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Big Brother 17: Day 91 Recap

John McGuire from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

John McGuire from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

We’re only one week away from the finale, which means that the start of the three part HOH begins today. Along with getting down to the final three, we’ll also see more game talk regarding final two deals, as well as potential plans to cut former allies unexpectedly at the finale, depending on who wins the first part of the HOH series. That being said, let’s get to the recap:


12:55 PM BBT: Vanessa tells John that she felt like Steve was trying to push her to keep Liz over him, which she says seemed weird to her. John tells her that it’s fine because she’s been throwing Steve under the bus for weeks. Vanessa tells him that she’s just going to make her own decision that is best for her game.

1:05 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Steve that she really doesn’t know who she’s going to evict, that she might flip a coin or actually make the decision based off of nominee speeches. Vanessa adds that she doesn’t think that there is a bad choice. Steve tells Vanessa that he doesn’t understand why he trusts her so much. Vanessa tells him that it’s because her actions have proven herself to him, that she has always had his best interest at heart, so he just needs to relax and trust her. Steve tells Vanessa that he just figured she’d be too nervous to take him with John to final three. Vanessa tells him that he gave his word to take her to final two and even swore on his mom about it, so she trusts him. Vanessa asks Steve who he thinks would be harder to beat in the three part HOH. Steve tells her that Liz would win part three, so he rather face off against John. Vanessa tells him that if she brought John, she could take him, but she gave her word to Steve, so she’d stick to that. Vanessa adds that John might not be in the final three.

5:40 PM BBT: John is evicted. Read full story here.

6:20 PM BBT: Steve tells us that if he wins two of the three HOHs, he’s going to take Liz to the final two, not Vanessa.

6:25 PM BBT: Vanessa gives Steve her word that she doesn’t have a final two with Liz, that those words never came out of her mouth. Steve tells Vanessa that she made Liz promise her, because that would be the only intelligent thing to do. Steve tells Vanessa that he’s going to be her easier win. Vanessa says 100%, but that she still thinks that he’d beat her.

12:30 AM BBT: Vanessa wins part one of the three-part final HOH. Read the full story here.

12:50 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Steve that he’s going to and has to win the next round so that they can take each other to the final two.

1:30 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Liz that they have a deal, but Liz has to give her word that she won’t tell Steve about it. Liz gives her word. Vanessa explains to Liz that if she tells Steve anything different, it’s going to be a lie because he just cannot know that she doesn’t plan on taking him. Vanessa adds that if Steve wins this next HOH, she’s going to have to make a deal with him, but she doesn’t plan to honor it because Steve has betrayed her, unlike Liz who is the only one who hasn’t. Vanessa tells Liz that if Steve asks why she dropped, Liz needs to say that it was so she wouldn’t be too sore for the second part of the HOH, not because they made some sort of deal.

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