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Big Brother 17: Day 63 Recap

Meg Maley from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Meg Maley from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

We’re only one day away from eviction, which means we’ll likely see final pleas, as well as plans for next week as Austwins will soon have to make a decision on who they’ll actually be loyal to going into the new week.


1:00 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that they can tell Becky that John is making a really good argument to stay, so she’s going to need to campaign, along with possibly giving them dirt on John.

1:05 PM BBT: Becky returns from the DR. She got her big toe lanced to relieve the pressure. She’s in pretty bad pain as they weren’t able to give her pain medicine yet, but told Julia that conversation was making her feel better since she wasn’t just sulking in it.

2:15 PM BBT: Liz tells Austin that Becky’s toe is just another reason to send her to privacy since her infection might be contagious. Austin tells Liz that he believes Becky is milking it, not nearly in as much pain as she’s acting. Austin adds that it’s strategy and he hopes that Julia isn’t falling for it. Austin tells her that the reason they could give Becky as to why they flipped on her was because of her foot and they need her to compete well. Liz tells him that he doesn’t want to keep Becky. Austin tells her that they’ll choose whichever side they go to depending on who wins HOH next week.

Austin tells Liz and Julia that it would be good for James to win the next HOH so that if Jackie comes back the following week, he wouldn’t be able to play in the HOH that week. Liz tells Julia that everyone is feeling sorry for Becky, but says she doesn’t because Becky has $10000 to go fix her toe. Liz begins telling her that worst case scenario would be for Vanessa to win HOH next week because everyone will be telling her what they’ve been saying. Liz asks Austin if John would put up Meg and James instead of Vanessa. Austin tells her that John would put up Meg and James with the intention of backdooring Vanessa, though he adds that they’d be able to talk John out of wanting Vanessa out because John wants to do what is best for them. Austin tells her that it would be risky for them to get rid of Vanessa next week because she could come back.

11:10 PM BBT: Julia questions Liz as to why they’d take out Becky when she can’t compete. Liz tells her that Becky is still a threat and could recover in time for veto, so they have to take her out. Austin and Vanessa join the twins in the HOH room. Vanessa tells them that Becky can’t compete, so it might be best to keep her. Liz tells her that Becky would come after her, so she still wants her to be the one to go. Vanessa tells her that Becky can’t compete in a physical competition, and even if it was mental, Becky still wouldn’t win. Vanessa says then they can use Becky’s injury as leverage to get John to promise them safety since it would be stupid for them to get out someone who can’t compete for HOH. Julia agrees with the plan and says the reason they have to send Becky home is because John would go after James and Meg while Becky would go after two of them. Austin asks Vanessa if they even need to win this next HOH since everyone else would target each other and not them. Vanessa says she thinks they could just throw it and be safe.

11:45 PM BBT: Austin tells John that him, Julia, Liz, and Vanessa want to keep him safe, but they also want to make sure that they’re not front door or backdoor targets. John tells them that he’s down with that agreement because he likes staying in the house.

11:55 PM BBT: After Vanessa leaves the HOH room, Austin and Liz tell John that Vanessa orchestrated that entire meeting to get him to agree with that deal. Austin tells John and Steve that Vanessa said she’s going to throw the HOH competition, so they’re golden. Steve asks who Vanessa thinks James and Meg would put up. Austin says she thinks they’d put up the two of them, but even if they did, as long as Vanessa gets nominated, they’ll have the votes and they’ll both be safe.

12:05 AM BBT: Austin tells Liz and Julia that they’ll tell Meg and James that Vanessa made John make a deal where he’d have to target the two of them, but will say that they talked with John afterwards and explained that to them and now he’s still on board to get Vanessa out. Austin tells them that they can’t let James or Meg know that Steve was apart of that conversation. Liz tells them that Becky has to go. Austin says that she is. Julia tells them that she feels really good about John now.

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