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Big Brother 17: Day 87 Recap

Vanessa Rousso from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Vanessa Rousso from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

It’s veto day in the Big Brother house, which means that all of today’s game talk will be revolved around the outcome of that competition, as well as making plans with the winner, as they’re going to be in the final four regardless of what plans the Head of Household can come up with. That being said, let’s get to the recap:


4:40 PM BBT: The veto was played. Find out who won it here.

4:45 PM BBT: Liz tells Austin that she’s scared that Vanessa isn’t going to want to split up John and Steve anymore. Austin reassures Liz that Vanessa will because she doesn’t want to deal with the one of them that stays because pissed off at her. Austin tells Liz that Steve is their biggest threat to winning the final four veto, so that is what they need to explain to Vanessa. Austin adds that if Steve goes, either him, her, or Vanessa will be winning the game, which is also what needs to be pitched to Vanessa.

4:50 PM BBT: Steve offers to come talk with Vanessa, but she says that she’s very frustrated because apparently she is saying things that aren’t allowed and she doesn’t want to get a penalty nominate for it. (Monetary bribes)

5:00 PM BBT: Vanessa spends an hour in the HOH room going over which scenarios with candy as to which would be best for her.

7:15 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Steve that she’s stressed right now because everyone is soon going to be pulling her in every which direction. Vanessa tells Steve that she wants to have a serious talk with him, but if she catches wind that he let any of this information leave the room, it’s going to be bad news for him. Steve says that he understands. Vanessa asks Steve if he knows anything about the deal that John made with Austin before the POV. Steve promises her that he doesn’t. Vanessa tells Steve that John told Austin and Liz that he’d throw the veto to them if they’d agree to vote Steve out. Vanessa adds that John was going to throw it up until the point where he saw that Steve was doing well. Steve tells her that he believes John was trying to cover himself in case he didn’t win the veto. Vanessa asks if that is all Steve thinks it is. Steve confirms. Vanessa asks if he doesn’t think John would have thrown it. Steve tells her that throwing it this late in the game isn’t something that John would do.

Vanessa asks Steve who he’d vote for in the end between Austin and Liz. Steve tells her that he’s leaning towards Liz because of everything that she’s overcome with having a twin in the game and winning the comps. Vanessa tells Steve that Austin is clearly the better strategist and that she’s shocked that he’d say Liz. Steve says that she’s right, as Austin is the one who led the alliance. Vanessa asks who would win between Austin and John. Steve says that he’d vote for Austin, and so would James, Meg, Julia, and Liz. Vanessa asks Steve if Liz wins HOH and he wins veto, would he take her or John to final three. Steve tells her that he’d take her because he could beat her, while he couldn’t beat John. Vanessa asks Steve if he’s willing to swear on something important that he’d take her over John. Steve swears on his mother that he would. Vanessa tells him that if that’s true, she’s going to take him to the finals no matter what.

Vanessa asks Steve that if John won veto while Austin or Liz won HOH, who would John take. Steve tells her that the obvious choice would be to pick him, but he isn’t so sure after what she told him about John making the deals against him like that. Vanessa asks Steve if he won HOH and veto, who would he take to final three. Steve tells her that his gut instinct with be them two and John, but he’d have to worry about her taking John over him for the easy win, so Steve says he believes both of them could beat Austin. Vanessa asks Steve what he’d do if it was them two, John, and Liz. Steve says that he’d cut Liz. Vanessa asks Steve what John would do in that situation. Steve tells her that he’s confident that John would cut Liz too, and that John would get rid of Austin over her too because John believes he can beat her. Vanessa tells Steve that he isn’t going home this week and that she’s going to vote the way she said she was going to. Vanessa and Steve begin discussing who should go up as the replacement, but Vanessa says she’s just going to see what Austin and Liz choose. Vanessa tells Steve that he can’t let John know that she’s willing to keep him, because John was willing to throw the veto to Austin or Liz if they were going to vote against Steve, so it’s possible that John wants to final four to be him, her, Austin, and Liz. Steve says that’s fine and he’ll lie to John if that’s what she wants.

7:20 PM BBT: John tells Austin that he’ll tell them his whole game from day one if that is what they want to trust him. John tells Austin that Vanessa is going to be expecting him to vote to keep Steve, but he’s actually going to be voting with Austin.

8:45 PM BBT: Liz tells Vanessa that Steve only cares about himself. Vanessa tells her that just about everyone who plays this game is like that. Vanessa tells Liz that she wants to be fair this week when it comes to picking a replacement nominee, and Liz was the one who went up last week, so picking Austin would be fair. Liz tells Vanessa that Steve is a huge threat, he’s going to start winning a lot of competitions, and that he’s always going to be her target. Liz adds that she just thinks that the two of them need to stick together as the last two girls. Vanessa tells her that she agrees and was thinking the same thing. Liz tells Vanessa about Austin and John getting close and how it’s starting to worry her. Liz explains that she’d never work with John, but she doesn’t know if she could say the same about Austin. Vanessa asks Liz if she believes it’s more fair for Austin to go on the block this week. Liz says yes, because she was on the block last week.

Vanessa asks Liz if it was them two, Austin, and John in the final four and Liz won HOH, who would she take. Liz says that she’d take her and Austin. Liz tells Vanessa that last week showed her that she has to play for herself just like Austin has been doing. Vanessa tells Liz that her gut is telling her to keep her off the block because she’s trusted Austin and has had her doubts, but has never had any doubts about Liz.

9:20 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that either him or Liz is going to be have to be the replacement nominee, and Liz was up last week. Austin tells her that if he has to go up, he’s fine with that because he trusts Liz and Vanessa’s votes. Vanessa tells Austin that she might be able to convince John to vote to keep him. Austin tells her that he might because John was telling him that his vote for Steve isn’t set in stone and Austin says it sounds like John doesn’t want to be a ‘Rockstar’ anymore with Steve. Austin tells Vanessa that if Steve goes this week, it’ll either be him, her, or Liz who win the game because John wouldn’t win. Austin tells Vanessa that maybe she should just tell Steve outright that they’re keeping Austin so that Steve doesn’t scamper. Vanessa tells him that she’ll tell Steve the day of the eviction.

9:35 PM BBT: Vanessa tells John about the Scamper Squad alliance and how it’s been around since day 23. Vanessa adds that him winning veto today is good for her because now that he’s won so many comps, he isn’t the person that will just get dragged to the end over her. Vanessa tells John that right now she’s assuming that he’s going to vote to keep Steve. John tells her that he can if that’s what she wants him to do. Vanessa tells John that Steve has never been disloyal to him, never did anything against him even while Steve was in Scamper Squad. Vanessa tells John that they can’t take Liztin to the finals, so Vanessa questions if they should take the shot at them now. Vanessa asks John who he thinks has a better chance of winning between Austin and Liz. John tells her that Austin has had more on her plate. Vanessa asks John between the two, who would he rather be against in the finals. John tells her Liz. Vanessa tells John that he could beat Steve in the finals by a unanimous vote because of how well liked he is.

Vanessa tells John that she’s ready to make this decision with him because the two of them are going to need each other moving forward. John tells Vanessa that if they were to get rid of Steve, it would only be him playing in the HOH for the two of the, which would suck. Vanessa asks who he thinks he could beat more easily at the end between Liz and Steve. John says probably Liz because from his perspective, everyone in jury likes Steve. Vanessa tells John that he’s the only person that could trump Steve’s likability by the jury for their votes. Vanessa asks John who he thinks Steve would take to the final three. John tells her that Steve has been loyal, so he thinks that Steve would take them. Vanessa tells John that whatever they do, they need to do it together because if she doesn’t have his support, she doesn’t know if she can do it. Vanessa asks John if she should put up Austin or Liz, that it needs to be the person who would be harder to beat. John tells her that she should put up Austin.

Vanessa tells John that if they keep Steve in the game, they guarantee themselves final three because the only way they wouldn’t end up in the final three would be if Steve won HOH and Liz on veto, which would only be a 7% chance that would happen, meaning the odds are 93% in their favor. Vanessa asks John how he feels about voting Steve out. John tells her that if he has to do it, he’ll do it. Vanessa asks John who he thinks Steve would take to final two. John tells her that if Steve is loyal, he’ll take him, but if Steve goes for the easy win, he’ll take her. Vanessa tells John that with Steve in the house, the odds of them making it to final three are higher than if he isn’t. John tells Vanessa that she said she wanted to break up a couple this week. Vanessa tells him that him and Steve are a couple as well. John tells her that if that is going to become a problem, they should vote Steve out this week. Vanessa tells John that the difference between him and Steve is that they’re not going to share the money and aren’t going to get married, unlike Austin and Liz. John tells Vanessa that he’s currently leaning towards her nominating Austin and they evict Steve.

11:15 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that they need to both talk to Vanessa tonight to solidify and reinforce their so that Vanessa doesn’t get any ideas about turning on them. Austin tells her that he doesn’t believe that Vanessa would turn on them after everything they’ve done. Austin tells Liz that it doesn’t matter because John is going to want Vanessa out next week no matter what, and if John wins the final four veto, he’s going to take both of them and evict Vanessa. Liz tells Austin that she should just say “Look bitch, I took out James for you, so please evict Steve for me”. Austin tells Liz that Vanessa has to keep him this week because she can’t play in the HOH, so she wouldn’t want both Liz and John gunning for her if she got him out.

12:30 AM BBT: Austin asks John how his talk upstairs went. John tells him that apparently he (Austin) volunteered to go on the block and now Vanessa is wanting him to decide what to do. John explains to Austin and Liz that Vanessa was running over 500 different scenarios about whether they should keep Steve or not. Austin tells John that he doesn’t want it to be a 1-1 vote. John tells him that he’s going to do what he has to because his final two with Steve has been screwing him over. Austin and Liz agree, saying that it’s benefited Steve, but not John. John tells them that the only reason Vanessa found out about her final two with Steve is because after Steve came to him with the idea, he told Clelli about it. Austin tells John that he’s saying Steve came to him, but Steve has been saying that John came to him with the idea and basically forced him into it because he couldn’t say no. John tells Vanessa that as far as she is concerned, it’s her and him vs Liztin. Austin tells John that he needs to let him know if there is anything he can do for him to solidify his vote because it’s important. John tells Austin that he’ll let him know. Austin asks John if he’s going to tell Steve about voting him out. John tells him that he’s sick of everyone playing nice.

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