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Big Brother 17: Fan Yells Disinformation Into The Backyard

Fans have been yelling information into the Big Brother backyard for years, interfering with the game, which ultimately affects both the outcome and integrity of the game. Depending on who the information is about entirely sways people’s opinions on game interference such as this.

Meg Maley from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Meg Maley from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

We have multiple people yelling into the backyard, none of which actually ending up affecting the game because Derrick would usually debunk or defuse whatever was said. However this time around, because of one of the people who heard it, there is potential that this could completely ruin someone’s game.

Flashback to 9:13 pm 9/1 to see James, John, and Meg react to hearing the fan. James got off the elliptical to get closer to the wall to hear what was said. James turned to John and Meg and said “Austin wants Julia out”, which both John and Meg confirmed that is what they heard as well. John asked what they shoud do now. James told him not to saying anything, though we know that is unlikely because who John’s allies are.

When & If John tells Vanessa this, depending on which route she wants to take, this could blow up Austin’s game because Vanessa could use this as ammo to turn the twins against him. Austin hasn’t said that he wanted Julia out since he originally had that conversation with Jason week 4. Though Austin has talked about getting Julia out at one point, he didn’t plan on doing it until they had to. Regardless, nothing can be unsaid at this point.

There is a few things that will happen because of this. The first is John tells Vanessa, then uses this as ammo to turn the twins against Austin. The second is that John decides to join James and Meg, flip the vote, and save Meg. Then the third option which is the most likely, is that production tells them that they cannot use this as strategy because it’s from outside the house.


Update: As of now, the information is being used, though directly bringing up what was yelled earns a “shhh” from those who heard it but don’t want it spoken about.

Update #2: It’s unclear what John will do with this information. He hasn’t gotten the opportunity to tell anyone even if he wanted to, so we’ll just have to wait and see until later today.

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