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Big Brother 17: Day 97 Recap

Liz Nolan from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Liz Nolan from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

The finale of Big Brother 17 is tomorrow, which means that today is the last full day of the live feeds for the summer. Our summer addiction is coming to a close, but we’re still going to bring you the latest updates until it’s officially over. Today’s feeds will mostly consist of preparing for tomorrow, as well as Steve and Vanessa telling Liz about their final two deal, then Vanessa covering for it afterwards. That being said, let’s get to the recap!


5:55 PM BBT: Liz tells Steve and Vanessa that she loves both of them and will understand if they plan on taking each other to the final two, so she’d like to tackle the elephant in the room. Liz adds that all she can ask for is for either of them to take her, but that is something that she can’t control, so Liz says that what she can control is two jury votes, so she’d like to hear their spiels. Vanessa tells Liz that her and Steve were always loyal to scamper squad, but around day 40 is when her and Austin became apparent, which meant that her and Steve were at best the fourth wheel when it came to Austwins. Liz tells them that as long as she’s not Victoria, she’ll be fine. Liz adds that they don’t need to feel bad for her because she loves them both and that they need to kick butt out there.

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