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Big Brother 17: Day 74 Recap

John McGuire from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

John McGuire from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

It was a crazy day in the Big Brother house yesterday and that is only likely to continue on today. The plan for the replacement nominee will be the main topic of discussion, as well as the new plan moving forward into next week. The most interesting thing we can look forward to see Julia finding out what Austin and Liz now want her to be the pawn instead of Steve, so that’ll give us some entertainment, at the very least.


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11:10 AM BBT: Steve tells John that he believes they’re going to do well. Steve adds that he also mentioned to Vanessa that he’d be willing to vote out Meg if Vanessa were to put up a pawn as the replacement nominee. John tells Steve that the preferable plan for next week is he wins HOH, they take out Liz, Steve gets close to Julia, Vanessa gets close to Austin, and he (John) gets close to James. John adds that the advantage that they have over Austwins is that they can split up, Austwins can’t. Steve tells John not to propose any big moves like this to Vanessa until the veto meeting is over because right now she only wants Meg gone. John tells him that he will 100% vote Meg out.

11:15 AM BBT: Austin tells Steve that he’s worried about John after he is the one who sent him out last week. Steve tells him that he’s been working on rebuilding trust. Austin tells him that if he’s able to repair his relationship with John, everything will be good. Austin tells Steve that James and Meg are going to say that Austin and the twins can’t be trusted. Steve tells him that it doesn’t matter.

12:30 PM BBT: Vanessa tells John that Julia has volunteered to be a pawn to ensure that Meg goes home. John tells her that he’ll vote out Meg. John tells her that whatever she is saying to Steve is working because he thinks they’re more pissed at each other than they actually are because Steve told him to go calm Vanessa down. Vanessa tells him that Austin is now realizing that he cannot protect 3 people throughout the entire game, so he is ready to start making deals for himself. Vanessa adds that Austin wants to make a deal with John so that they don’t put each other up next week. John tells her that he likes that deal. Vanessa explains to John that if he can make Austin feels good about the two of them, that is all he’d have to worry about because Austin will keep his deal.

1:10 PM BBT: Meg tells James that she feels like Vanessa is going to send her home. James tells her that if Vanessa does do that, it won’t be good for Austwins’ game. James adds that to ensure she went home, Vanessa would have to put up Julia. Meg tells him that Vanessa said that was an option. Meg adds that her being sent home would get more blood on Vanessa’s hands than sending John home would. James agrees and adds that Vanessa kept bringing up that fact that she wanted to work with him just like Meg said she would. Meg tells James that him and John could team up. James agrees and says that is what Austwins and Vanessa don’t want.

1:20 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Julia that she would never ask her to be a pawn if she wasn’t 100% sure that she’d be safe. Vanessa adds that if she somehow does go home, she’ll give her $10,000. Julia tells Vanessa that she talked with Steve last night about the vote and she feels confident that she’ll be safe if she goes up. Vanessa explains that they’d piss off James by voting out Meg over Steve, but would understand if they kept Julia. Julia agrees and says that she’s the only real option for a pawn and adds that she could act like she’s mad about going up as a pawn as well to lower James’ suspicions. Vanessa tells her that they can secure John and Steve’s votes to evict Meg by telling them that if they vote out Julia, they’ll lose four jury votes. Julia tells her that she’s down for the plan and will do what she has to do to send Meg home.

Liz tells Vanessa that she was wanting John to go, but now she’s 100% on board with Meg leaving. Julia tells her that James needs to go before John next week. Liz agrees. Vanessa tells them that getting Meg out is good for them because they’d always be targets before Meg in other people’s minds.

2:10 PM BBT: Steve gives Julia his word that he’ll vote out Meg, but only after he joked about voting her out. Steve went downstairs to talk in private with Liz, telling her that she was only kidding and it wasn’t the right time for him to make a joke like that. Steve promises that he’ll vote out Meg. Liz tells him that he believes him and wouldn’t let Julia go up as a pawn if she didn’t trust him (Steve). Steve asks what he should do if James and Meg come to talk to him. Liz tells him that he should report it all back to her.

2:35 PM BBT: Meg tells Vanessa that she wants to clear the air just in case she does end up going to jury. Vanessa tells Meg that the only thing that concerns her is that she heard James was talking crap about her speech she made. Meg  tells her that they were laughing about it because she said that Meg was James’ Queen. Vanessa and Meg begin discussing targets this week. Vanessa tells Meg that she’d be foolish to think that Meg wouldn’t put her up. Meg tells her that she’d put her up, but she wouldn’t be the target. Vanessa adds that knowing James is going to come after her, it would be dumb for her to let James have another number going into next week. Meg tells Vanessa that the numbers are dwindling and she’s open minded to a conversation and new plan.

Meg tells Vanessa that John said he doesn’t care what’ll happen and who he nominates, which would make John more threatening than her. Vanessa tells her that it wouldn’t make sense for John to target her because they’re both the only alone players, and John told her that he wouldn’t target her, which suites her logic. Meg tells Vanessa that it wouldn’t be in her best interest to nominate Vanessa either if she were to win HOH. Vanessa begins explaining James and her argument from last night, says that she was insulted, she has to play the game hard because she’s alone, and that things are harder for her because she’s gay. Vanessa adds that Meg has skills that she doesn’t, such as social skills as well as being the cool girl. Vanessa tells Meg that she’s open minded and that Meg made some good points, so she’ll think things over.

3:15 PM BBT: Liz tells Austin that it would have been bad if John went up instead of Julia because if they saved John over Meg, James would nominate them with Vanessa. Austin tells Liz that James and Meg are going to try and sell out Brass Tacks to John and Steve to try and flip their vote. Liz tells her that it would be dumb for them to do that with James still having to be in the house, but they’re probably too stupid to think of that anyway. Austin tells her that the Brass Tacks alliance won’t flip Steve because he’d have them two and Vanessa gunning for him.

3:50 PM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that they have to prepare John for what James and Meg are going to tell him, so that way they can just put a spin on whatever they say as a lie. Vanessa tells them that James will be reasonable with them when Meg leaves because he’ll have nobody. Vanessa tells Austwins that John believes Austin would put up James. Austin tells her that he’d have to do that if they take out Meg. Steve joins the conversation and asks if he should tell Meg that she doesn’t have his vote or if he should let them think that. Liz says he should let them think that and report back to them everything that is said. Austin and Vanessa shut down Liz’s idea, saying he should be hones so that animosity isn’t created.

4:20 PM BBT: Meg tells James about her conversation from earlier and tells him that Vanessa flat out said that she was going to split them up. Meg tells him that she couldn’t stop laughing because Vanessa said that she couldn’t touch her (Meg’s) social game and that Meg was one of the cools girls, while Vanessa isn’t. Meg adds that Vanessa knows if she were to keep her, both her and James would both put her on the block. James tells Meg that everything would be squashed if Vanessa would admit she’s wrong and send someone other than her home. James and Meg agree that it would make sense for Austwins to fight for Meg to stay so that way Julia doesn’t have to be nominated. James adds that for Austin’s game, it’s best to keep Meg because John will put him up. James adds that if he wins HOH, he’s putting up Austin because James says he doesn’t care anymore and has no loyalties. James says that he’ll do the opposite of whatever Vanessa says, so if she says just not to put her up next to Austin, he’ll put her up next to Austin, and if Vanessa wins veto, he’ll nominate Liz.

6:50 PM BBT: Meg tells James that if he stays, Vanessa doesn’t have to go up, she just needs to be scared. James tells her that he’ll nominate Vanessa with Liz. James tells Meg that he wishes there was some way he could be able to keep her because he’s been able to keep her safe after all this time so far. James tells Meg that they just need to act like she’s going home so that when she does, it isn’t such a shock to their systems. Meg tells him that she already thinks she’s going home and that Vanessa will put up Julia to ensure that.

7:20 PM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that he talked with John and everything is good, that all John needed to hear is that he wasn’t going to be a Clay and will actually play for himself. Vanessa tells him that now they’re good with everyone, so if James is out of the HOH competition, he could throw it. Austin tells her that the worst case scenario would they both end up on the block together and neither win veto, though he does say that they’ve positioned themselves as best as they possibly could.

8:00 PM BBT: Steve asks Austin and Vanessa how much James and Meg know. Austin tells him that he doesn’t think they know anything. Austin tells Steve and Vanessa about James trying to push for John or Steve going up because that is one of the one ways for Meg to stay. Steve asks if that means James is already campaigning against him and John. Austin tells him that is what it seems like.

8:15 PM BBT: Meg questions what Steve would want. James tells her that Steve just wants to make it as far as possible, same with John, though John is rogue right now and just trying to get back on Steve’s good side. James tells Meg that he doesn’t think people want her out, though that is what Vanessa wants, so she’s going to put up Julia to ensure that.

8:15 PM BBT: Steve tells Vanessa that he has no problem with evicting Meg this week and that is what he’ll do if Julia is put up. Vanessa tells Steve that she feels like John is open minded to working with her. Steve agrees and tells her that he told John about telling others about the Rockstars alliance name, though he didn’t specify to John who he told. Steve asks who John would put up. Vanessa says it would be a twin and James, and if James were to win a veto, she’d be positive that John would put up another twin. Vanessa asks Steve if it would be a good thing for them to split up Austwins or get out Johnny and roll with them. Steve doesn’t answer the questions, just says it’s a good question. Vanessa asks if they should keep Austin and evict a twin. Steve says that he hasn’t thought about it.

8:20 PM BBT: Austin tells James and Meg that Vanessa told him that she’s already pissed both of them off, so she needs at least one of them to go home. Austin adds that Vanessa is thinking about keeping both John and Steve off the block so ensure that Meg goes, however that is not what he wants. James tells him that they’re throwing grenades at each other while John and Steve slide into the final 2. Austin tells him that he’s not going to put him up next week to do Vanessa’s dirty work when he has his own moves he wants to make. Austin tells them that he offered Vanessa everything to keep Meg this week, but she didn’t take any of it.

8:50 PM BBT: James tells Meg that he’s going to try and make the deals that Vanessa wants to hear so that hopefully she changes her mind, though he just hopes that Vanessa doesn’t make him swear on his little girl.

8:50 PM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that James and Meg are going to come talk with her later and offer to throw the next HOH, and basically anything else she wants to hear. Austin tells her that James said it was possible that Julia would be evicted if she went on the block, and also tried making the case that it was bad for Austin’s game for John to stay in the game.

10:05 PM BBT: Meg asks James how she should go about trying to talk to Vanessa. James tells her that she’s just going to have to throw herself at Vanessa’s mercy. Meg tells him that she’ll offer to go up as a pawn, throw the HOH, and even offer to go up in Vanessa’s spot when someone is wanting to put her up. James tells her that saying she’d go up in Vanessa’s spot is sealing her fate. Meg says she doesn’t care, she just doesn’t want to be taken out by Vanessa. Meg adds that she’ll also tell Vanessa that she has sway over James which could help her, and that she’s willing to be the pawn regardless, even if it’s James as HOH. James tells her then he can just say that the deal is no longer valid due to a breach of trust, just like Vanessa said to him.

James tells Meg that he’s in the point of the game where there is no point for him to try and be friends with anyone because he’s going to go up regardless, so he just needs to win competitions. James tells Meg that they should go snitch on Austin to Vanessa and Liz about him saying they can campaign as hard as they want against Julia. Meg tells him that she’ll sell her soul to Steve and John in order to flip their vote against Julia. James tells her that he’ll nominate Vanessa and Austin together, making a comment about putting the King up next to a Queen, then tell Austin that he’s only going up to ensure that Vanessa goes. James tells her that Vanessa has to go first before Austwins.

12:55 AM BBT: Liz tells Vanessa that Austin said both James and Meg are willing to throw the next HOH. Vanessa tells her that isn’t true because otherwise James wouldn’t be working out so hard in the backyard. Vanessa tells her that it would be dumb for her not to follow through with her plan to split up James and Meg, so they still need to get Meg out. Liz tells Vanessa that it’s best that Steve doesn’t hear James and Meg out because she’s scared about what they’d tell him.

1:05 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Steve that there is nothing James and Steve can say to change her mind, but she’s knows that they’re going to try and she’s just going to turn off the lights and hope that James and Meg don’t bother coming upstairs.

1:35 AM BBT: Meg tells Vanessa that she’s sensing that Vanessa wants her gone, so she wanted to come upstairs to pitch some ideas and offer her a deal. Meg tells her that she will throw HOH, vote to keep her when Vanessa is nominated, and will be able to sway James’ vote in whatever favor Vanessa wants her to. Meg adds that she is even willing to go up if someone else wants to nominate Vanessa, including James. Meg explains that if James does win HOH, she’ll go up instead of James putting her up, so James would agree not to nominate or backdoor her. Vanessa asks how she could believe that when she knows how James feels about her (Meg). Meg tells her that the way James feels about her is that he’ll do what she wants. Vanessa tells her that it’s a good and compelling offer, the only concern is being able to believe it or not. Vanessa asks if James went against her wishes and still nominate her, would Meg vote to keep her. Meg says that she will and that James won’t do that because that would be breaking his word to her (Meg), which would make her want to go after him. Meg adds that if Vanessa made this move to save her, it would mend a lot of bridges with James. Vanessa tells Meg to send James up early tomorrow morning and she’ll sleep on her decision.

2:05 AM BBT: Meg tells James about all the deals she just offered Vanessa. Meg tells him that the only thing that Vanessa is worried about now is that James lying about nominating her in Vanessa’s place. Meg explains that it’s okay to work with Vanessa for only one week because she can just be taken out by someone else during the double eviction. Meg tells James that it would be John who is put up as the new target instead of her. James tells her that he would rather take Steve out, but John is a threat to him physically, so it should be John that goes. James adds that he thinks that Vanessa wants someone to take out Austwins, just isn’t willing to say it. James tells her that if he wins HOH next, he’s going to put her and Steve up with the intention of sending home Steve.

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