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Big Brother 17: Day 81 Recap

John McGuire from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

John McGuire from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

It’s another important day in the Big Brother house as tomorrow is the veto ceremony, which means any last minute pleading and deal making will take place today. We’ll also get to see more planning for next week and see who John and Vanessa plan to take out on Thursday, as they’re ultimately the deciding factor.


1:10 PM BBT: Vanessa tells John that she wants to hear what him and Steve think about who they should keep between Julia and Liz on a strategic standpoint. John asks if they should just keep it simple and take out Liz. Vanessa agrees, saying that it’d be easier for them to win HOH. Vanessa tells John that if Austin did win HOH, Liz would want him to target Steve. John tells Vanessa that he doesn’t know, but if Julia were to win.. Vanessa cut’s him off and says that she’d 100% put up Steve. John says that he just needs to talk with Austin. Vanessa tells John that if they leave Liz in the game, it makes it too hard for them because they’d have to win the HOH no matter what. John agrees and adds that if they were to keep Liz, they’d be thinking too much about it and might screw themselves.

2:30 PM BBT: Liz tells Julia that Steve is going to come after her or Austin if she were to stay. Julia tells Liz that she believes that Austin and Steve have a final two deal. Liz tells her that there is no way. Julia asks Liz who she thinks Austin would take to the finals. Liz says that she doesn’t know, that he could possibly Vanessa. Julia tells Liz that one of them leaving is best for their game anyway because the remaining twin isn’t going to be a target anymore. Julia adds that if her and Austin weren’t a thing or if Austin was gone, Liz would be the one staying, but since they are a thing, they’d be targeted right away and she’d be the one to go home. Liz agrees and tells Julia that Liz has to win every competition not to go on the block, while Julia will never touch the block with Liz gone. Liz tells Julia that she just has to win one HOH, then she will have a convincing argument to win in the finals because she can say not winning comps was her strategy.

4:15 PM BBT: John tells Steve that they have to take out the remaining twin at the final four, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to trust each other not to take her to the final two. John adds that Liz is better at just about everything than Julia, and that’s the only reason they’ll make the decision instead of letting the twins choose. Steve asks if he wants to get rid of Liz this week. John tells him that it makes sense for them, but they can ultimately do whatever the twins want because it’ll be the same no matter what, they have to win the next HOH. Steve tells John that the twins are going to be pick the move that is better for them. John tells Steve that there is no move that is better for them. John adds that if Liz goes, her and Austin are a huge target, however if Liz goes, Austin is a free agent to do whatever he wants. Steve tells John that he needs to build a relationship with Austin this week.

5:20 PM BBT: Julia asks Liz if Austin would take her to the final two. Liz says she doesn’t even know, which might be a better reason for Julia to stay so that her getting cut by Austin at the last moment doesn’t happen.

7:10 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Steve that taking Austin to the final two over John might be in their best interest because that would be the easiest way for them to make final two together. Steve asks if she’d take him over Austin to final two. Vanessa said she would and that he’d 100% beat her. Steve asks why she’d take him to the finals instead of targeting him if he’d beat her. Vanessa tells him that she gave him her word that she would and because just about every one will beat her because of her poor jury management. Vanessa adds that she needs Steve in the final two, as all of her plans involve him being there. Steve asks who Vanessa will put up next week if she wins. Vanessa tells him that she’d nominate Austin and Julia because she has the excuse of Austin having to be loyal to Julia due to Liz, which is another inseparable duo.

9:40 PM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that his biggest fear is John and Steve being in the final three with him because that would be disastrous. Austin tells her that he wants to win HOH next week so that John and Steve don’t even make final four together. Vanessa agrees and brings up which they should get out. Austin questions John, but Vanessa tells him that Steve is more likely to win if they were in the final two with him over John. Austin tells her that James, Meg, and other people in jury have said they wouldn’t vote for Steve because they don’t want another Ian Terry winning the game. Vanessa explains to Austin everything that Steve has done and says that they’d still vote for him to win. Vanessa asks Austin what his ideal final three would be. Austin tells her that it would be him, her, and whichever twin that stays. Austin adds that if that was the final three, he’d just throw the HOH at that point. Vanessa asks Austin if he agrees that if one of them win HOH, the replacement nominee would need to be Julia because the two of them are too big of targets. Austin agrees.

12:30 AM BBT: Austin asks Liz what she’s thinking about. Liz tells him that it’s about her possibly leaving on Thursday. Austin tells her that she doesn’t have to if she doesn’t want to. Liz tells Austin that she knows she is the biggest target in the house, so Julia would make it farther in the game than she would. Austin tells her that isn’t necessarily true because people will go after Julia because they wouldn’t want to end up on the block next to the ultimate pawn. Austin tells Liz that she’s likely going to be America’s Favorite Player and people at home are going to be very upset if she were to leave. Liz tells Austin that she just has a feeling that he wants her to leave because it’s better for his game. Austin tells her that it might be better for his game, but he doesn’t care because he loves her and wants her to be in the house with him. Liz asks Austin who would bring her to the final two. Austin tells her that he would. Liz interjects, saying that she’s not stupid and knows he has a final two deal with Vanessa. Austin tells her that everyone has a final two deal with everyone, so him having a final two deal with Vanessa doesn’t mean anything.

After Liz walks away, Austin caught up and asked her why she’s doing this. Liz tells Austin that she feels like the game is going to tear them apart even further if she were to stay. Liz asks Austin to promise her that if she does go, he’ll target Steve. Austin says that of course he would and that goes without saying. Austin tells Liz that she doesn’t have to sacrifice herself if she doesn’t want to, because the two of them can fight together. Liz tells Austin that Julia has gotten the short end of the stick, so she wants Julia to be able to have this moment. Austin tells her that he understands, but says that she is the only one who could win, not Julia. Austin adds that you have to play to win, which isn’t what Julia would be doing. Austin tells her that if she stays, they’ll take out Steve and John, then it would be them two with Vanessa in the final three, they’d both take each other while it is up in the air as to who Vanessa would take, though Austin says it’s unlikely that she’d beat them in the final HOHs. Austin finishes by telling Liz that he’s going to let her make her own decision, but he wants her to know that he doesn’t think she should be the one who goes.

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