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Big Brother 17: Day 76 Recap

Steve Moses from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Steve Moses from Big Brother 17– Source: CBS

Today is the day that ‘Operation Trojan Horse‘ goes into affect, though it looks like it has already been halted in it’s tracks because of Vanessa figuring out the plan before it happened. Regardless, it’ll be fun to watch it play out and how Austin reacts, because if it gets back to Vanessa, it’ll blow up Austin’s game with everyone, including Liz.


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12:15 PM BBT: John tells Vanessa that it’s obvious that James and Meg are going to try something to flip votes, so once they do, he’ll come tell her everything. Vanessa tells him that she thinks Meg will try something, but she doesn’t think James will because it’s not best for his game that Meg stays. John tells Vanessa that if they split up Austwins by taking out Liz, it would be check mate and they’d almost want to throw the double eviction. Vanessa questions if Steve would be able to do it considering how upset he got over sending Jackie home. John tells her that he thinks Steve would because he understands the strategic value of it.

1:05 PM BBT: Steve tells Julia that Meg hasn’t asked for his vote yet because her campaign hasn’t even started. Steve adds that Julia has nothing to worry about because there is nothing that Meg could say to flip his vote. Steve tells Austwins that they might see him hanging out with James and Meg, but there is no chance that he’d switch his vote.

1:35 PM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that the two of them have to grind it out and stay up as late as James and Meg do so that way they aren’t getting alone time with John or Steve because it isn’t even worth the risk of letting them two flip. Vanessa agrees and tells him that based on her conversations, John really likes him. Austin tells her that he thinks James is feeling the same way because he doesn’t have much of a choice. Vanessa tells him that James has never worked with people who can win things, so the prospect of working with people who can such as them two, would be really appealing to James. Vanessa tells Austin that she’d be open minded about working with James because there is no way they could beat Steve in the final 2.

Vanessa asks Austin if he’d vote to keep her if Julia was sitting next to her on the block. Austin tells her that would be worst case scenario, but he’d want to keep her. Austin and Vanessa discuss Julia being taken out and both agree that it’s best for Julia to go out when Julia and Liz are nominated together, otherwise Liz wouldn’t be able to understand why it was done. Austin tells her that if he wins HOH next, he’s going to try and backdoor James because he thinks that is the best option right now. Austin adds that if Steve wins HOH, it’ll be a test of his loyalty because he’ll have to put up James and John.

2:15 PM BBT: Steve promises Vanessa that nothing Meg and him talked about last night was game, that Meg hasn’t even started her campaign yet, though she likely will soon. Vanessa asks Steve if he thinks that Austin has incentive to play them and he will actually vote out Julia. Steve tells her that he doesn’t think Austin has any incentive. Vanessa asks Steve what if Austin and John were to flip the vote and blame it all on him. Steve says he doesn’t think they’d do that, but if they did, that would be dirty. Vanessa reminds Steve of Austin’s character Judas and how he might use that as an excuse. Vanessa tells Steve that she’s nervous about Austin catching onto them two and John, so she’s already being throwing comments out about John to Autswins so that it throws them off. Vanessa asks Steve if he thinks that James is going to gun for her. Steve tells her that he doesn’t think so because it sounds like James is more scared of Austwins.

2:35 PM BBT: Julia tells Liz that if Steve did happen to vote against her, Austin, Liz, and Vanessa would gun for him. Liz agrees and tells her that Steve would ahve to be a fool to do that. Julia adds that she’ll never forgive Vanessa if she goes home Thursday when she was supposed to only be a pawn.

3:15 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Julia that there is no argument that James or Meg could make to flip votes, they just have to make sure they keep Austin on track and stay up late with James and Meg to make sure they don’t get alone time with John and Steve.

6:10 PM BBT: Julia tells Liz and Vanessa about being bullied by both Jeff and James, so she’d nominate James with John if she wins HOH. Vanessa asks when John would be her actual target. Julia tells her that she’ll target John once James is gone. Vanessa tells her that they need to think about what is best, keeping John or Steve because John won’t win as much as Steve will. Julia agrees and says they might want to keep John then. Vanessa tells Austwins about John saying that he figures everyone will have a deal with everyone by the end of the week, which Vanessa questions if they was John implying he had a deal with James, or something of the sorts. Austwins and Vanessa agree that it’s sketchy that Steve was claiming that he didn’t talk any game with James or Meg last night when he was outside alone with them.

7:45 PM BBT: Austin tells Steve that James let him know that he’s actually looking forward to being alone, not having an extra person to protect. Steve asks Austin who he’d go after. Austin tells him that he’d have to go after James. Austin tells Steve that James told him that he needed to watch out for Steve and John because they’re a duo and Steve will make it to the end. Steve asks Austin what his goal is for next week. Steve tells him that it’s for James to leave. Steve begins reassuring Austin that Julia is going to be safe and she has nothing to worry about. Austin tells him that it’s good that Julia gets a little worried like this because hopefully it’ll put a fire under her and make her go out and win this next HOH because if she doesn’t, she might end up as the pawn again.

8:45 PM BBT: Vanessa asks Steve if Meg still hasn’t campaigned to him. Steve tells her that both James and Meg came out to sit by him in the hot tub, but Julia came out right after, so no game was discussed. Vanessa tells him that as long as Austin, Liz, and him stick to the plan, Julia has nothing to worry about. Vanessa and Steve begin discussing scenarios. Vanessa tells Steve that if she was him, she’d put up James and Julia with the intent to get out James. Vanessa adds that Austin could also be a pawn because it’s about time he was nominated for once. Steve asks what happens after he wins HOH and James goes home. Vanessa tells him that she’s okay with doing what needs to be done. Vanessa tells Steve that Austin would have to throw final 6 because he’d be left with John to target, but even that isn’t in his best interest. Vanessa asks where they’d be if Austwins did target John after James. Steve tells her that it would just be Scamper Squad in final 5.

Vanessa asks Steve that if John were to win, would a twin go home. Steve tells her that it would likely be one of the three from Austwins, though he’s not sure which. Vanessa tells him that hopefully it is someone strong. Vanessa says that if John were to take out someone from Austwins, if whoever remains from Austwins won HOH, they’d put up John and James, leaving the two of them still safe. Steve and Vanessa both give their words not to let the conversation leave the room because it would screw the both of them if it were to get out.

9:13 PM BBT: Fans yells “Austin wants Julia out” into the backyard. Click here to read full story.

9:50 PM BBT: James tells John that they’re going to campaign to Austin to see if they can get him to flip the votes because it wouldn’t be bad for Austins’ game. John tells James and Meg that Austin might Julia out with the intention of blaming it on either him or Steve. John asks if they think Vanessa is on in this plan as well. James tells him not because Julia was put up to ensure that Meg goes. James tells John that they need to get a few people together to form a team or else they’re not going to make it any farther. John tells James and Meg that instead of pinning everything on Steve, they could bring Steve on board, don’t let Austin know, then when it’s a 4-1 vote, Austin is exposed for voting out Julia. 

10:15 PM BBT: Austin, Steve, and Vanessa talk in the HOH room about the twins getting split up eventually. Vanessa tells them that the only money difference with both twins not making it to final 2 is only $25000, so it really isn’t that much. Vanessa explains that it would help whichever twin stays because they wouldn’t be seen as that unbreakable duo anymore.

10:30 PM BBT: James tells Meg about John and Steve being up in the HOH room with both Austin and Vanessa. Meg tells James that Austwins voted out John last week, so they couldn’t have a final 5. James questions if he’s ran upstairs to tell them the plan that they’ve been talking about. Meg questions why John would do that. James tells her that it would guarantee him safety and make him their hero for letting them know. James begin questioning the possibilities that that whole side of the house has a secret alliance, Vanessa has deals with John, and the fact that Steve and John wouldn’t work together. James begin getting a little upset, questioning when John has ever gone upstairs like that. James tells her that they’re still going to try this plan, and if it doesn’t work, he’s going to go win HOH and blow up the house. James says he’ll nominate Liz and Vanessa.

10:50 PM BBT: Meg questions John about what they were talking about upstairs. John tells her that there was no game talk, they were only hanging out. Meg asks him to just be straight with her. John tells her that he knows nothing new other than the current plan being to vote them out.

10:55 PM BBT: Meg tells James that maybe John is telling the truth. James agrees because he doesn’t know why John would cover for everyone like that. James tells Meg that maybe there already is a plan in motion to get Julia out. Meg questions why Vanessa would want to make enemies like that. James tells her that Vanessa may think that John and Steve are going to take Austwins out because there had to be a reason why she kept those two.

12:50 AM BBT: Julia tells Liz that she wants to make a deal with John to ensure his vote, though she doesn’t want to agree not to nominate him because if she does win, she’s going to put John up with James, but she can promise that he won’t be the target.

12:53 AM BBT: Julia tells John that he’s not her target and would like to know what he’d like to exchange for his vote to keep her on Thursday. John tells her that he doesn’t want to go up if she wins HOH. Julia tells her that if she wins, she won’t put him up. After 43 seconds of campaigning, Julia and John shook on it and Julia told him that was easy enough.

2:20 AM BBT: Julia tells Liz that she agreed not to put up John, though she could put up a pawn like Vanessa, then just backdoor him.

3:15 AM BBT: Meg tries to begin Operation Trojan Horse, but gets shut down almost immediately. Austin told her that he can’t turn on the twins because it would not only make him look like a douchebag, but it would also ruin things between him and Liz. After being told that, Meg went to bed.

3:30 AM BBT: Julia asks Austin what that was about. Austin tells her that Meg was campaigning. Austin tells her that if John or James win the HOH next week, they’re going to put her and Liz up, and if one of them win the veto, they’re going to put him up as the replacement nominee. Austin adds this is according to what John has been telling Meg.

3:40 AM BBT: Steve tells Vanessa that John trusts her and wants to go far with her. Steve adds that once Meg goes, John is going the one who James is close with, not Austin. Vanessa tells Steve that if he were to win HOH, putting up James and Julia would be his best option as of now because James is going to gun for him before anyone else. Vanessa adds that if Liz wins veto and pulls Julia down, he should put up Austin. Vanessa explains that if James were to win the veto, he could put up Liz because he’d get Austin’s blessing to take out Julia because Austin knows that he can’t take them two to the final three.

Vanessa tells Steve that ideally someone from Austwins wins HOH, takes out James, then it would be them two and John vs only Liz since Austin would likely win HOH, and Julia can’t win comps. Vanessa tells Steve that if John were to win veto and take out one of Austwins, there is room for them to make a deal with James to finish off whoever is remaining from Austwins.

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