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Big Brother 17: Day 64 Recap

James Hulling from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

James Huling from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

It’s eviction day in the Big Brother house, which means that another houseguest will be evicted and a new Head of Household will be crowned, ultimately setting the pace of the new week. As it stands, everyone’s target for next week if Vanessa, but that could completely change after tonight’s Head of Household competition!


9:35 AM BBT: Becky tells Austin, Liz, and Julia that she would love to stay in the house another week. Becky adds that she is after Vanessa and knows that Vanessa is after her, while who knows who Vanessa would go after with her out of the house. Becky tells them that apparent that she isn’t a well-rounded player like some think as she hasn’t done a good job trying to get herself off the block like John has. Becky asks Austwins if they know what they’re going to do. Liz tells her that it’s comforting to hear what she’s said. Julia asked who’s votes she has. Becky tells her that she’s hoping to count on the 3 of them. Austin tells Becky that it’s going to be a house decision and that they’re not going to go against what James and Meg want also. Austin added that John hasn’t campaigning against her, but has campaigned for himself in the sense of explaining to them that he doesn’t have a group anymore. Becky explains that her group was Jackie and John, neither of which would be in the house if she were to stay. Austin tells Becky that they’ll talk it over with James and Meg, then they’ll let her know of their decision.

9:50 AM BBT: Liz tells James and Meg that Becky made a plea to stay and that now they need to have a talk. Meg tells Austin that they’ll talk after the HOH lockdown later in the morning about what to do. Austin tells James and Meg that Vanessa is going to throw tonight’s HOH competition because she thinks everyone, including John, is on board with her after John made a fake deal with her last night. Austin reassures them that he talked with John afterwards and John said he was only telling Vanessa what she wanted to hear.

9:55 AM BBT: James and Meg agree that they’re both set on the plan to get Becky out. Meg tells James that the two of them will probably end up on the block if John were to win HOH. James agrees and tells her that is why they have to play to win tonight. James adds that people who are told are pawns go home often, tonight being an example, so they just can’t let that happen. James tells Meg that he’s concerned about Vanessa flipping votes if one of them were to be remained nominated with her on Thursday.

1:30 PM BBT: Liz asks Austin what they plan on telling Becky. Austin tells her that they have to speak with James and Meg first because they might think it be better for them to keep Becky. Liz tells her that they can’t keep Becky, and that Becky is the one who said she’d be healed in 48 hours, making her a valid threat. Liz adds that John is on their side now, so it would be stupid for them to get him out. Austin tells her that they’ll do whatever she wants because James and Meg don’t have the votes anyway. Austin tells her that they just have to be careful about how they talk to James and Meg about this because they can’t let those two get upset with them because James has a good chance of winning HOH tonight.

1:40 PM BBT: Steve tells Austin and Liz that Becky is now saying that she’s not with James and Meg anymore, and would now be on their side to help take out Vanessa, but adds that John would be on their side as well. Austin and Liz tell him that they’ve discussed it and they have the votes to keep John. Austin adds that they can control the votes next week if they end up nominated, as long as Vanessa is up there with them.

2:45 PM BBT: Austin tells James and Meg that an excuse they can give to Becky as to why they voted her out is because she might need to go to the hospital, which is something she’d be taken out of the game for anyway. Austin tells the two of them that Becky was throwing them under the bus earlier, saying that she’s not longer with them, but was really only with Jackie. James tells him that Becky has to go. Austin tells them that after talking to John last night, they’ll be able to control what he does if he wins HOH, as well as possibly throw the HOH to one of them if they want him to.

2:45 PM BBT: Julia tells Vanessa that the plan is still to evict Becky, and that they already have the votes between the two of them and Austin. Vanessa tells her that they’ll have Steve’s vote too.

3:15 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that they need to be on the same page and that she needs to know if they’re trying to win HOH or not. Austin tells her that he thinks it’s in their best interest to throw it tonight. Vanessa tells her that she agrees and says that it’s a risk they need to take. Austin tells her that nobody is in the position right now to screw them over, though next week could be a different story. Austin tells her that ideally John or Steve would win HOH. Vanessa tells her that Meg or James could too, and asks if they’d have a problem with nominating John. Austin tells her that they wouldn’t because they’re worried about him too. Vanessa tells him that means they should throw it because they won’t be the targets regardless of who wins.

8:00 PM BBT: Austin wins HOH

8:10 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that he didn’t throw it because he feared that Vanessa would get into James’ ear and blown up their games. Austin adds that they’ll make a deal with James and Meg that if Jackie comes back, she can’t target them. Austin tells her that he’ll tell Steve that he screwed up and made a deal with James and Meg during the comp that he wouldn’t nominate them, so he’s going to have to use Steve as a pawn.

8:10 PM BBT: John tells Steve that they’re good and they’ll likely take James out. Steve says it’ll be either James, Meg, or Vanessa. John tells Steve that he was told people were throwing it to him, so he didn’t run his fastest.

8:15 PM BBT: Meg and James tell Austin that if Jackie comes back, she wouldn’t be target any of them. Austin and Liz leave, leaving Meg and James alone. James tells Meg that Austin can’t play next week, so they have to keep him safe like he’s doing for them.

8:40 PM BBT: James tells Meg that it’s good that they lost this competition. James tells her that the only thing they have to worry about now is Austin going through with the plan to get out Vanessa. James adds that if Vanessa does somehow win veto or remains safe, they’ll just get her out next week. Meg asks if Austin is going to put up John and Steve. James tells her probably, but adds that Austin did say that they weren’t going up.

8:55 PM BBT: Steve tells John that he’s very happy with the deal they made with Austwins now. Steve adds that Vanessa likely isn’t going anywhere this week, though she might be a replacement nominee but that’s it.

9:50 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that she has a good idea that involves nominating James and Meg without getting any blood on his hands.

10:00 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz and Julia that he might want to target Vanessa this week. Julia tells him that he shouldn’t get her out this week because she could win the revival competition, and she’s also a vote for them. Austin tells them that he really likes James and Meg, so if it isn’t Vanessa they send home, it has to be John.

Vanessa joins their conversation and brings up how James didn’t give up during the HOH competition, which means that he didn’t full trust Austin. Vanessa begins explaining to Austin and the twins the plan of nominating James and Meg, then explaining to them that putting the two of them up is the only way to ensure that John goes home. Austin tells her that he likes that plan and adds that he didn’t like John’s speech tonight about them being dumb if they kept him in the house, which almost makes him think that John is a twist. Vanessa tells Austin that he can’t nominate Steve with James or Meg because then John wouldn’t throw the veto competition. Austin tells her that John has to go this week. Vanessa tells Austin that if he wants John gone, the only way to do that is to put him up with Steve because they’d take down each other with veto otherwise.

10:50 PM BBT: Austin tells James and Meg that John is going to be his main frontdoor target. Austin adds that Vanessa is already in his ear, trying to get him to do 5 million things that she wants done, including nominating the two of them to get John out. Austin tells the two of them that if John wins veto, Vanessa is going home. Austin tells them that he just hopes that if Jackie comes back, she’ll be on board with him and the twins. Meg tells him that she will be.

11:05 PM BBT: Julia tells Vanessa that hopefully John or Steve win veto so that they can put James up and send him home. Vanessa agrees and says that it might be better for them to take out James or Meg over John because if Jackie comes back, that is a trio.

11:20 PM BBT: Austin gets his HOH room.

11:50 PM BBT: Austin, Julia, and Liz tell James and Meg that Vanessa is already coming to them with half-cocked information that she’s been saving and withholding from them this entire time, involving John, Steve, and Shelli. Austin adds that Vanessa was trying to plant a seed of distrust in their heads about the two of them because she said that by James trying so hard, it was a sign that he didn’t trust him (Austin). Austin tells them that it depends on who wins veto as to Vanessa going up or not. Austin tells them that ideally, he wouldn’t put them up because he likes them more than anyone else in the house. Austin tells them that the safest thing to do is put up Steve and John, if one of those two win veto, Vanessa goes. Meg tells Austin that she doesn’t know why he’s so terrified of Vanessa. Meg adds that even if Vanessa does return from jury, they’d all have his back. Austin tells them that he hopes that they all remain close after someone from jury returns. Meg tells him that they want to go to the end with them. Austin tells Meg/James that it would be a huge meltdown if he backdoored Vanessa, which is something he might want to do for TV.

12:30 AM BBT: Julia tells Liz that she doesn’t know why Austin is so dead set on going to the end with Meg and James when James is so shady. Julia adds that she doesn’t want Vanessa taken out this week when there is people like James in the house. Julia tells her that getting rid of Vanessa is just not smart and says that she hopes Liz agrees. Liz says she does agree with her. Julia tells Liz that she is the only one who can talk sense into Austin about getting Vanessa out not being the right plan. Liz tells her that she thinks James was pissed that he didn’t win tonight because he was going to put one of them on the block. Liz adds that they need a final 5 with Steve.

12:45 AM BBT: Liz and Julia ask Austin if he noticed how quiet James was while upstairs. Austin tells her that James is always quiet. Liz tells him that he was quiet because he got called out about trying to win HOH so hard. Austin tells them that if they have a problem with James, he’ll backdoor him, but Austin adds that he doesn’t want to do that. Julia tells Austin that Meg and James didn’t mention Jackie when talking about returning jurors because they know if she comes back, they’re going to turn on them. Austin tells them that ideally it would be John who goes home this week because he is least likely to hold a grudge. Austin adds that they’ll be able to blame everything on Vanessa since nobody believes her. Julia adds that they need the upper hand if Jackie returns, which would be having Vanessa as a vote because they couldn’t count on Steve. Austin tells her that he trusts Steve 100%. Julia tells Austin that they have to get rid of James to get further in the game.

Austin tells them that he’ll either put up Steve and John or Meg and John. Julia tells him that it should be Steve and John. Austin tells them that they’re not backdooring James, that if John or Steve comes down, Vanessa is going up.

1:10 AM BBT: Austin tells Steve that Vanessa made them make the same deal with Meg and James that she made with him and John. Austin tells him that he could have thrown it, but didn’t because he worried about Steve’s safety and didn’t want to risk it. Steve asks if he’s being put up. Austin tells him that maybe as a pawn, but Austin adds that if he doesn’t want to go up, he doesn’t have to.

1:20 AM BBT: Vanessa joins Austin, Julia, Liz, and Steve in the HOH room. Vanessa tells Steve that either her or him is going to have to be the pawn this week. Vanessa adds that she’s willing to be the pawn this week if she has to because she trusts their group. Vanessa tells Steve that if he was nominated with John, James would throw the veto, which would leave him open as a backdoor target. Steve tells her that he doesn’t feel good about being a pawn.

1:30 AM BBT: Steve asks to speak with Austin alone for a bit. Austin tells Steve that Vanessa is good because she’s the one who orchestrated all of this. Austin tells him that he isn’t going to play Vanessa’s game, so if he doesn’t feel comfortable with being a pawn, they’ll figure something out. Steve tells him that it sounds like Vanessa wants to honor the deal with James and Meg, not their deal. Austin tells him that is exactly what it is. Steve asks who would James put up if he won HOH next week. Austin tells him that he believes Vanessa. Austin adds that James swore he wouldn’t put them up. Steve asks Austin if he even wanted the deal with James and Meg. Austin tells him he sorta did, but didn’t want it to supersede their deal.

Steve tells Austin that he doesn’t want to go up. Austin tells him that he could nominate John and Vanessa. Steve asks who he’d prefer to go home out of those two. Austin says Vanessa. Austin says they can give Vanessa their word that she is just a pawn and break it at the eviction ceremony so she has no time to do anything. Austin tells Steve that if he doesn’t want to go up, he’s going to have to tell Vanessa that, so that way Austin has cause to nominate her since she offered.

1:30 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Julia and Liz that Steve is pouting and refusing to go up because he doesn’t want to risk his buddy John. Vanessa tells them that everyone wants to protect John at all costs, which makes him think that there is something more to him. Vanessa tells them that the have-not room is a dentist room, so it could mean “We have-not a dentist”, meaning John is lying about being a dentist. Vanessa tells them that he family planned to send her signals in her HOH basket items, so she got a Shell for Shelli, but there was also a clownfish sticker on the shell that didn’t make sense, thought not it does because it could mean that John is a clown outside the house, not a dentist.  Vanessa says maybe they shouldn’t get out John because they can control him, but they can’t control James. Julia tells them that Steve is proving he’s not a team player. Vanessa says Steve has never been a team player.

1:50 AM BBT: Austin tells Liz that they’re going to put up John with Vanessa. Liz tells him that Vanessa is already sketched out by him, questioning if he’s going to backdoor her. Austin tells her that he isn’t going to backdoor her, he’s going to frontdoor her. Steve reassures both Austin and Liz that if John won HOH, he wouldn’t go after them because he’ll be loyal to the only alliance he’s made all summer. Steve asks why Vanessa is so vocal about going back on the deal they made two nights ago. Austin says it’s because she made the same one with James and Meg. Austin says if they put Vanessa up outright, they can let her think she’s the pawn, that way she’ll stay somewhat calm all week, unlike if they were to put her up as the replacement nominee because then she’d know she was the main target.

2:05 AM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that Steve doesn’t want to go up as a pawn and is willing to do whatever they want, including voting out John. Vanessa tells Steve that nobody wants to go up as a pawn, but he has to think about how bad it will look if Austin were to put her up because John would know he’s the target. Steve tells Vanessa that if he won veto, he’d use it on her over John. Vanessa tells him that would be terrible for his game, so they shouldn’t even put him in that situation. Vanessa tells Steve that she’s not comfortable with being the pawn because she doesn’t know if she can rely on his vote after he wasn’t willing to vote to keep her when she was nominated next to Shelli until the entire house was. Austin tells her that he trusts Steve. Steve tells her again that he doesn’t want to be the pawn. Vanessa tells him then it’s nearly impossible for them to work together.

Vanessa tells Austin that Meg should be willing to go up as a pawn because she hasn’t won anything. Vanessa tells Steve that it makes her scared that he’s scared about being a pawn because it shows a lack of trust. Vanessa asks Austin who James or Meg would go after more. Austin says Steve. Vanessa says then that is another reason to use Steve as the pawn because he’d be getting less blood on his hands by doing what they want also. Vanessa tells Steve that he’s silly to think he could go the entire season without being a pawn. Vanessa asks Austin for 3 minutes alone. Austin tells her that he’s done talking game right now.

2:30 AM BBT: Julia tells Austin and Liz that whoever John is saying he is, he isn’t because she just heard him screaming in the DR. Julia says that a respectable dentist wouldn’t act that way on TV, so that can’t be his true profession. Austin tells them that Vanessa lying about James throwing the BOB while nominated with Liz is enough to nominate her and to justify them blindsiding her when sending her out. Julia says no, that John needs to go after she heard him screaming in the DR, which as to mean that he’s a twist. Austin says John is just trying to put on a show. Julia says that he needs to give Vanessa the benefit of the doubt because she could have backdoored him but didn’t. Liz tells Julia that she entertained the idea and nearly did it. Liz adds that if Vanessa stays, she’s going to put Austin up, so Vanessa has to go.

Austin tells Julia and Liz that he could nominate Steve and John, then put on the top-hat and backdoor Vanessa. Julia says that Vanessa would never put them up. Austin asks how she knows that when Vanessa just now was lying to them more.

2:40 AM BBT: Julia asks Steve why John is screaming in the DR. Steve tells him that he screams in the DR too. Steve begins campaigning against Vanessa, saying that if she’s actually a number for them, why is she lying to their face. Austin says it’s because Vanessa isn’t really on their side. Austin tells Steve that if he can control John and make sure that he doesn’t come after them, he can stay over Vanessa. Steve tells him that he can do that. Steve asks if Vanessa is target 1 and John is target 2. Austin confirms. Liz asks who John’s target would be if Vanessa left this week. Steve says it would be Meg and James.

3:00 AM BBT: Julia tells Vanessa that Austin wants to talk with Meg to see if she’d be a pawn. Vanessa asks if she believes that Steve would vote to keep her over John. Julia says she doesn’t think he would. Vanessa tells her that she has no idea how much sleep she lost trying to keep Austin in the house, and he won’t even  give her 3 minutes to talk alone. Vanessa tells Julia that she hopes this isn’t the case, but says that Austin knows that she (Vanessa) would never go after the twins, but knows that Steve would, so he could be keeping Steve so safe so that he could do his dirty work later on in the game.

3:10 AM BBT: John asks Liz if the goal this week is to get out Vanessa. Liz confirms.

3:20 AM BBT: Julia tells Steve the he needs to avoid Vanessa at all costs right now. Julia explains that Vanessa is freaked out that Austin is going to put her up. Julia tells him that Vanessa said she didn’t want to give him a hug because that would be phony directly after an argument. Steve tells her that is what he always does after arguments, hugs the person.

3:30 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Julia that Steve should be the main target this week because he hasn’t done anything for their alliance. Vanessa adds that Austin not letting her talk to him alone is disrespectful, and not something an HOH can do.

4:05 AM BBT: Austin, Liz, and Steve fill in John about everything that has happened with Vanessa tonight. Austin tells him that Vanessa is refusing to be a pawn even though she offered to be one. Austin tells them that he’ll just put the top-hat on tomorrow and nominate Vanessa. Austin says he could nominate two pawns, regain Vanessa’s trust, but if given the chance, he’d backdoor Vanessa and there would be nothing she could do about it. Steve asks who his top choice to go home is. Austin says Vanessa. Liz questions who people would go after with Vanessa gone. Austin explains to her that they’re going to be targeted regardless. Austin says his reason to pick Vanessa being a pawn over Steve is that he knows she lied about her orchestrating James to throw the BOB while on the block with Liz. Austin tells John and Steve that as of right now, he’d nominate John with Vanessa. John says it’s a good idea because Vanessa would feel like she could campaign against him.

4:35 AM BBT: Austin asks Liz what she thinks about their plan. Liz tells her that this is going to be really bad, she doesn’t like where this is going, and says that she was hoping Steve would be open to being a pawn. Liz asks if he’s sure he wants to take Vanessa out this week. Austin tells her that he he has to. Liz tells Austin that it would be ideal to nominate John and Steve with the nominations staying the same, but says that he did open a can of worms with Vanessa. Liz tells Austin that if Vanessa wins HOH now, she’s going to put him on the block. Liz tells him that he should just put up John and Steve with the intention of keeping the nominations the same. After some kissing, Liz asks him what he thinks. Austin tells her that the easy thing would be for him to nominate Steve and John. Liz tells Austin that Steve is only thinking about himself. Austin tells her that they don’t have to get him on board. Austin tells Liz that Vanessa needs to go up as the backdoor target and be sent home.

4:35 AM BBT: Steve tells John about the Freaks & Geeks alliance.

4:55 AM BBT: Vanessa apologizes to Steve and says that he would subjected to redirected anger about Austin ever making a deal with James and Meg to begin with.

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