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Big Brother 17: Day 65 Recap

Vanessa Rousso from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Vanessa Rousso from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

It’s nomination day in the Big Brother house, and it has the possibility to be a crazy one. Austin has been considering nominated Vanessa, which if done, would cause complete chaos in the house. Though it’s possible none of that happens and Austin chooses to nominate who would be considered the safest people to put up, setting a not-so-high pace for this new week.


9:10 AM BBT: Wake up call.

9:35 AM BBT: Meg tells Austin that he should just nominate Vanessa outright. Austin tells her that he might, the the moment he does it, Vanessa is going to snap. Meg tells her that Vanessa will just have to grow up a little because they’ve all been there. Austin tells her that if Vanessa were to come back into the house, Steve will would take her right back out. Meg tells him that everyone would. Austin tells Meg that Vanessa has become the bully figure that she always talks about.

9:55 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that he doesn’t owe her anything, so it’s at the point where she’s just looking out for what is best for Austin’s game. Vanessa tells him that Steve isn’t looking out for him, he’s looking out for himself, meanwhile she’s playing selflessly. Vanessa tells Austin that James and Meg perceive her as attached to him, so if she was on the block, they could take a stab at them. Vanessa tells him that by putting her up, he’d risk losing his closest ally other than Liz.   Vanessa tells Austin that if he wanted to, he should be able to get Meg to be a pawn because she hasn’t done anything else in the game. Vanessa tells Austin that she fully trusts him and the twins, she doesn’t trust Steve, which is why she doesn’t want to be the pawn. Vanessa tells Austin that he should go with his gut. Austin tells her that his gut is saying to put up Steve with John.

Vanessa tells Austin that she’s more loyal to him than Steve, and that losing her would do more damage to his game than losing Steve would. Vanessa tells him that after that talk last night, what is even the point of sending John home over Steve when John is willing to play ball with them and Steve isn’t. Vanessa adds that the odds of his plan working are higher with Steve nominated than they are with her nominated.

11:10 AM BBT: Austin tells James and Meg about Vanessa saying that his gymnastics photo is a sign from home saying that he should stick with the gay person, and the clown nose was another message that he needs to worry about the clown in the house, so either James or John. Austin tells them that the depth of what Vanessa is willing to go to when creating these stories is scary. Austin adds that he rather just ease tensions this week by putting up Steve with John, then just hoping that Vanessa doesn’t win veto so that they can backdoor her.

12:30 PM BBT: Austin tells Steve that he has to decide between putting up Vanessa and her freaking out or nominating him. Austin tells him that if Vanessa doesn’t end up going this week, he wants to make sure that she’s on their side going into next week. Liz tells Austin that Vanessa has to much information on them, so it’s too risky to nominate her right now. Austin tells Steve that Vanessa has numerous theories and reasons as to why they can’t trust him. Steve says that he could put Vanessa up outright with someone she’d feel safe next to. Austin tells him that would be John. Austin tells Steve that there was a clownfish sticker on her shell that she got and she’s taking that as a sign that she has to take out the clown which would be John.

Steve tells Austin that if he needs to put him up, just don’t put him up next to someone in their 5 person alliance. Austin tells him that it’s either that or putting up Vanessa. Steve tells him that if he’s going to be nominated, he should be put up next to Vanessa. Liz tells Steve that putting him up with John is the safest thing to do. Steve tells them that by doing that, it is showing that they’re way closer with James and Meg than they are with him and John. Austin tells Steve that he was hoping that he was hoping that he’d be the one person he could trust and would be understanding about it. Austin tells him that it will ease Vanessa’s mind if she doesn’t go up. Steve tells him that she’ll just think that she’s the backdoor target. Austin tells Steve that John may have to be a casualty this week. Steve asks if he’d rather John go over Meg or James. Austin tells him maybe.

Austin tells Steve and John that the only way he can get Meg or James nominated is by Steve winning POV and using it on John. Steve tells him that one of them from their 5 can go up, but not two. Liz tells Austin, Steve, and John that Vanessa is terrified and says that she doesn’t know what Vanessa could try to manipulate against them. Steve tells him that there isn’t any scenario that stops Vanessa from freaking out until after the veto meeting. Liz tells him it’s difficult when Vanessa is saying she has their back. Steve tells them that actions speak louder than words. Austin tells Steve that if he puts up Vanessa, it’ll be either with him or with John. Liz asks John if they can count on him moving forward. John tells her yes because they’re all he has. Austin tells Steve that he won’t be going up next to John.

12:45 PM BBT: Liz tells Vanessa that Steve said he’d rather go up with her than with John. Vanessa tells her that it proves that he’s willing to let her be taken out. Vanessa tells her that Austin is going to do what Liz wants. Liz tells her that she wants Steve and John to be nominated, but for Steve to be okay with it.

1:00 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Julia that if Austin puts her up, it’s going to be a moment he regrets because he’d be sending someone home who has his back. Julia tells Vanessa that she doesn’t trust John because he’s quiet in the house, then goes into the DR and starts yelling. Julia tells her that if Austin puts her up, it’s going to be a huge mistake.

1:15 PM BBT: Liz tells Austin that Steve is so annoying and needs to shut up because they’ve only been working with John for one week. Liz asks who he’s thinking of nominating. Austin tells her John and Vanessa because he’s not putting up Meg or James. Liz tells him that Vanessa has wronged them, so if she abandons ship and get’s mad at him, she’d be getting mad at all 3 of them. Liz tells Austin that if he puts Steve and John up, they’re done with them, so they can’t do that. Austin tells her that he’s likely going to put John and Vanessa up, so she’s just going to have to talk with Vanessa for hours to reassure her.

1:35 PM BBT: Julia tells Austin and Liz that the only person that scares her is James because he makes big moves. Austin tells her that he can always be a backdoor option. Julia adds that Vanessa has been working with them from the beginning, so she’d never target them. Austin tells Julia that Vanessa basically said that if they made final 4, she’d cut her out first.

1:40 PM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that Steve is not willing to play ball and is saying that if he gets nominated with John, he’ll know that they’re closer with James and Meg than they are with him and John. Vanessa tells Austwins that if Steve is just going to threaten to leave their alliance and isn’t willing to be a pawn, they should put him up with John and send Steve home. Vanessa tells Austin that it makes no sense at all to risk her leaving when she has his back fully. Vanessa tells him that if she gets put up, she’s going to go home and he’d be sending someone who has his back home. Liz tells Vanessa that she’d have the votes. Austin says that if he goes back on their deal with Steve, Steve would come after him.

1:50 PM BBT: Austin asks Vanessa if she knew that James was throwing the BOB when nominated with Liz. Vanessa tells him that she did know, but said she didn’t tell him because James later admitted that he didn’t throw it, so it didn’t matter. Austin asks Vanessa if she told Shelli about the 8 person deal. Vanessa swears to God that she didn’t and says that Shelli was mad at her for not telling her.

1:55 PM BBT: Julia tells Liz that she doesn’t get good vibes from John and says that she has a gut feeling that getting Vanessa out this week would be a bad move for them. Julia tells her that John has to be the one to go because whoever returns from jury will be on his side. Julia and Liz agree that best case scenario is that John and Vanessa go up and they send John home.

2:55 PM BBT: Austin nominates John and Steve

3:00 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that Steve is just going to have to understand and that he’s not going to be going home. Austin adds that whether Vanessa is right or not, sending her home this week is a dumb move.

3:00 PM BBT: John tells Steve that he’s (John) the target. Steve says he knows, but says that he’s already been lied to before so who knows. Steve tells him that they need to do what they do best which is go out there and win the veto.

3:05 PM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that it’s not in his nor the twins best interest to let her go this week. Julia tells them that they have to win veto and keep the nominations the same so that they can send John out. Vanessa tells them that she’s willing to get the blood on her hands by winning the veto and not using it. Steve joins them in the HOH room. Austin tells them that James is the backdoor option if a nominee is taken down, though if nominations stay the same, Steve doesn’t have anything to worry about because John will go. Vanessa tells Steve that she respects how he’s handling this because it shows maturity.

3:15 PM BBT: Steve asks Austin if he has any desire to backdoor Vanessa this week. Austin tells him maybe, maybe not. Austin tells him that he’s thinking they should just get John out because there is still so many question marks regarding him. Austin adds  that he could still backdoor James or Vanessa because he thinks this week is going to be backdoor week. Austin tells Steve that he knows he’s close with John, but says that if Vanessa stays in the game, she’ll always be a target before them. Austin tells them that this was his move to get Vanessa to trust them again and it worked. Austin adds that they can get Vanessa to use the veto, then they’re have to “accidentally” backdoor James.

5:15 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that he thinks that Vanessa is telling the truth about her not telling Clay and Shelli about the 8 person deal. Liz asks why they’re even so scared of Steve in the first place when he’s just a little nerd. Austin agrees and says Steve needs to stop telling him who he’s going to put up. Liz tells him that Vanessa is now indebted to him and he has 3 guaranteed votes if he ever goes on the block because of this.

6:40 PM BBT: Vanessa thanks Liz for help keeping her off the block. Liz tells her that she talked some sense into Austin after Steve had been campaigning for her (Vanessa) to go up. Liz tells her that Austwins might want to throw this veto. Vanessa tells her that she can’t do that until Steve or John are out.

7:10 PM BBT: Austin begins talking with the viewers. Austin tells us that he doesn’t know if he’s making the right decisions and questions if viewers are rooting for him to work with Vanessa again. Austin adds that he wants to roll with Meg and James because they’re fun. Austin says that Vanessa could be backdoored this week, but adds that he doesn’t want to do that. Austin says they could be really dumb for targeting John when it’s possible that he’s a really nice guy that is wanting to work with them.

Austin tells Liz that if John wins veto, they have big problems, but if Steve wins veto, they have smaller problems. Austin tells her that if Steve won veto, he could put a pawn like Meg up to ensure that John goes.

7:20 PM BBT: Steve tells us that he doesn’t think that Austin thinks things through completely and says that he believes Austin, Liz, Julia, and Vanessa’s deal with Meg and James is genuine. Steve says they want to get rid of John this week and get rid of him the following week.

7:25 PM BBT: Austin tells Steve that Vanessa is 100% back on board with them now and that’s where he needed her to be right now. Steve asks if his target is James with the backup target of John. Vanessa says that Vanessa is in the back of his mind, but that would be scary. Steve asks Austin if he really trusts Vanessa and says that she really worked her magic on him before nominations. Austin tells him that it’s not that he trusts her, it’s that he just wanted to find a way to keep her in the house one more week until a juror returns. Austin tells him that there is a 50/50 chance between either James or Vanessa being the backdoor option. Steve tells him that he knows Austin’s mind is set on keeping Vanessa.

Austin tells Steve that Vanessa swore to him that she didn’t tell Clay and Shelli about the 8 person deal. Steve asks if the 8 person deal was her idea. Liz says that she orchestrated it, but Austin says that everyone was caught up in something they didn’t want to be at that moment. Austin tells Steve that he’s not 100% back with Vanessa and he’ll remember everything she’s done. Austin tells Steve that James taking out Clay and Shelli is going to come back to bite him because you can’t just go back on public deals like that without repercussion.

11:15 PM BBT: John tells Steve that he believes that everyone in the house wants to use the veto for their own reasons. Steve agrees and says that the only disagreement among everyone is who the replacement nominee would be, but Steve says he believes that they’ll be good either way. Steve tells John that they have to win HOH next week because this was the red flag that showed them that they can’t throw the competitions anymore.

12:20 AM BBT: James questions who would go up if John or Steve won veto. Meg tells him that it would probably be her.

12:30 AM BBT: Julia and Liz agree that they can’t let Steve or John win veto, but say that once those two are out, they will throw it. Liz tells her that Steve and John are working together. Julia agrees and says that they have to be split up. Austin joins them in the HOH room and Julia tells him that Steve and John are working together because she caught them in one of their meetings that they have every night, which is why John sleeps all day. Austin tells them that they have to keep the nominations the same to send John home because having to backdoor James, Meg, or Vanessa would be worst case scenario. Austin tells them that they’re screwed if John wins veto, but they have to act happy because he still trusts them. Austin tells them that it is ideal for John to go this week and for Steve to win the next HOH.

1:25 AM BBT: Liz tells Austin that Steve acts tough, but when it came down to it he just shrugged it off. Austin tells her that it’s because Steve knows that he needs them. Austin tells her that if Steve comes down, he can just put up a pawn and they’ll send John home. Liz tells Austin that this is another week for Vanessa. Liz explains that first she got out Becky, now he’s getting out John, the two people who were coming after her. Austin tells her that he can still backdoor Vanessa if she wants. Liz tells her that they’ll decide tomorrow.

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