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Big Brother 17: James is America’s Player? – Diary Room Leak

Audio leaks are rare, and when they do happen, usually it’s nothing important and just from random production members. Though early this morning, James’ mic wasn’t turned off in time when he walked in the diary room.

Big Brother‘s Team America – Source: CBS

We had a Team America last season, and it’s possible that there is a America’s Player this season after an audio leak last night. Although we haven’t voted, it’s still possible that something like the “BB Sound Off” that CBS has been promoting could have played a part in choosing who America’s Player would be.

Flashback to 3:35 AM last night for James being called in the DR. Instead of cutting off his mic right away after walking in, his mic was on long enough for it to pick up James saying “What?! America’s player card?!” then getting a “congratulations” from the production member who conducts the DR interviews, the feeds cut directly after this.

James is a prankster, so there is a chance he was being sarcastic, though the response he got, along with the fact there had to be a card for him to read made it all seem very serious. We won’t know for sure until Sunday or possibly Wednesday’s episode if James really is America’s Player.

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