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Big Brother 17: Day 82 Recap

Liz Nolan from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Liz Nolan from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

It’s Monday, which means it’s another important day in the Big Brother house as the veto meeting will be held today. That being said, today’s game talk will almost be solely dedicated to trying to decide which twin to keep, as well as planning for different scenarios going into next week.


12:00 PM BBT: Austin uses the POV on himself. Steve nominates Julia as the replacement nominee. Read more here.

12:40 PM BBT: Vanessa tells John that if one of them end up going on the block next to Steve, whoever isn’t on the block could win veto, then Austin would be forced to put up Julia or Julia would be forced to put up Austin, and they’d be the one to control the votes and send home who they’d want.

1:25 PM BBT: Steve is in the HOH room alone, then he sees Vanessa talking to the twins on the HOH TV. Steve says that he doesn’t trust Vanessa, that John might be a twist, but he trusts John more than he trusts Vanessa.

1:30 PM BBT: Julia and Liz share a moment in the pool. Liz tells Julia that she gave up her identity for her, so Liz wants Julia to stay. Julia tries telling Liz that she’s the one who deserves to stay because she’s done so much more. Liz tells her that this is Julia’s time to shine and this is what she wants.

6:05 PM BBT: Julia tells Vanessa that if she is the one that stays, it’s going to be them two working together. Vanessa tells her that she knows and that she has her back 100%. Julia tells her that Austin would have her back too, but she can’t be sure because he’s been acting sneaky lately. Vanessa agrees, saying that the boys would be stupid to not all band together to create a final three alliance. Julia says that she’s been thinking about that as well.

7:50 PM BBT: John and Vanessa both agree that Liz is the stronger competitor and should be the one to go. Vanessa tells him that that the twins have to realize that Austin and Julia are still going to be big targets because it’s one part of a couple and her sister. Vanessa adds that the odds of them winning HOH go from 66%, down to 50% if they were to keep Liz over Julia, which isn’t what they want. Vanessa tells John that Austin and Steve will also be in a really good spot once Liz goes because they’ll be the two favorites to win the game. John and Vanessa agree to swear to each other that if they make final three with Julia, they’d take each other over the Julia.

8:05 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Steve that she’s been doing everything in her power to ensure that he makes it to the final three. Steve tells her that he appreciates it and that he’s been trying to do the same for her because he needs her there. Vanessa tells Steve that if either of them were to take Austin, the twin, or John, the two of them would lose because those three have fans in jury. Vanessa adds that if she wins the next HOH, she’s going to have to put up Austin and Julia because there is another inseparable duo. Vanessa asks Steve if he thinks it’s smarter for them to bring someone else over John to the final three. Steve tells her that he’s been thinking about that and doesn’t have the answer yet. Vanessa tells Steve that she’d need a blood oath that they’d take each other to the final two if they took Julia to the final three.

9:05 PM BBT: Liz tells Julia that she told Austin that she knows about his final two with Vanessa, but he only told her that everyone is just trying to secure themselves going into next week. After discussing it, Julia and Liz agree that Austin does have a final two with Vanessa based on the way he reacted to Liz’s questioning. Liz tells Julia that Austin would lose to Vanessa in the final two.

Vanessa joins the twins’ conversation and Julia asks her if Steve has asked her to vote a certain way. Vanessa tells her that Steve hasn’t asked her anything like that. Julia questions what would happen if Austin were to win HOH and doesn’t target Steve. Liz interjects, telling Julia that she made Austin promise that he would. Julia tells Liz and Vanessa that they need to get to final four with John, not Steve because Steve would beat all of them in final two.

9:20 PM BBT: Austin joins them at the hammock as Vanessa leaves, telling the twins that they need to decide who they want to keep and he’ll support whatever that is. Austin adds that he’s told Liz that he doesn’t think she should give up because she’s done so well and she could win the game. Austin tells them that arguments can made either way, so he doesn’t want to sway their decision. Austin tells Julia and Liz that Vanessa has been trying to paint the picture that the jury hates her, but he knows in reality that they respect her game. Austin, Liz, and Julia agree that Vanessa is a big target and Liz would only be in danger is John were to win HOH. Julia tells Liz that Austin is right, she should stay because she is the one who could win the game. Liz tells Austin and Julia that she already has her mind made up about leaving. Austin tells Julia and Liz that Liz staying is the best move for them, not for his game, but because he loves her, he’s okay with that. Austin tells Liz that this has been her season, that she’s going to be fan favorite and he knows that as a fan, he’d be really upset if she just went out this week.

Julia tells Liz that the end of the game is near and she’d only be playing for second, while Liz would be playing for first. Liz tells Julia that she wouldn’t be playing for second if she’d win an HOH. Austin tells the twins that John will nominate him alongside a twin regardless of which of them stays because Vanessa probably made a deal with him. Julia tells Liz that she wants to stay, but Liz has the better shot at winning the game. Liz questions what if Julia were to start dominating the competitions because she believes that Julia is doubting herself too much. Julia tells her that she’s going by the facts, and Liz is the one who has won 3 HOHs. Austin tells Liz that he loves her and wants her to stay, but if she does want to go, he’s going to do his best to protect her sister. Julia tells Liz that the logical argument for her staying over Liz is that she’d be less of a target because she’s less of a threat, but it comes down to winning competitions now anyway. Julia tells Liz that they need to play for first place by keeping Liz in the game.

Julia tells Liz to stop saying that she’s leaving because she is now leaning more towards letting Liz stay. Liz tells her that she’s leaning more towards Julia staying. Julia tells Austin and Liz that John would never not nominate the two of them together because otherwise Austin could use the veto to save Liz. Austin tells them that he could approach John about making a final four deal if they are the ones who make HOH. Julia tells Austin and Liz that she has a bad feeling that John, Steve, and Vanessa have a final three deal. Austin tells Julia that it doesn’t really matter because that just means that Vanessa doesn’t have the incentive to try hard in the next HOH.

9:25 PM BBT: Vanessa asks Steve if he has a preference as to which twin they should keep. Steve tells her that he doesn’t know. Vanessa tells Steve that Julia would be stupid to take anyone other than Austin to the final two because her sister would get to spend that money Austin won.

10:20 PM BBT: Julia tells Liz that Vanessa is playing both sides of the house. Liz agrees and says that she is trying to be like Derrick, so she can’t be trusted. Julia tells Liz that she thought they could trust Vanessa more than Austin. Liz tells Julia that Austin wouldn’t backstab them because love is involved.

10:25 PM BBT: Austin and Vanessa agree that Steve made a mistake by not letting John have this HOH to make the first move against Austwins.

1:05 AM BBT: Steve asks Austin if the way he plans to vote is how the twins ask him to. Austin tells him that it is, though they haven’t told him which way yet. Austin adds that he doesn’t want to influence it, so when the twins ask his opinion, he gives objective advice.

2:05 AM BBT: Steve begins talking to himself in the HOH room, going over future plans and scenarios. Steve says that he doesn’t want to be in the final three with Julia and Vanessa. Steve adds that Vanessa might throw this next HOH and if she doesn’t, she’d put up John and  the remaining twin, so that way she could have either Austin to herself or Steve to herself. Steve realizes that what he needs is for Austin to have the same skepticism about Vanessa that he has, so that way he’d have the votes if he were to ever end up on the block next to her. Steve says that what he needs to do is put as much of a wedge between Austin and Vanessa that he can. Steve says that what Austin is to Vanessa, is what John is to him, which he says finally makes sense.

Steve says that he needs to keep reassuring Vanessa that the two of them are good, but also needs to put doubt about Vanessa into Austin’s mind. Steve says that he’ll start the him vs Vanessa campaign tomorrow so that the seed of doubt is planted in advance going into next week.

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