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Big Brother 17: Day 70 Recap

Vanessa Rousso from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Vanessa Rousso from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

We’re only one day away from eviction, which means today will be heavily focused on deciding which person goes home tomorrow, as well as more campaigning from the two nominees. Hopefully they can come to a decision using logic, not a children’s game.


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12:10 PM BBT: Austin and Vanessa discuss making Steve and John play Rock Paper Scissors to determine which goes home tomorrow since it doesn’t matter who goes. Vanessa tells him that they wouldn’t look like bullies for doing it because it actually is fair and makes sense because they can’t be blamed for who goes. Austin tells her they could use this is strategy by voting John out, then telling him he had nothing to do with it if John were to return. Meg joins the conversation and Austin fills her in on their idea. Austin adds that it comes down to who is willing to throw the next HOH. Vanessa says it wouldn’t be too much of them to ask for whoever wants to stay this week to throw the next HOH and be a willing pawn to get the returning juror out. Meg says that they should maybe just vote how they want because that it still leaving it to chance and it’ll be less offensive than making them decide their fate by playing Rock Paper Scissors. Meg asks Austin about what the twins think. Austin tells her that they don’t like John, though that isn’t enough reason to do anything.

1:25 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz about the new idea about leaving it up to chance on choosing who goes home this week. Liz tells Austin that it’s in James and Meg’s best interest to keep John, but not theirs. Austin tells her that it’s in their best interest to no have to break their deal with Steve next week. Liz tells him that means that Steve stays.

1:40 PM BBT: Vanessa asks Steve if Becky would have won OTEV, would she (Vanessa) of been the backdoor target. Steve tells her that he doesn’t think so. Vanessa got up without saying anything and walked away.

2:15 PM BBT: James tells Meg that they’re doing Rock Paper Scissors to determine who they vote out since it doesn’t matter. Meg tells him they’re not being they’d look like horrible people by determining someone’s fate like that, so they can still leave it up to chance by not discussing votes and just going into the DR and voting. James tells her that the Rock Paper Scissors method is fair. Meg asks if he wouldn’t feel bad for crushing a kid’s dreams of playing on Big Brother because he lost a game of Rock Paper Scissors. James tells her that Skittles were used last year to determine a fate. Meg tells her that was to pick a pawn, not pick who they should evict, so there is a huge difference between the two.

3:15 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that he has a feeling that John would come right back if they sent him out. Liz tells him that she thinks Steve would be too flustered during the buyback competition to be able to win it and return. Austin tells Liz that they can try and set it up so that John would nominate Vanessa and James if he were to return, that way they’d still have the votes.

3:35 PM BBT: Meg tells Vanessa that she thinks it’s going to be harder to get Steve out than it would be John because Steve has been able to get himself off the block every time he has been nominated until this time. Vanessa tells her that she agrees and adds that she thinks Steve would be a less resentful juror. Meg asks if they should just take their chance to get Steve out now. Vanessa tells her that she’s fine with doing that.

3:45 PM BBT: Vanessa asks Liz about who the target was the week of OTEV. Liz tells her that it was always Becky and even if the veto was used, Vanessa was never a backdoor option, they would have just broken their word with Meg and James to nominate one of them. Vanessa asks if John threw the veto like he said he would. Liz tells her that John told her that he was going to throw the veto but ended up just sucking at it. Vanessa tells her that is what John says after actually throwing a competition. Austin tells them that they need to think of an insurance policy with John so that if he comes back, he won’t be coming for them. Vanessa tells him that it’s going to be harder to get Steve out next week than it would be to get John out. Austin tells her that if Becky or Shelli come back, it wouldn’t be. Vanessa tells them that Steve is more likely to switch teams. Austin and Liz tell her that they feel the opposite, as well as the fact that they’re screwed if Steve returns, but they’re not if John does.

5:30 PM BBT: Vanessa tells John that nobody knows how they’re voting and it’s very weird. John tells her that Liz and Julia made it clear to him that they’re going to vote how she’s going to vote. John asks Vanessa what she’s going to do if they want to keep Steve, if he just shouldn’t bother. Vanessa told him that she’ll let him know if he shouldn’t bother, but says that she’s going to have to do what is best for her game, which would be to go with Austwins. John tells Vanessa that a way to butter up Liz and Julia is tell them that they’re playing good strategic games because they eat that up. John adds that he’s just not getting stressed over it because he’s almost fine with leaving at this point.

5:45 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that they’ll let John know they want to keep him, they’ll let votes flip ‘last minute’ tomorrow, then tell John that it isn’t their fault because this isn’t what they wanted. Liz tells Austin that John ratted on them and is a flip flop. Austin agrees and says that Steve hasn’t ratted on them, though if he left and came back he might. Liz tells Austin she’s worried that Vanessa is be upset that they’re keeping Steve, but they can just tell her that Steve is coming after them before he comes after her.

6:10 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz and Julia that his gut is telling him to keep Steve. Liz says her’s is telling her the same. Austin says even if it was good for strategy to get rid of Steve, he wouldn’t want to do that to him. Austin says they don’t need to discuss who they’re getting out anymore, they need to discuss how they’re going to keep John from being mad at them since he might return. Julia says they don’t even need to worry about that because John won’t win the buyback. Julia adds that another reason to get John out is that he never helps clean. Austin tells her that isn’t a reason to get him out. Julia says it is.

Vanessa joins their conversation and Austwins tell her that their gut is saying that they need to keep Steve and get rid of John. Austin explains that Steve could come back and blow up Scamper Squad, which would screw them. Vanessa tells them that she’s on board with keeping Steve if that’s what they’re all wanting, but she just wants John to know that this wasn’t her decision, it was all of theirs. Austin and Liz tell her that is what they planned on telling him. They begin discussing what they’ll tell Meg and James so that they don’t vote against Steve. Vanessa says they could just tell them that John is more connected to the members in jury, though they might want to consider letting them vote against Steve, so that way Steve has a reason to gun after James and Meg instead of them three. Liz tells her that Steve could never turn on them regardless because he’d lose 4 jury votes.

10:00 PM BBT: Austin tells James and Meg that they’re thinking of deciding on John and getting him out. Meg tells them that they’ve been thinking about it too. Liz asks what their opinion is. Meg tells her that it’s a toss up. Austin tells her that they want John out because he has more connections in the jury. Liz tells James and Meg that John told them that he’d nominate the juror and a pawn, but the pawn wouldn’t be her, Austin, or Julia. Austin tells them that John is so weird and that nobody would come after him if he stayed. Meg tells him that John has been on the block on Thursday a lot, while Steve has fought his way off the block each time until now. Austin tells her that he’s able to predict Steve’s moves better than he could John’s. Liz tells James and Meg that it is scary to think about evicting Steve and him coming back, so they should wait until the jurors can’t come back to get Steve out.

10:05 PM BBT: Vanessa tells John that everyone is upstairs deciding on what they’re going to do, and she told them not to let her know. John tells her that if they’re up their deciding, that means he is probably going home. John tells Steve and Vanessa that if Liz wins the next HOH, she’s going to nominate the two of them before she nominates Meg and James because Meg is incapable. John tells them that if Jackie returns to the game, the two of them shouldn’t win it the HOH. Vanessa agrees and says because it would be 3 vs 3 between Austwins and Goblins. John tells her that everyone is playing cowardly right now.

10:15 PM BBT: Vanessa joins Austin, Julia, Liz, James, and Meg upstairs in the HOH room and asks them if they’ve settled on a plan. Austin tells her that they’re getting John out. Meg says that they’ll tell John tomorrow afternoon that he’s leaving. Vanessa asks why can’t they just tell John now because it seems kinda douchey not to. Austin tells her that he wants John to suffer and squirm.

Steve joins them in the HOH room. Austwins tell him that he’s going to be safe with a unanimous vote. Steve asks what should he say to John if he is asked. Austin tells him to say that it’s still up in the air and that it’s going to come down to a group decision. Steve asks them what happens if John comes back from jury. Austin tells him that he believes John would go after him and Liz.

11:15 PM BBT: John asks Vanessa if they made their decision upstairs. Vanessa tells him that he respects him and can’t lie to him, so they said they’re voting him out tomorrow and plan to tell him tomorrow afternoon that he’s leaving. Vanessa tells him that it came down to him having more relationships in jury and being slightly more threatening than Steve. Vanessa adds that it was such a close call that it almost down down to Rock Paper Scissors. Vanessa tells him that she hopes he returns from jury tomorrow because her, him, and Steve would be strong, and without that trio, she’s screwed. John tells her that the votes are right here. Her, James, and Meg. John explains the the four of them would be going against only Meg tomorrow in the HOH competition and that he’d be able to sway James and Meg’s vote easily. Vanessa tells him that she can almost guarantee that the votes won’t flip because James and Meg are closer to Austwins than her and Steve are, but he can still try.

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