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Big Brother 17: DR Session Makes Austin Question Everything

Austin and the twins have been successfully playing both sides for the last two weeks. They’ve managed to create a final 6, final 5, and a final 4 with everyone left in the house, though Austin is prepared to throw that all away after a session in the diary room.

Austin whispers to Liz - Source: CBS

Austin whispers to Liz on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

We’ve seen things come into question after a certain narrative was inadvertently pushed in the DR before, though this time is a little different because of how well everything was going for Austin and the twins. Almost all of their new found suspicions aren’t true, including the suspicion that could cause Austin to turn on James and Meg.


Flashback to 5:58 PM for Austin taking Liz into the lounge to tell her of his new suspicions. Austin started the conversation by waving off the camera and telling them that they aren’t going to get anything because he’s telling Liz this secretly. However his mic was on and they turned the sensitivity to noise up. Austin whispered “Based on the questions they gave me in the DR, someone is lying to us” to Liz. The feeds cut away, but returned shortly after.

Austin began telling Liz that Steve and James might be what they’re being lied to about because he knows that Steve told James that he was safe during the double eviction. Liz agreed and said that James and Steve are up all hours of the night alone talking together. Austin added that James has been nervous about him being HOH, as well as Steve not wanting to go up with John, which showed Steve’s hand in regards to his relationship with John. Austin told Liz that Steve and John might of had a final 4 with James and Meg this entire time, though Steve went against James and Meg by getting out Jackie, which is the only thing that doesn’t fit. Austin said however that it’s possible since then that Steve and John have been trying to get back in good graces with James and Meg.

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Austin to went on to say that he’s now wondering what is the right decision to make in regards to who to get out, as well as the possibility that Vanessa is playing them too. Liz told him that she believes Vanessa is in the dark, and that he’s onto something in regards to James and Steve. Liz went on to tell him that they need to split up John and Steve for sure this week. Austin questioned if she even wanted to be in  a final 5 with Steve and Vanessa. Liz told him that she didn’t because she knows they’d lose. Austin went on to tell her that John likely lied about Vanessa telling Clay and Shelli about their 8 person deal so that they’d target Vanessa for him and then Vanessa would go after them.

Austin told Liz that Vanessa could be lying too because she’s already done so much. Liz refuted and said that Vanessa has always been on their side. Austin points out that Vanessa was about to put them up together the week Jason left. Liz told him it’s different because that was a long time ago. Austin told her that one of them is going to end up going next week if they don’t make the right decision. The camera started moving in the lounge, and Liz remarked that the camera was moving because they know they’re onto something.

Austin began explaining to Liz that they need to ask James & Meg and John & Steve who they want to take out because if they all say Vanessa, that is how they need to protect because those 4 might be banding together to take them out. Liz agreed with his plan and told him that they’re fools to think that they’re good with everyone. Julia joined the conversation shortly after and Austin relayed their suspicions. Julia asked if he thinks James, Meg, John and Steve are working together. Austin told her not yet, but it could happen. Liz explained that is exactly why they have to protect Vanessa.

Austin told Julia and Liz that he’s pissed that nobody has asked him about what he wants to do with the veto, except John, which means that John could be playing him, trying to act buddy buddy, but actually ready to take him out next week. Austin told them that Steve gave away John being an actor during one of the games they played with the house. Julia agreed and said that John is likely an actor who went to dental school. Austin finished the conversation by telling the twins that they’re only able to trust each other.

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This new paranoia could eventually lead to Austin and the twins turning on James and backdooring him, though all relying on who wins the veto. This is the third time this season that the DR has heavily influenced the game, so hopefully they’ll get their stuff together here soon.

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