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Big Brother 17: James Comes Up With Master Plan To Save Meg

With Vanessa putting up Julia yesterday as the ultimate pawn seemed to have sealed Meg’s fate in the game, though James has come up with a plan to save Meg that both of them think has a chance at working.

James Huling from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

James Huling from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

James’ plan has been named “Operation Trojan Horse” and it involves getting both Austin and John’s vote, which isn’t what you’d expect. Most were expecting them to try to get John and Steve votes, but James has a few reasons why he believes his idea will work best over the alternative.

Flashback to 4 am earlier this morning for the start of James’ describing his plan to Meg. James told her that it might sound crazy, but they could get Austin’s vote by telling him that this is his chance to ensure that Liz takes him to the final 2, as well as that fact that he wouldn’t take the fall for it because they could blame everything on Steve.

James explained that they’d get John’s vote because he also doesn’t like Steve, along with the fact that John doesn’t care who he targets and who ends up targeting him. That is the extent that James went into about John’s vote, as he figures that would be the easiest for them to get.

James continued his plan by telling Meg that they could play up the fact that this would make for huge TV, which is something that Austin always likes doing. James told Meg that blaming Steve is perfect because Austin will jump on the chance to do that, as well as the fact that once they blame Steve, nobody will believe Steve when he’s trying to defend himself because him and Meg will hang out with Steve for the next two days, making it seem like they’re creating a bond between the three of them. James told Meg that the only way that this plan wouldn’t work is if Austin and Steve have a secret alliance that they don’t know about. James and Meg agreed to start working on this plan by hanging out with Steve all day, then they’ll make their pitch to Austin later in the day.

As good as James’ plan may seem, there are quite a few issues that will make this plan virtually impossible to be successful. The first big issue is that John doesn’t have an issue with Steve, nor does Austin. Austin and the twins have been getting very close with Steve, to the point of actually one of the twins going up as the pawn because it wouldn’t be fair for Steve to go up as the pawn twice in a row.

Austin flipping isn’t the biggest issue. Getting John’s vote will. When John told Meg that his targets are Steve and Vanessa, she believed him even though the truth is the opposite. James’ is banking on John and Steve’s feud to get John’s vote, even though the feud is only a facade and the two are actually working together. James and Meg agreed that they’d talk to John about his vote after getting Austin’s, which if they do that, we’re in for quite the fallout and drama because John would tell both Steve and Vanessa of this plan, which would blow up not only the plan, but also Austin’s game.


Update – 3:15am BBT 9/2: Meg began her talk with Austin like her and James talked about, though it didn’t go as planned. Austin told her outright that he cannot turn on the twins because he’ll look like a douche bag and it’ll ruin things between him and Liz. After hearing this, Meg decided not to tell him about the plan, and just went to sleep.

  • MikeGreggs

    James is underrated in the devious department even though it seems likely that Meg will be gone.

  • Karen C

    The big flaw in this plan even not knowing about the alliances is if Austin is really serious about Liz, even if he blamed it on Steve in the house, Liz would find out after they got out that he voted Julia out. So, it was doubtful that Austin would go for it.

    The better plan would be for James and Meg to team up with John and Steve, against Vanessa Austwins, but I doubt if that will happen either. I doubt it will happen.

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