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Big Brother 17: Final Five Eviction Predictions

We’ve managed to make it to the final eviction of the summer before the finale, which means that tonight’s eviction is going to ultimately decide which three houseguests are competing in the three part HOH for a spot in the final two!

Liz and Vanessa from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Liz and Vanessa from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Steve nominated John and Vanessa, then Vanessa ended up winning the veto competition, which means that Vanessa is going to take herself off the block, Liz will have to go up as the replacement, and Vanessa will have the sole vote to evict, leaving the decision on who to take to the final three completely in Vanessa’s hands.

Vanessa decision comes down to evicting either John or Liz, and it is going to be a tough one as their is arguments for either or. With Liz, you have someone who has managed to win five competitions and three of them being HOH wins, and on the other hand you have someone who also have five competition wins, four of them being POV wins, one of them being a BOB win, and none of them being HOH wins. The jurors this season have really played up HOH wins as an important factor, which is something that’ll have to play into Vanessa’s decision.

Another thing that Vanessa has to remember is that if John were to win the final HOHs, he’d likely take Steve over her, which is another downside. On the other hand, you have Liz, who she backstabbed just a couple days ago, though Liz will likely want revenge on Steve before she’d want revenge on Vanessa for getting her ‘boyfriend’ out.

Vanessa and Steve did discuss what she’s going to do, and she said that she’s going to keep Liz, as that is the only way that they can ensure that the two of them take each other to the final two, as Vanessa told him it would be stupid for either of them to take someone who has two votes already guaranteed. Steve had a meltdown late last night, to which he said he’ll try to convince Vanessa into keeping John, but even he said it would be a lost cause. That being said, we’re predicting that John will be the one evicted tonight. Let us know who you think will be getting evicted in our poll below:

You’ll need to keep in mind that this outcome is not set in stone, as this is Big Brother after all and anything can change at any moment. We’ll just have to see what happens during tonight’s live eviction. Let us know who you think is going home in both our poll and in the comments below!

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