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Big Brother 17: Day 84 Recap

John McGuire from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

John McGuire from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

We’re just one day away from eviction night, which means today’s feeds will be all about tomorrow’s vote, as well as pre-planning and deal making for the new week. On top of the new deals, we’ll also get to see who is going to target who, as well as the possibility of Vanessa catching onto everyone’s suspicions about her.


12:55 PM BBT: Austin tells John about Steve asking what he could do, to which he told Steve that if he just respects their decision as to why they want out, things will calm down. John tells Austin that he believes both the twins are going to be equal in competitions, so it doesn’t really matter who stays, so they might as well let the twins pick. Austin tells John that they’re the favorites to get to the final four at this point, so the two of them just needs to get there together and should not target each other this next week. John says that he’s down and says that he knows who his friends are in jury, so he knows who he can beat or not, which is going to factor into his decision making from this point forward. Austin tells John that he (Austin) couldn’t beat Vanessa, and he probably couldn’t beat Liz, so he needs John. John tells Austin that he knows it’s going to be hard for him to beat Steve.

1:35 PM BBT: Vanessa tells John that she’s scared going into tomorrow. John tells her that they have to go into the HOH competition and kill it, there is no being scared, it’s do or die at this point. Vanessa tells John that she’s going to give it 1000%, but if it were to come down to the two of them, she might just throw it to him.

3:00 PM BBT: Steve begins going over scenarios by himself, says that if John or Vanessa wins, the showmance is going up and it doesn’t matter if one of them win veto because even if he’s the replacement nominee, the HOH will be the tie-breaker and he’ll be the one to stay no matter what. Steve adds that the one way he does go home is if Austin or Liz win and he ends up on the block next to Vanessa on Thursday. Steve begins to question if Vanessa is actually disloyal to him considering she doesn’t have a final two with John or a final two with Austin, and he’s Vanessa’s only final two in the house. Steve says that if Liz goes, there is potential for a Austin and Vanessa final two, while right now he’s Vanessa’s closest ally.

Steve notices on the HOH TV camera that Austin and Vanessa both walked into the bathroom area and haven’t been out for a while, meaning that they’re talking. Steve says that seeing this only confirms that if he goes up next to Vanessa, he’s going home. Steve adds that John was right when he said that Austin and Vanessa are going to make final two together soon if they don’t already have one. Steve says that he can’t take Vanessa to the finals because he doesn’t care about Vanessa talking about her enemies, he knows that she’d win. Steve says that if Vanessa is in the bathroom, she’s busted. Steve goes downstairs to see if his suspicions about Vanessa being in the bathroom are true. Steve found Vanessa in the bathroom.

3:10 PM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that he’d have to let her win the final three HOH if it was them two and Liz. Vanessa tells Austin that she’d take him to the final two because she has the incentive too and because she’s going to honor the deal that they made.

4:20 PM BBT: Liz tells Julia that you’d have anyone would have to be a fool to believe Vanessa and if it wasn’t for her grudge against Steve, she’d be going after her. Julia tells Liz that if Steve wins veto, she has to put put up and take out Vanessa because if Vanessa makes final three, there is a good shot she goes to final two and wins it. Liz tells Julia that she needs to talk to John tomorrow because he’s already sketched out by Vanessa, so she should tell him about Vanessa’s final two deals with both of them, Austin, and likely John himself. Julia tells Liz that she hopes that John doesn’t tell Vanessa what they give him and then Vanessa comes after her. Liz tells Julia that it wouldn’t make sense for Vanessa to come after her. Liz tells Julia that if Steve wins veto, she’s putting Vanessa up.

5:45 PM BBT: Steve asks John if they have anything to discuss. John tells Steve that he’s down with getting rid of Julia if he’s okay with it. Steve says okay, then both left the room.

8:00 PM BBT: Julia tells Austin that Steve is acting weird, so she’s starting to get nervous about the vote possibly flipping. Austin tells Julia that if they flip the vote, Vanessa would be screwing herself over with them, which is something she can’t afford to do.

8:05 PM BBT: Steve tells Liz that if she wins HOH, she has every right to put him up, but he’d like to ask the one small favor that if he goes up and it’s a tie, she’ll break the tie in his favor. Liz agrees and they shake on the deal.

8:10 PM BBT: Steve tells Austin that he’s been endorsing for Liz to stay in exchange for her breaking the tie in his favor if he’s ever on the block and it’s a tied vote. Steve adds that he hopes that Liz will make the decision that is best for her game, not a move based on a personal grudge. Austin tells Steve that he believes Liz will since he’s in the game with her.

8:15 PM BBT: Liz tells Julia that she’s going to say whatever she needs to say to Steve, but she doesn’t care because he’s still going home if her or Austin win it. Julia tells Liz that if John wins it, they need to let him know that they’re after Steve and would like to go to the final four with him (John).

8:40 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that hopefully Steve thinks they have his back in case he gets into a position of power, which is something he might be in if John were to win HOH. Austin adds that if Liz were to blow up on him now, they’d go up on the block next to Vanessa and they’re going home.

12:00 AM BBT: Austin tells Steve that he’s feeling good about John going into this next HOH, but it might come down to him needing Steve’s vote if he goes on the block. Steve says okay, then asks Austin if he understands why he had to put him up next to Liz. Austin says yes, because if he won the veto he’d use it on Liz, then they’d control the votes and keep Julia too. Steve tells Austin that he put him up for the same reason that Austin put him up the previous weeks. Austin tells him that they’re good. Austin adds that if Liz wins HOH, he’ll be able to influence and control her, as well as get her to keep him if she’s the tie-breaker. Austin tells Steve that if John wins, he thinks that the three of them could make a guys alliance work. Austin adds that if Vanessa were to win, he believes that she’d go after John.

Austin tells Steve that John has said he doesn’t trust Vanessa, though he doesn’t know if that’s true because Vanessa refused to put him on the block when she was HOH last week. Steve asks Austin if he has any doubts about him now because of the move Steve made this week. Austin tells him that he doesn’t and if he did, he’d tell Steve about it. Austin tells Steve that if he goes on the block against one of girls next week, he hopes he can count on his vote. Steve agrees. Austin tells Steve that he hopes that Vanessa honors Scamper Squad if she wins HOH and nominates John instead of them.

1:45 AM BBT: Steve tells us that he wants Austin and Liz as tired as possible going into this HOH, so that’s why he kept them up as late as he could, so he hopes they get the worst night of sleep of their lives. Steve adds that Austin is getting nervous because he knows that if John or Vanessa win HOH, he’s gong up.

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