leading to the slip-up that revealed themselves. With the Six Sense alliance being outed, James’ group now knows who’s working together and how much they trust they can actually place in the people involved.

Flashback to 4:14 AM for the first discussions between James and Meg of their potentially being something more between Clay, Shelli, Austin, Liz, and Vanessa.  James told Meg that he thinks that Austin has a lot to do with what goes on around the house. Meg told him that she thinks they all do, including Clay and Shelli. James told Meg that now he’s think that Austin, Liz, Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli all had a group and they have been tight for a while now, possibly even when Audrey was still in the house.

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The topic was brought back up again at 6:46 AM this morning with James, Jackie, and Meg. They were discussing Clay and Shelli withholding information regarding Austin wanting James put up as the replacement nominee. Jackie said that Clay and Shelli knew she was going to be nominated week 4 by Liz, which is another time that they withheld information from them that involved Austin and the twins. James told her that it means that Clay and Shelli have been aligned with Austin and Liz for weeks now. James remembers that Shelli said “What pisses me off is that we were rolling with them for so long, and then they turned their back on us” regarding Austin and the twins.

Jackie tells Meg and James that what Audrey said about their being an alliance was true and that Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, Austin, and Liz have been lying to their faces this entire time. Meg says that now it makes sense why Austin said he didn’t care who went home, then 20 minutes later Austin was campaigning for James to use the veto.

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With James, Jackie, and Meg finally catching onto the power alliance in the house, they’ll finally start connecting the dots as to why certain moves were made when it seemed like other choices would have been the easiest and obvious thing to do. They’ll also know that certain people’s campaigning is only happening because they’re trying to save their alliance members. Only more drama and chaos will come from this, so don’t miss out on any of it on the Live Feeds!

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