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Big Brother 17: Day 80 Recap

Steve Moses from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Steve Moses from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Its was a pretty big day in the Big Brother house yesterday as two people from Austwins went on the block together for the first time, and today will be the day that they get the chance to save themselves. Today’s feeds will be heavily focused around the veto competition, as well as the plans that will be getting made after it has been played.


10:05 AM BBT: Liz tells Steve that she just needed her day to cry yesterday and she knows that him making this move was the furthest thing from personal. Liz adds that him bringing up all their inside jokes just made her get emotional because it was sweet.

10:15 AM BBT: Steve begins talking over things with himself. He mentions that Liz thinks she’s the target, but she’s not. Steve begins rehearsing a conversation between him and the twins regarding Austin. Steve says that he’d be telling them the truth, that Austin said the twins needed to be split up, and that Austin has been lying a lot of people. Steve also mentioned telling Liz that Austin was the target once she wins POV so that she doesn’t have to worry about her sister going home once she goes up as the replacement nominee.

3:00 PM BBT: Austin wins POV

3:05 PM BBT: Vanessa begins damage control after Austin called her out on something during the veto competition in regards to tellingĀ someone what would be their best move and she mentioned something about putting the twins up. Vanessa tells Julia that she swears on her life, her mother’s life, and her girlfriend’s life that she was never playing her and always had her best intentions in mind. Vanessa tells Julia and Liz that Austin could never go with them to the final three, which is something that they need to be able to see. Vanessa adds that she close to spilling the beans on everything that she has on Austin. Austin joins them in the room and said that he just had to do that because it was good for TV.

3:10 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Julia that she doesn’t have all the information, while Vanessa does, so she swears on her mother and her girlfriend that she’s looking out for Julia. Vanessa adds that Austin wants her (Julia) out because she’s standing in his way of making it to the final two with Liz. Vanessa tells Julia that if she would have won it, she was going to use it to save Liz because she doesn’t trust Austin and never has. Vanessa adds that she’s going to be staying over Liz if she’s the one who is put up. Julia tells Vanessa that now they’re going to be stuck in the house with Austin and he hates the both of them. Vanessa tells Julia that she cannot let Austin know that she was going to save Liz because now they’re going to have to work with him.

3:10 PM BBT: Liz asks Austin if she’s hiding anything from her because Vanessa is saying that she has a lot of information on him. Austin says no and asks why they’re believing anything Vanessa is saying when she’s done things like this in the past. Austin adds that the reason he won the veto and didn’t throw it to Julia is because he figured he could convince Steve to put up Vanessa and because he believes there was a plan to get him out based on that fact that Julia picked him to play first before John. Austin tells Liz that she means everything to him and would never do anything to jeopardize her. Liz asks once more if there is something that he knows that she doesn’t. Austin says no, and that no matter what anyone else says, she has to believe him. Austin tells Liz that unless she can convince Vanessa to vote her way, Julia is the one who sealed her fate. Austin adds that they can try and get Vanessa nominated by getting her and Julia to tell Steve that they don’t trust him and want to take him out next. Liz tells him that she’s over this game and if it is her time to go, it’s her time to go.

3:25 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Julia and Liz that it hurts her feeling that they would ever think that she’s capable of playing them when she’s been looking out for the two of them like she’s their big sister. Liz tells Julia that today she learned that Austin is selfish and isn’t going to do what Clay did for Shelli. Julia reminds Liz of how calm and cool Austin was after being nominated, which was because he knew that she was going to be the target. Liz tells them that she never wants to talk to Austin again. Vanessa tells her that she can’t blame Austin for wanting to win. Vanessa asks if she thought Austin was actually going to use the veto on her. Liz says yes, which is why this hurts so bad.

3:25 PM BBT: Austin tells John that he believes Vanessa was going to flip the votes to get him out if he hadn’t won it. Austin tells him that they need to keep Liz this week over Julia because Liz will gun for Vanessa, but Julia won’t. Austin tells John that he can’t trust a woman anymore, so they need to bury the hatchet and do a real final two this time.

3:30 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that she doesn’t appreciate him insinuating that she’d ever play any of the three of them. Vanessa questions Austin as to why he didn’t throw it to Julia when that is what he said he was going to do. Austin tells her that he didn’t trust doing that during the round he won, so he just had to go for it. Vanessa tells Austin once more that she never did anything bad to Austwins. Austin tells her that he knows and what he did by putting her on the spot like that was a knee-jerk reaction. Austin tells her that he thought Steve would honor Scamper Squad and they’d be able to strong-arm Steve into putting up John. Vanessa tells him that is ridiculous and isn’t going to happen. Vanessa begins crying, telling the twins that they’ll see the truth when they watch the show back because she has nothing but her honor and integrity, she doesn’t need the money. Austin tells them that he isn’t mad at anyone and was playing it up for TV.

3:30 PM BBT: John tells Steve that Vanessa wanted him to take Liz out before Julia. Steve questions why Vanessa would want Liz out before Julia when Julia was supposed to be the person they didn’t want winning. John tells him it’s because Julia would go up. John tells Steve that they should probably take Julia out so that she can’t work with Vanessa and now they’re going to be good with Austin and Liz. John adds that Vanessa was trying to set herself to be good with everyone for the final two. Steve tells him that she isn’t anymore. Steve tells John that he isn’t going to make any decisions yet because more information is going to come out.

3:40 PM BBT: Vanessa asks Julia if she believes her. Julia says that she does. Vanessa tells her that if she had influence over the situation, things would be different, but since she doesn’t, she’s going to end up sitting next to her sister. Austin rejoins them, asking why Liz is mad at her. Vanessa tells her that it’s because Liz said that he’s not going to be like Clay and give up his game to save her, but Vanessa adds that she was defending him even though he’s being a piece at the moment.

3:45 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that him saying he’d throw the veto to Julia is him being okay with Vanessa going home because that would be the only other option if Julia took her sister off the block. Austin tells her that isn’t true, that he thought they’d be able to get John nominated. Austin tells Vanessa that he’s not even mad at her and everyone thinks they’re mad at each other, so he asks if they should keep this up because he’s still loyal to her and isn’t going to tell Liz about the final two deal that they have. Vanessa tells Austin that she didn’t know there was a pawn to throw it to Julia, so when Julia asked her for the best advice, she gave it to her, even though it might not have been best for Vanessa personally. Austin tells her that he believes her and right now his main concern is making sure his relationship with Liz is still good. Austin tells Vanessa that he’s sorry and it was a mistake the way he acted after winning veto.

3:45 PM BBT: Liz tells Julia that Austin wants her to throw Vanessa under the bus, but she’s not going to do that because if it’s her time to go, it’s her time to go. Julia tells Liz that she believes Vanessa when she says that she has a lot of information about Austin. Liz tells her that Austin is a completely different person now because before he said he didn’t even want to win. Liz tells Julia that she’s embarrassed and that she doesn’t think Austin is the one, and that the end is near for them. Julia tells Liz that now it just comes down to her making it to the finals when she’s alone. Liz tells her that she has to start winning comps or else she’ll never win. Liz adds that she’s going to need to stick with Vanessa. Julia tells Liz that she plans to. Julia tells Liz that she’s going to have to play cool with Austin because he might win HOH next week. Julia adds that it would have been the three of them in the finals if Austin would have thrown the veto to her. Liz tells Julia that she doesn’t trust Austin at all and can’t even look at him. Liz adds that she’s going to tell Austin that the two of them just aren’t meant to be together.

  • Toni Schram

    Feeds would be gold if Steve would spill this to the twins!

    • Shady

      Yes but Liz will tell Austin & then he’ll start campaigning hard. I think it’s better this way for now.

  • Rachael

    it doesn’t matter who they put up as long as Liz goes home.

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