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Big Brother 17: Day 83 Recap

Big Brother 17 Final Six - Source: CBS

Big Brother 17 Final Six – Source: CBS

It’s ‘beach day’ in the Big Brother house, which means the feeds will mostly consists of the houseguests lounging by the pool and napping all day, though we can expect more game talk regarding which twin to keep, as well as the plan going into next week. We’ll also get to see more of everyone’s growing distrust in Vanessa because there is no longer anyone in the house who isn’t questioning her loyalty.


1:15 PM BBT: Vanessa asks John if Austin has told him about which twin he wants to keep John says that Austin hasn’t said anything to him. Vanessa says that Austin hasn’t talked to her about it either. John tells her that they can vote however they want, not just go with what the twins want. Vanessa tells her that Austwins know that she gave Steve her word that she’ll vote how he wants, which is likely going to be voting out Liz. Vanessa adds that if they were to take out Liz, Austin would become more ambivalent about leaving, which is good for the two of them. Vanessa asks John if he’d put put up Steve as the replacement nominee and trust her to vote out either Austin or Julia, depending on who’s nominated. John says that he would. Vanessa tells him that he would, and that they could tell Steve that since they’re the only two from their group playing in the HOH, they made a deal not to backdoor each other, which is why Steve would have to be the pawn. Vanessa questions if Steve would vote out Austin over one of them if nominated with him. John asks Vanessa if she thinks that Steve is not as tight with Austin as he is Julia. Vanessa tells him that she thinks the opposite, that Steve is actually tighter with Austin. Vanessa adds that they just need to win HOH, and getting out Julia would increase the odds of that.

1:15 PM BBT: Liz tells Julia that Vanessa is up to something. Julia agrees, questioning what Vanessa and John have been talking about since they’ve been outside for so long. Julia tells Liz that Vanessa probably wants to bring John to the final two for the easy win. Julia adds that Vanessa is probably telling John that if he were to take Steve to the final two, he’d lose, but if he were to take her, he’d win because everyone in jury hates her. Liz tells Julia that Vanessa is likely going to throw the next HOH because she’s good with John, she’s good with them two, and she’s good with Austin.

1:40 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that if John wins, he’s going to put him up with a twin, regardless of who stays, which is why he believes that it should be her to stay over Julia since she’d be playing for first. Liz asks Austin if he trusts Vanessa. Austin says that he wants to. Liz tells him that she believes that Vanessa is doing a good job at playing everyone. Austin tells Liz that if Vanessa is good with John, she’s going to throw the HOH next week, giving John even more of a chance to win. Austin adds that Vanessa has been telling him that it’s in his best interest for Liz to go, but the real reason why she’s saying that is because if Liz goes, everyone is going to take her to the final two. Liz tells Austin that Vanessa has a final two with Julia. Austin tells her that Vanessa made a final two with him too. Liz tells Austin that Vanessa couldn’t win HOH and turn on them because America would hate her for it. Austin tells Liz that if she goes, Vanessa will manipulate Julia because Julia trusts Vanessa so much. Austin adds that if it came down to John, Julia, and Vanessa in the final three, she’s going to throw the HOH to John so that she doesn’t have to be the one to cut Julia. Liz tells Austin that if him or Julia win HOH next week, they’ll finally get answers about Vanessa. Austin tells Liz that is why she needs to stay because she has a better shot at winning.

1:50 PM BBT: Julia joins Austin and Liz in bed. Julia tells them that Vanessa wants to make final three with John and Steve. Austin tells the twins that John and Vanessa want Liz out, but they’re screwed because they already told the them that they’ll vote out whoever they choose. Julia tells them that Vanessa has convinced John that everyone hates her in jury, so she would be the easy win. Austin tells her that they have to tell John that if he takes Vanessa to the finals, they’re not going to vote for him. Julia asks Austin if he has a final two deal with Vanessa, which Austin then confirms. Julia tells Austin that Vanessa made a final two deal with her, which just proves that she has a final two deal with everyone.

Julia tells Liz that it’s her time to go, and it’s Liz’s time to stay and fight. Liz tells Austin and Julia that if she does stay, Vanessa can’t turn on them because America would hate her and shes a reputation to uphold. Austin tells them that America might already hate Vanessa because she could have been playing them this whole time. Austin tells Julia and Liz that Vanessa told him not to campaign for Liz to stay because it isn’t in his best interest, but she can’t think objectively like he can, and he knows that it’s best for the twins if Liz is the one who stays. Julia tells Liz that she’s ready to go, she’s already done what she’s came here to do, which is win a competition.

Julia tells Austin and Liz that Vanessa has positioned herself so well that she’s going to make final three no matter what. Austin tells her that Vanessa won’t if they tell John about everything they’ve caught onto. Julia says that she can blow everything up walking out the door on Thursday. Austin adds that if he wins HOH, he’ll make a final four with John, nominate John and Steve, then if Steve comes down, he’ll nominate Vanessa with the intention of getting her out. Austin adds that he doesn’t think that John trusts Vanessa, he just wants to be in good graces with everyone. Austin adds that if Vanessa lies to them about voting out who they choose, that gives them reason to not only target her, but tell John everything about her game.

2:00 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Steve that the two of them are safest when they’re together in the game, and they’re the only duo like that left. Vanessa tells Steve that the benefits of keeping Liz over Julia would be that they’d make final four no matter what because people would be focused on splitting up Liztin. Vanessa tells Steve that keeping Julia in the game is only good for John because he’d want to take her to the end for the easy win, while keeping Liz in the game is good for the both of them because that is two targets in front of them. Steve tells Vanessa that he believes John would stay loyal to the three of them over taking Julia. Vanessa tells Steve that the one way that could stop the worrying is if they shake on a final three deal with John.

2:30 PM BBT: Julia tells Liz that it’s better for her (Liz) if she (Julia) goes, which is what she’s ready for. Julia explains that if her and Austin are going to get targeted regardless, it might as well be Liz who stays.

2:50 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that Vanessa probably didn’t make a final two with Steve because him and John could compare notes and figure her game out. Austin tells Liz that Julia has to blow up Vanessa’s game when she’s leaving on Thursday because that way they couldn’t be blamed for it at all. Austin adds that they need to let John know that they’ve decided to keep Liz, so that’s who he needs to vote to keep.

4:50 PM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that they’ll go further in the game with Liz, because otherwise they’re going to keep allowing John and Steve to run the game and make the decisions. Vanessa tells Austin that if Julia wants her to vote to evict her, that’s fine, but she has to check with Steve first to make sure that’s okay because she gave her word to vote how he wants her to. Vanessa tells John that she’d want John and Steve nominated if she were to keep Liz, as well as for them to promise to vote to keep her if she goes up as the replacement nominee. Austin agrees.

5:50 PM BBT: Vanessa tells John that the twins have decided they want to keep Liz in the game, which isn’t good for them.

6:00 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Julia that Austin said they’re thinking about keeping Liz in the game, so she just wants to make sure that’s correct. Julia confirms that it is. Julia tells Vanessa that it’s her time and she’s ready to go, that Liz has has won more competitions and Liz is the one who deserves to be in the house more. Vanessa tells Steve that she just has to check with Steve to make sure it’s okay she votes her out because she gave him her word that she’d vote how he wants. Julia tells Vanessa that regardless of who stays, they’re going after Austin and the remaining twin. Vanessa tells Julia that she wouldn’t be the one to go over Austin, as he is the obviously bigger target. Julia agrees, saying she does see how Liz would go over Austin, as she has won more competitions. Julia asks Vanessa if Steve has told her who he wants out. Vanessa tells her that Steve hasn’t said anything to her yet.

6:15 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that she’ll help keep Steve, but it’s possible that they might need to blindside him with this. Vanessa tells Austin that her three terms and conditions to keep Liz wold be can’t be the original nominee or replacement nominee, gets to pick herself who goes between John and Steve, and that she gets to go to the final two wither either Austin or the twin, depending on who’s left. Vanessa adds that if they can promise her all that, she can agree to keep Liz.

8:40 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin and Liz that it doesn’t matter who they keep between John and Steve, as long as they agree to take her to final three no matter what. Austin tells Vanessa that all they have to do is win this next HOH and they’re just about guaranteed final three. Vanessa tells Austin and Liz that she can tell Steve that if he’d let the twins choose who stays, he wouldn’t lose their jury votes. Vanessa adds that she’ll tell John about what’s going on and he won’t care. Austin tells Liz and Vanessa that John and Steve haven’t earned final two like they all have, and if they allowed those two to make it there, it would ruin the entire season. Austin tells them that John knows he’s safe next week unless Steve wins veto. Liz agrees, saying that John has nothing to worry about as long as Steve doesn’t win veto.

Vanessa tells Austin and Liz that it’s better for her game if Liz stays because that way even if one of them is taken out, she has a strong player to work with. Liz tells Vanessa that that she doesn’t have to worry about being gunned after by her, because Liz will be going after Steve. Austin tells them that both John and Steve have to go. Vanessa tells Austin and Liz that she’ll throw this next HOH to them so that it’ll minimize her target.

9:25 PM BBT: John tells Steve that Austin and the twins are leaning towards keeping Liz in the game. John asks if he were to win HOH, she would have to put up Austin and a twin. Steve says that the twin and Austin would stick together no matter what, so it would make sense. John tells Steve that he bets he knows what Steve is thinking as to questioning how long Vanessa will be loyal to them. Steve asks John if he has talked with Austin at all about who should stay. John says no, that Austin doesn’t seem like he wants to talk to him about it.

9:50 PM BBT: Vanessa tells John that if they keep Liz, there is an 80% chance that they’ll be safe even if they don’t win HOH because Austin and Liz would be targeting Steve no matter what. Vanessa adds that they’d be screwing up their game by keeping Julia because everyone would want to drag her along to the final two. Vanessa continues making the case that they can’t really look at Liz’s competition wins because most of them were thrown to her, along with the fact that Liz has been training for competitions, which is good for them because she’ll be worn out from fatigue by the time the comps actually get here. Vanessa tells John that it just isn’t worth it to keep Julia, so they should just go with whatever the twins want. John tells Vanessa that they’ll just have to tell Steve the truth and that is that they believe they can still win HOH over Liz.

10:00 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Julia that her and John talked it over and they’re on board with keeping Liz if that’s what they want to do. Julia agrees, saying that is what they want and thanks them for letting them make this decision. Liz joins the conversation, and Vanessa tells her too that they’ve talked it over and they’re willing to vote Julia out. Liz thanks them and asks if Steve has said anything about who he prefers to stay. John and Vanessa both tell her that Steve hasn’t said anything to them about it yet. Liz tells them that they don’t have to worry going into next week if she wins the HOH because they know that she’s going to target Steve.

10:25 PM BBT: Liz tells Julia about the ‘ridiculous’ terms that Vanessa asked her and Austin to agree to if she were to vote how they want her to. Liz adds that by doing that, Vanessa showed her hand as to who she’s working with. Julia tells Liz about walking in on John and Vanessa whispering whenever they’re supposed to be mortal enemies. Julia adds that Vanessa is playing both sides, so she isn’t going to try and win HOH because then she’d have to choose a side and wouldn’t make it to final three regardless of who wins. Liz tells Julia that she doesn’t care about what they promised Vanessa because they’re not going to go through with it.

10:30 PM BBT: Austin joins Julia and Liz at the hammock. Julia tells Austin that she walked in on John and Vanessa whispering, then Vanessa told her that they’re going to vote whichever way the twins decide is best. Liz adds that Vanessa letting them decide is the least she could do considering Vanessa is a traitor. Austin tells the twins about John and Steve wanting to meet with him in private later, which likely means that they’ve caught onto Vanessa as well. Liz tells Julia that she needs to blow up Vanessa’s game out the door. Julia tells her that she will and Julia tells Austin that he needs to blow up Vanessa’s game as well to John and Steve because she has a final two deal with everyone. Austin tells Julia and Liz that it doesn’t matter what Vanessa makes them swear to anymore because they can just go back on it.

10:40 PM BBT: Liz tells Julia that it’s crucial for her or Austin to win this next HOH so that they can get information out about Vanessa, otherwise they’re going on the block together again. Julia tells Liz that ideally she’d go to the final three with Austin and John, she’ll get out Steve first, then Vanessa the following week.

10:45 PM BBT: Austin tells John that they’re the two favorites going into next week’s HOH and that if he wins it, he’s going to take John to the final four with him. John agreed to do the same if he were to win.

10:50 PM BBT: Austin tells Julia and Liz that John is good because he’s onto Vanessa as well. Austin adds that he made a deal with John that they wouldn’t go after each other if either were to win the next HOH. Liz tells her that maybe Vanessa will be targeted now. Austin tells her that if he wins HOH, he can get rid of either Steve or Vanessa, and if John were to win, he’d get rid of Vanessa. Julia tells Austin and Liz that they need to take John to the final three because if they do that, they’re going to win. Austin tells them that they should be able to win against Vanessa too and there is no reason why they shouldn’t, so he tells Julia to let the jury know about how bad Vanessa has been.

11:00 PM BBT: Julia tells Liz that Vanessa is probably going to tell Steve to act like he’s mad about Liz staying so that she has to keep her word and vote Liz out. Liz tells Julia that if Vanessa is going to tell them she’s going to vote how they want, she needs to respect and honor that. Liz adds that Vanessa making that deal with Steve just further proves how thirsty she is to win the game. Julia tells Liz that Vanessa will try to get her or Austin out now that they made her swear to take her to the final two if one of them were to go. Liz tells Julia that she can’t wait for Vanessa to be blown up. Julia tells Liz that she believes Vanessa is the one who orchestrated them two going on the block together. Liz tells her that there is nothing that could come out about Vanessa that wouldn’t make her go after Steve first.

11:45 PM BBT: Julia tells Steve that she knows John and Vanessa agreed to vote how he’d like, but her and Liz would like to choose which would stay and they both agreed on Liz being the one to stay. Liz tells Steve that he doesn’t need to be scared of her because he knows his move was strategic and that everyone was stupid to even let Austwins make it this far, so there is no hard feelings between them.

1:15 AM BBT: Vanessa asks Steve if the twins told him that they want Liz to be the one to stay. Steve confirms that they did. Vanessa tells Steve that they should go along with it because it’s not worth doing the opposite of what they want right now. Vanessa explains to Steve that Liz staying is only bad for John’s game, that the only way it affects their game is that it’ll be a little harder to win HOHs. Vanessa adds that Julia and Liz are close when it comes to competitions. Vanessa then uses the game ‘pot ball’ that they play for fun in the house as an example of how Julia is starting to do good in comps. Vanessa asks Steve if the twins gave him any indication as to who they’d target. Steve tells her no, that he’s only assumed that it’s going to be him. Vanessa tells Steve that if he ends up on the block, he’ll have her vote and she’ll do everything she can to make Liz see that holding onto this grudge is going to hurt her game. Vanessa adds that if Austin or Liz were to win HOH, she believes they’d be nominated together because they’re seen as obstacles in the way of Liztin making it to the finals. Vanessa explains to Steve that once they’re on the block together, it comes down to who is voting, because it Austin is voting, she’s gone, but if it’s Liz voting, he’s going to be gone.

Vanessa tells Steve that if they keep Liz, it’ll be much easier for her to put up Austin and Liz than it would have been to put up Austin and Juliz. Vanessa adds that by keeping Julia, they’d only be increasing their odds of winning by 10%, which isn’t huge and wouldn’t be the risk of having someone that everyone is going to want to bring to the end, and someone who they’ll always be a target in front of. Vanessa tells Steve that Austin has already started campaigning for Steve to go before John. Steve asks if they want him out next week because they’re worried about him winning the veto in the final four. Vanessa confirms that those are Liztin’s concerns.

2:10 AM BBT: Steve asks if there is anything he can do to help the twins. Austin tells him that all would be fine as long as he can respect the twins’ choice and go along with what they decide. Austin and Steve both agree that if they end up on the block, they’ll have each other’s vote.

2:15 AM BBT: Steve begins going over scenarios while by himself. Steve says that if Austin or Liz end up winning veto next week, he’s screwed because Austin has been talking to and making deals with everyone. Steve realizes that Austin has probably had the same talk with both him and Vanessa about voting for each other, which Steve says means he’s in trouble going into next week. Steve says that his only problem now would be if he were to end up on the block next to Vanessa, because at that point he’d be screwed.

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