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Big Brother 17: Day 72 Recap

Austin Matelson from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Austin Matelson from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

It’s nomination day in the Big Brother house, which means today’s focus will heavily be on the initial fallout from nominations, as well as the plan for later on in the week, such as veto and who the replacement nominee would have to be. We also might see some dissension between Austwins and Vanessa if they try pinning all the blame on Vanessa for them going up.


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9:35 AM BBT: Wake up call

10:05 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that she can just tell James and Meg that this is a game move and that is what things are coming down to now, they’re just the stronger duo. Vanessa tells him that James told her that he’d put up people from Austwins and is willing to get that blood on his hands since he’s done it before. Austin tells her that James has to go because Meg is the type of person who would gravitate back towards them if she wins HOH and she’s all alone. Austin adds that John would have to go up as the replacement nominee, they’ll keep him, which is good because it can be a trust builder between them. Austin begins explaining to Vanessa that John’s loud cheer doesn’t mean anything because the crowd was likely forced to clap, so they shouldn’t look too much into it.

12:20 PM BBT: Vanessa and Austwins begin discussing what she should say in her speech when nominating James and Meg. Austin asks if they want James and Meg to know they’re the targets. Vanessa tells him that it’s pointless to try and act like they aren’t because they’ll know either way. Vanessa tells Julia and Liz about James saying that he’d nominate two people from Austwins because they’re going to be pissed at him already from having to use one as a pawn, so he might as well put up both. Liz and Julia both agree that James has to go this week. Liz says that James is Mr. Napoleon (Napoleon complex).

2:15 PM BBT: Vanessa makes Julia, John, Meg, and James have-nots. Vanessa tells James and Meg that she made a deal that she wouldn’t make Austin and Liz have-nots this week.

2:20 PM BBT: James tells Meg that Austin is a big ass baby because he says he doesn’t want to be a have-not and he doesn’t want to be nominated, so James questions why Austin even came into the house. Meg tells James that if they go on the block now and not them, she’s going to be pissed. Meg adds that nobody includes not making someone a have-not in a deal, so last night might have all been fake and the two of them are about to go up. James tells her that he didn’t remember until now, but he had a deal with Vanessa that she wouldn’t nominate him and one person he chooses, but says he doesn’t want to confront Vanessa about it if she doesn’t plan on nominating them. James adds that if she does put them up, Vanessa is breaking one of her sacred deals. Meg tells James that she’s over it and can’t wait to win HOH, then nominate them all.

3:40 PM BBT: Vanessa nominates James and Meg

3:45 PM BBT: Meg tells James that she knew that was coming based on the way that Austin and the twins were acting. James tells her that they got Clay & Shelli’d. Meg says that they haven’t done anything, so she doesn’t even care. James asks if Vanessa realizes that Austin was trying to get John to take her out for them. James adds that Vanessa said there was no clear target, but he believes that it’s going to be him. Meg tells him that if he goes, than she is going home next week too. Meg starts crying and tells James that one of them have to win the veto because she can’t sit next to him on the block when Thursday gets here.

3:55 PM BBT: Vanessa tells James and Meg that the reason they’re nominated is because the root of all her problems with Austin and the twins came from when James told Austin that he threw the BOB, but didn’t warn her that he had told him. Vanessa adds that Becky used that fact to drive a wedge ever further between her and Austwins. Vanessa tells them that Austwins were mad at her because they though she purposely didn’t tell them about James throwing the BOB, when in reality she had no reason not to. Vanessa tells them that she is at the bottom, so this is the move to disrupt the power structure and get the least amount of blood on her hands.

Meg tells Vanessa that she was never going to target her, that her and James actually fought for her to stay. Vanessa tells her that she believes that, but she also believes that after they got Shelli out, she (Vanessa) was the intended next target. Vanessa explains to James and Meg that they could have warned her that they told Austwins about James throwing the BOB, but instead they decided to fuel the fire. Vanessa adds that one of them will have to go one playing the game like she had to, so it’s a fair move.

4:30 PM BBT: Meg tells James that they were played. James asks if she thinks that Vanessa came up with this plan on her own. Meg tells him that she doesn’t, that is why she’s so pissed. Meg explains that Austwins are the ones driving this wedge between them. James tells her that they could have caught wind of an alliance between Austwins, Steve, John, and Vanessa, so now they’re just trying to protect that. James tells her that there is no way that Vanessa will win the game if she continues on with Austin and the twins.

4:45 PM BBT: Julia tells Liz that they make fun of people, but nothing like Meg has done. Liz agrees and says they only make fun of John because he’s “makefunofable”. Julia tells her that James has to go this week because if the “little guy, Napoleon” won HOH, he’d of nominated her with Austin. Liz tells her that they saw Meg’s true colors today and that Meg is one million percent New York. Liz and Julia agree that James handled the situation better than Meg did, because Meg was “acting like a little bitchy brat”. Julia and Liz begin discussing that it is Austin’s fault they ever trusted James and Meg to begin with. Julia says that they’ll nominate whoever stays from James and Meg, along with John.

5:20 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Liz, Julia, and eventually Austin about her conversation with Meg and James. Vanessa explains that James took it well, being super respectable, and stoic about it, while Meg just cried like usually. Vanessa adds that Meg needs to stop with the waterworks. Vanessa tells Austin that James insinuated that he had information on them because he said the reason they’re going home is because he wasn’t willing to be tattletale. Vanessa tells him that what it ultimately comes down to is that James and Meg’s loyalty is for sale, while that isn’t the case for John and Steve. Vanessa adds that they might be able to work with James because he’s been very rational about this all.

6:20 PM BBT: Vanessa asks Steve if he’s heard anything. Steve tells her that all he’s heard is Meg mentioning that she got played. Vanessa asks who he thinks Meg is referring to. Austin interjects and says it’s probably about him.

6:25 PM BBT: James tells Meg that he doesn’t want her to go to jury. Meg tells him that she doesn’t want to either, but that is what she feels like is going to happen. Meg tells James that if she does leave, he can’t do what Vanessa wants him to do. Meg adds that James is going to want to take him with her because he’s Vanessa’s last shot to eventually break up Austwins.

7:20 PM BBT: Steve tells Vanessa that he’s happy to hear that her and John have mended bridges. Steve adds that he’s actually more worried about his relationship with John than Vanessa’s relationship with John. Vanessa asks Steve if he thinks that John will really work with her this time. Steve tells her that he asked John Thursday morning if he trusts her, and John said that they buried the hatchet and he does trust her. Steve asks Vanessa if she trusts John. Vanessa says that she wants to. Vanessa tells Steve that him, her, and John have to stick together or else they’re done.

8:05 PM BBT: Austin tells Meg that they weren’t told her and James were going up until after Vanessa had already done it. Austin adds that Vanessa told them that James had said he was willing to nominate two people from Austwins to take them out. Meg tells him that is not true, what was actually said is that they’d nominate one of them as a pawn because they have no other choice because that is what the numbers have come down to. Austin and Liz explain to Meg that they never wanted her nominated, they wanted John nominated because he directly threatened them in the HOH competition. Austin tells Meg that they never once let her take all the blame for the Brass Tacks alliance without Vanessa, they have been telling Vanessa that it was all of them who did it, not just her and James.

8:20 PM BBT: Meg tells James that Austwins wanted John nominated, but then Vanessa told them that James said he’d nominate the twins, which is why the two of them ended up being nominated. Meg adds that they’re good with the Austwins will, which is good.

8:25 PM BBT: Liz tells Julia that she knows Meg was lying by the way Meg kept denying it and the way that she didn’t want to call James into the room. Julia says that Meg is an idiot and just upset she was caught in a lie.

8:30 PM BBT: Steve begins talking to the camera. Steve tells us that he’s voting to keep Julia if she somehow gets nominated, but if he wins HOH next, he’s going to nominate Austin and Liz.

9:05 PM BBT: John asks James how him and Meg are doing. James tells him that it is what it is and asks him if he’s noticed how everyone is twisting words now. James adds that he still has a shot at the veto though, so that is good. John tells him that the one thing that he learned last week was to never give up and to fight until the very end.

9:55 PM BBT: Meg tells James that she knows Austwins had to of had a hand in getting them nominated, but isn’t sure that Austwins are gunning after them specifically. Meg tells James that she believes Vanessa will want her out so that she can work with him (James) and that Vanessa thinks they’re the schemers since they’re the only ones who haven’t had a public falling out with Vanessa. James tells Meg that Vanessa thinks everyone is scheming, but in reality it’s only Vanessa. Meg tells him that Vanessa won’t win if she takes Austwins to the final 4. James tells her that Vanessa knows this and is banking on someone like Steve to dismantle Austwins for her. James tells Meg that if he wins veto, he’s going to go crazy and scare the hell out of everyone, telling them that they better hope he doesn’t win HOH next week. James tells Meg that if they get houseguest choice, they have to pick Julia since she’s a weak player who wouldn’t win.

10:35 PM BBT: Julia tells Vanessa that Meg denied that James said he’d nominate Austwins, but says she doesn’t believe her. Vanessa tells Julia that she is 1000% sure that James said it and that she wouldn’t of quoted him in her speech for all of America to see if she wasn’t sure about it.

12:00 AM BBT: Vanessa asks Steve if John even wants to be in the house anymore. Steve tells her that he wouldn’t of won the revival competition if he didn’t want to return. Vanessa tells Steve that she rather have Meg win the veto over James because she wouldn’t be able to insure that Meg would go home over the replacement if James were to win it. Steve tells her that it sounds like she might put him up as a pawn. Vanessa tells him that isn’t likely because he wouldn’t be a good pawn that is 100% safe. Vanessa tells Steve that it might be beneficial to them if James stayed and worked with them.

Steve asks Vanessa if she trusts Austwins to take them to the final 5. Vanessa says she does. Vanessa asks him if they’re going to be screwed if they take Austwins to the final 5 with them or will they be okay. Steve doesn’t want to answer the question so he tells her that he doesn’t know. Vanessa tells him that if they do take Austwins to final 5, they have to win that HOH because there is a move they can make that’ll kill two birds with one stone. Vanessa warns Steve that Austwins have the edge over them if he hasn’t been trying his hardest in these competitions. Steve tells her that they need to think about numbers because if they took Austwins to final 5, it would be 3vs2, so he’d feel better with the final 6 with John.

12:55 AM BBT: Julia tells Vanessa that she’s concerned about John leaving their side to join James and Meg. Vanessa tells her that she thinks both James and Meg will pick John with Houseguest’s choice because he has a shot at winning and he’d likely use it on them.

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