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Big Brother 17: Day 73 Recap

day73 - Vanessa

Vanessa Rousso from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

We’re in for another hectic day in the Big Brother house as the veto competition is today, which will ultimately determine the pace and outcome of this week. We’ll get to here discussions on what to do with the veto, as well as fallout, depending on who wins it. Regardless, it’ll for sure be good entertainment for us viewers.


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10:20 AM BBT: Vanessa, James, Meg, Austin, Julia, and Liz are picked to play veto.

10:25 AM BBT: James tells Meg that this might be there chance to tell Vanessa she can take another shot at John or Steve. James adds that if he doesn’t win this veto competition, he deserves to go home. James continues that they’ll get to see how close Steve actually is to Vanessa because she’ll have to put someone up if they were to win the veto. James asks Meg what Vanessa’s biggest fear would be. Meg tells him that it would be him winning the veto because she thinks he’d gun for her. James says that he would gun for Vanessa if he wins veto and stays. Meg tells him that Vanessa will probably want to work with him if he stayed. James tells her that he doesn’t think he’d be able to trust Vanessa. Meg tells James that it’s up to them to win it to take themselves off because Austwins are going to try and win it because they don’t want one of them going up as a pawn. James asks Meg why Vanessa wouldn’t put up Steve or John. Meg tells her because Vanessa would be worried about the votes flipping.

10:45 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that James cannot come off the block because she doesn’t see how they could send Meg home with him off the block. Vanessa briefly mentions putting up Steve as pawn. Austin tells her that they wouldn’t vote him out unless she wanted them to. Vanessa asks if they’d be dumb not to take this shot at him. Vanessa tells Austin that the only way that James and Meg stay is if James wins the veto and Steve or John screw up really bad by Monday. Vanessa adds that James and John will soon realize that they need to work together, if they aren’t already doing that.

Vanessa asks Austin if he trusts Steve. Austin tells her that he trusts him to an extent, but the question would be if Steve would save him over one of the twins if it came down to it. Vanessa tells him that if he wanted Steve to save him over Liz or Julia, Steve would do it. Austin tells Vanessa that James and John in the house together scares him, so he thinks one of them need to go this week. Austin adds that James and Meg haven’t been talking with them at all, even though they need to if they want to stay, but instead they’re choosing to be like the Mean Girls. Vanessa begins tells Austin that they need someone with strong integrity as their fourth person because anyone other than her would just take Julia to the final 2 because it’s the easy win.

11:35 AM BBT: Austin tells Liz that Vanessa is worried about John too now, so if it comes down to Meg and John, John might be the person who she’d want to send out.

5:00 PM BBT: James wins POV

5:25 PM BBT: James tells Meg that he’s going to try and make a deal with the twins to save her because they know that Vanessa is going to be a sitting duck next week. Meg tells him that she thinks Vanessa will put up Steve because Austwins would want to keep him more than they would want to keep her. James tells Meg that he’s done playing Mr Nice Guy and will tell Austwins to their fan that if they send Meg home this week, he’s going to come after each and every one of them. James adds that this will be his week to show Austwins that he’s not playing games and is ready to make deals, if they don’t like that, they’ll just have to take the gamble that he doesn’t win and put them up.

5:35 PM BBT: Julia tells Vanessa that she should put up John. Vanessa tells her that she has no reason to believe that they’d vote out Meg over John when they all know that voting out John would be better for their game personally, but not hers. Julia tells her that they’ll send home whoever she wants, John or Meg. Vanessa tells her that she doesn’t even know if she wants Meg to go anymore because John and James together are scary. Julia tells her that she wants Meg out, but Austin and Liz would likely vote out John. Vanessa tells her that there was no way that Meg was ever going to go home. Julia tells her that she wants Meg gone because she doesn’t want Meg floating to the end of the game.

5:45 PM BBT: James tells Austin that he’ll tell Vanessa to her face that if he wins HOH, he’s going to nominate her. Austin tells James and Meg that he has tried telling Vanessa multiple times that she can’t just be mad at them two when him and the twins were questioning her too. Austin adds that he thought their alliance was solid even when Vanessa won HOH, but then she put the two of them up.

6:05 PM BBT: Liz tells Austin that now James is going to come after them. Austin tells her and Julia that he isn’t, all his and Meg’s anger is directed at Vanessa, so they’re in a good spot now. Julia tells Austin and Liz about her conversation with Vanessa and that Vanessa said she can’t put up John because they’d vote her out over Meg, but adds that Vanessa still won’t put up one of them. Liz tells her that John has to go up and doesn’t care what Vanessa has to say about it. Austin tells them that they’ll do what Vanessa wants, including getting Meg out, but at the same time it’s not good to leave John and James together, then get Meg out when she doesn’t win anything.

6:20 PM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa about James and Meg saying they only told her what they needed to say while their butts were on the line and never planned on actually going forward with it. Austin adds that James and Meg don’t know that him and Austwins believe Vanessa no matter what. Vanessa tells Austin that she’s screwed either way because she has to get rid of Meg. Vanessa adds that she can’t put John up because it would be too tempting for them to vote him out against Meg. Austin tells her that they’re going to do whatever she wants and not going to go against her. Vanessa tells him that this is almost a good thing that James won because Meg will always be the ultimate pawn, so they need to get her out. Austin adds that James is their shield because everyone wants him out. Austin tells Vanessa that he worries that if they evict Meg, James will pull in John. Vanessa tells him that she’ll have to have a talk with John about it later. Austin tells Vanessa that James is going to put her up, but as long as they can get him to agree to put up Steve in exchange for saving Meg, they’ll have the numbers to keep her. Vanessa asks Austin what he thinks of using Julia as a pawn because she’d ensure Meg goes home. Austin tells her that Julia and Liz wouldn’t be happy because they wouldn’t understand the need for it. Austin tells her that they can’t risk Steve because they need him to win HOHs. Vanessa tells him that Steve likely won’t even try to win because he has no incentive to, so maybe they should send Steve out instead of John.

6:55 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Steve that John being loyal to them when they’re loyal to Austin and the twins is stupid, so he has incentive to work with James. Vanessa adds that she can put up a pawn to send Meg home or she can put up a new target, but either way, she isn’t going to put him on the block. Vanessa tells Steve that if she doesn’t use Austwins as a pawn, they’ll have to agree to vote however she wants. Vanessa tells him that John hasn’t come to talk with her once and won’t make eye contact. Steve tells her that John told him earlier in the week that he trusts her. Vanessa tells him that if she was 100% sure John wasn’t going to put her up, she’d put up who she needs to go up so that Meg goes home. Steve tells her that he doesn’t think John would ever put her up because he needs this alliance too.

Vanessa tells Steve that Austwins are making it seem like James and John are scarier than James and Meg. Vanessa tells him that John has the incentive to join James because he’s the low man on the totem pole when it comes to them. Vanessa asks Steve if he’d vote to keep her if she was on the block next to any of Austwins. Steve says he would.

7:10 PM BBT: James tells Meg that he’s going to make it publicly known that Vanessa is on his ‘shit list’.

7:20 PM BBT: Austin and Liz tell Vanessa that a deal couldn’t be made with James if they were to send Meg out because he’d link up with John. Austin adds that he can see John winning the final 6 veto competition which would screw up their plans completely. Vanessa tells them that Steve can’t go up because he’s her shield, someone James could put her up with and her have a shot at staying. Vanessa tells Austin and Liz that the only one she could really consider using as a pawn is Julia because she knows the two of them would vote to keep her and she knows that Steve will vote out Meg. Vanessa adds that she’ll lose John if she were to put him up, so he’d have to be the new target if he goes up.

Julia joins the conversation and Vanessa tells her that the only option is to use her as a pawn if they want to send Meg out. Julia tells her that she’d be okay with being a pawn, but says that she’s a huge target that might get the vote flipped on her. Austin tells Vanessa that James and John are a bigger threat to them than James and Meg. Austin adds that they could get James to agree to some sort of dealt hat he’d have no choice but to stick to because he’d lose jury votes otherwise. Vanessa tells them that if they got John out and she was put up with Steve, Steve wins the veto, there would be no backdoor options left. Austin tells her that if James is going to put her up, it’ll likely be with a twin to ensure that she goes anyway. Austin tells her that their best option is to send John out, make sure her relationship with Steve is tight, then remind James and Meg that they owe them their life. Vanessa tells them that she’s leaning towards putting up John, but will talk with others before making a final decision.

8:10 PM BBT: James tells John that he’s likely going up in his spot because Austin, Julia, Liz, and Steve are all upstairs in the HOH room, which would only leave him out of the loop. James adds that John needs to go up to Vanessa and let her know that she made a deal not to put him up, so she needs to honor that. James asks him how close he is with John. John tells him that he threw Steve under the bus pretty hard, which Steve did the same to him apparently.

8:25 PM BBT: Meg tells James that John is a good guy. James agrees but says that he’s damaged goods because he’ll likely be taken out soon anyway. James tells her that there is no way that Austin is being 100% truthful with them. Meg tells him that they haven’t caught Austin in anything. James tells her that is because everyone is covering for him. James adds that Vanessa is just a meat shield for Austwins, but he’s going to let Austwins know that they need to think about logic, and logic says that he’s going to play in veto next week while Vanessa can’t, so they’d need to choose their side.

8:35 PM BBT: Austin tells James that if they were to get Meg to stay, they’d have to do it by James giving Vanessa hope, such as her going up with Steve, the person she might be able to stay against. Austin adds that Vanessa is worried about James and John linking up, so James needs to play up the fact that he’ll latch onto John if Meg were to go. James tells Austin and the twins that he’s not going to sit here and lie, he’s pissed at Vanessa. Austin tells him and Meg that Vanessa might need to hear the things that John has been saying to them. James and Meg tell Austwins that they have no beef with them at all.

8:45 PM BBT: Vanessa tells John that Austin and the twins are saying that they’ll vote out whoever she wants, which she wishes she believed, but doesn’t think that is what they’d do if whoever was nominated is someone that wasn’t good for them. John tells her that Austwins would probably get rid of her. Vanessa agrees. John tells her that it is time to think about how much they can trust Austwins or if it’s time to go to war with them. John adds that James is ticked off at her right now, but with a little information, he could likely have his anger redirected. John tells Vanessa that Austwins will break their word and vote him out if he’s up like they’ve done once before. Vanessa tells him that Austin might break his word, but she doesn’t think that the twins would do it.

Vanessa tells John that Austin and the twins are saying that getting Meg out would be a waste of an HOH and they’re saying that they’re worried about him linking up with James, so he needs to not let them think that. Vanessa tells John and Steve that if she wants Meg gone, she doesn’t need to put him up, she’ll just put Julia up because she would be guaranteed  to be safe.

9:00 PM BBT: Meg tells Liz and Julia that John said he doesn’t even care about being in the house anymore or what happen. Julia and Liz both tell Meg that they love her and want her to stay over John because they think she’s fun.

9:05 PM BBT: Vanessa asks if she were to keep her word with John, would he come after her. Steve tells her that he doesn’t think so. Vanessa asks Steve if she rather John go up as the target or if he’d like to go up as the pawn. Steve tells her that he doesn’t want to go up, but adds that she’s going what Austwins want when Austwins aren’t on her side, they’re only covering themselves, not her. Vanessa tells Steve that she’d have 3 people pissed off at her if she went against Austwins wishes of John being the pawn.

10:35 PM BBT: Meg asks James if he thinks it’s bad if they don’t talk with James tonight and just wait until tomorrow. James says he doesn’t think it’s bad because Vanessa is just scared and doesn’t know what to do. James tells her that he just wants to let Vanessa know why he’s upset with her before she hears it from someone else that he’s upset. Meg tells James that they should probably have their conversations separately.

10:35 PM BBT: John tells Steve that she doesn’t think Vanessa will put him up because she made a deal with him in public. John adds that Austwins will send them home over Meg since she could make the deal not to put them up even though she won’t win. Steve asks John if he trusts James. John says he does because he knows where James’ head is at. John adds that he believes James would roll with them two and Vanessa if they were able to redirect his current anger. John tells Steve that he hates everyone now, he just hates him and Vanessa less because they weren’t at fault when he left, while everyone else straight up lied to him. John tells him that he’ll say what he needs to this week, but will be putting up Austwins if he wins HOH.

John explains to Steve that they’re going to be at a disadvantage for the rest of the game if they don’t take a shot at Austwins now because they’d have to win the next HOH, and they’d have to win the double eviction HOH after that, but at that point they’d only have two people to compete. John adds that they could probably get Meg and James to work longer with them than Austwins would anyway. Julia tells Steve that Julia is just as bad at comps as Meg is, if that’s a reason they’re using. John adds that one person is going to go home this week and the other side will make it to final 3. John tells Steve that he’ll tell Vanessa that if he goes up, he’ll go home and she’ll be stuck with a pissed of James and 3 people (Austwins) who will turn on her.

11:00 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Meg that she’s open minded about the replacement nominee because this was only a game move, so she’s open to any new ideas that would benefit her. Vanessa adds that her only concern is about James telling everyone downstairs that he’s coming after her. Vanessa explains that if James is saying he’s after her, the best way to hurt James would be by taking out Meg, so she might want to talk to him. Vanessa adds that James’ strategy to tell people he’s gunning for her so that they stick with him over her after next week’s HOH is working against them because it’s going to be affect her replacement nominee decision. Vanessa tells Meg that it’s very likely things will work out for her this week because the hurdle isn’t too big.

11:10 PM BBT: Meg tells James that he just has to kill Vanessa’s ass because Vanessa is wanting to send her home over him saying he’s publicly against her. James says that means Austwins ran upstairs and told her, but says that he’ll try to extinguish some fires.

11:20 PM BBT: James comes upstairs to hash things out with Vanessa. Vanessa warns him that she’s not in a good move because she’s had some drinks. James tells her that he just wants to know where she stands because he’s feeling some type of way about what went down. Vanessa tells James that it’s nothing personal, it’s just numbers are dwindling so she had to make this move. Vanessa adds that of all people, she thought he would be the one to respect the game move. Vanessa explains to James that what she’s concerned about is four people coming up to her and telling her that he’s very upset with her. James tells her that it’s because she made a deal with him when he won HOH that she wouldn’t nominate him and one person of his choice until final 4. Vanessa says she did make that deal, but their trust was breached when he didn’t tell her that Austwins was turning on her and questioning her. Vanessa adds that James saying he’d nominate two people from Brass Tacks didn’t help neither.

James tells Vanessa that she’s trying to play the game too hard compared to everyone else. Vanessa tells him that’s his opinion, asks who he is to insult and criticize her, if he won Big Brother last year, and then tell James that it’s probably best he gets out of her HOH room to go downstairs. James tells her that he didn’t mean to sound like he was criticizing her, he was meaning to say it out of respect. Vanessa tells him that he just insulted her to her face. Vanessa tells him that the more he pisses her off, the more reason she should take out his #1 Meg. James says she shouldn’t take it out on Meg. Vanessa says she’s not, that it would be the best game move to make.

Vanessa tells James that it’s funny because he wasn’t actually the person that she wanted to see go this week, then this happened. Vanessa begins crying and says she feels insulted and used. James tells her that he’s sorry and didn’t mean to insult her. Vanessa explains that there are people who play the game too hard, but she’s not one of them, she’s playing the way she is because her back is up against the wall. Vanessa tells James that she got heated for a second because she felt insulted. James tells her that he’s sorry. Vanessa accepts his apology and says that she was probably just overly sensitive about it all. Vanessa tells James that she’s going to do what is best for her game this week and minimize the chance that she gets nominated next when she can’t play in the HOH. Vanessa asks James who she should nominate to keep Meg in the game. James tells her that John said he didn’t care anymore.

James tells Vanessa that from this moment, he wants the two of them to be cool. Vanessa says they are cool and that she’s able to get over thinks quickly. Vanessa tells him that Meg has a chance to stay because there is bigger targets in the house and it’s gives her an advantage if she can get people out who wins competitions. Vanessa tells James that if she could go back and use the information she has now, he would have been her #2. Vanessa asks James if he’s thought about what is best for his game if Meg were to go home somehow. James tells her that he doesn’t know because there is so many scenarios that could play out, but it comes down to who wins HOH next. Vanessa tells him that if he wins HOH, she’d like the courtesy of a conversation first, but will understand if he has to put her up. James tells her that after this conversation, it’s not set in stone because he doesn’t hold grudges. Vanessa asks James who he thinks John would put up. James says he doesn’t know and says that John told him that Steve has a five person alliance with her and Austwins. Vanessa tells him that isn’t true, that John was just trying to fish for information. James tells her that she needs to make the move that is best for her moving forward because this week will highly affect all of that.

1:25 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin, Liz, and Steve that her and James talked it over and they’re fine now, and they both have respect for each other. Vanessa tells them that she’s heavily leaning towards getting Meg out because that was her plan heading into all of this. Vanessa adds that she knows for a fact that Meg is gunning for her because it’s written all over her face, Meg can’t stand her. Austin asks her what she’s thinking about pawn wise. Austin adds that they could put up John, then voting to keep him would prove trust. Vanessa tells him that she doesn’t want to put John up and have him target her. Vanessa tells Austin and Liz that them being apart of a 3 people group, it’s just not going to be able to keep them all off the block as pawns, meaning starting next week that just won’t work. Vanessa tells Austin, Liz, and Steve that leaving John in the game benefits Steve, so she might ask him to be a pawn.

1:30 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that James said Austin told him that Vanessa was questioning James as to why he was trying to win the HOH so hard last week. Austin admits to it, saying he was questioning Vanessa at the time. Vanessa tells him that it feels like he sold her out to build a stronger bond with James, but it’s just water under the bridge now.

Vanessa tells Austin that she doesn’t need to give John another reason to target her when she can just nominate an ally of hers who she knows will be safe because they have the votes. Austin tells her that if that is the way that she wants to do it, then they can do that. Austin adds that the twins’ brain won’t be able to comprehend the level of strategy that goes into being a pawn. Austin asks if the twins were mad when she suggested Julia to be the pawn. Austin says they were and Julia is still weirded out by it. Vanessa tells him that Julia is not winning HOHs, so if she doesn’t want to be a pawn, she should do something that makes her a valid threat.

Vanessa tells Austin that there is only so much he can do to protect Austwins as a three, so he needs to start thinking about himself too. Austin says he knows and he’s almost at the point where he’ll start making deals just for him. Austin adds that he’s not going to bring out Judas to betray his girlfriend Liz, but also isn’t going to be a 23 year old boy like Clay and sacrifice himself. Austin tells Vanessa that he understands the play of using Julia as a pawn, just doesn’t know if the twins will be happy about it. Vanessa tells him that she’ll just request that Steve be the pawn because he’s the best option and her angle with telling him that he’s going up is that he owes her after their little fight last week. Austin tells Vanessa that just the two of them should make a deal with John going into this next week because it’ll give them more wiggle room as to who John would have to put up. Vanessa tells Austin that getting rid of Meg will be a good thing because she’s just going to end up being the thorn in your side that you can’t get rid of.

1:50 AM BBT: Julia tells Liz that nobody wants to be a pawn next to Meg, but if Vanessa wants Meg out, they’ll vote her out. Liz tells her that Steve would never vote against her if she was nominated and neither her or Austin would have vote against her. Julia tells her that it’s just not a good feeling. Julia says whatever and if she has to be a pawn, she will be. Steve tells her that there is nothing to worry about.

2:15 AM BBT: Steve begins talking to himself and the viewers. Steve tells us that as much as he’d love to split up Liztin this week, he can’t and sending home Julia wouldn’t accomplish anything because that would just form a new alliance between Liz, Austin, Meg, and Austin. Steve says that he’ll get rid of Meg this week, and put up Liz and Austin if he wins HOH next week.

2:40 AM BBT: Austin tells Liz that Vanessa is going to put Steve up. Liz tells him that she should put Julia up because she feels bad for Steve. Austin tells her that it would be perfect if Julia went up because James would be pissed if they kept Steve over Meg, but would have no choice but to understand why they’d keep Julia over Meg.

2:45 AM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that Liz is on board with the plan to nominate Julia as the plan because it is a fool proof way for them to stay in good graces with James because they shouldn’t expect them to flip on Julia, but would with Steve. Liz tells Vanessa that Steve was the pawn last week and she trusts Steve to vote out Meg over Julia. Austin adds that James and Meg wouldn’t even be able to campaign with Julia on the block. Vanessa tells them that it’s actually better for Julia’s game if she goes up because the excuse to nominate her because she’s never gone up is taken away. Vanessa adds that if Julia does somehow go home, she’ll give Julia $10,000. Vanessa tells Austin and Liz that she’ll nominate Julia as the pawn as long as Julia won’t hate her for doing it.

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