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Big Brother 17: Day 62 Recap

Big Brother 17 Final 9 - Source: CBS

Big Brother 17 Final 9 – Source: CBS

It’s the unofficial weekly ‘beach day’ in the Big Brother house, which means houseguests spent most of the morning and evening outside together, thus also meaning no game talk until later in the afternoon and night. Although without question, things are bound to get more interesting later in the evening like they always do.


10:10 AM BBT: Meg tells James that all Becky does is talk game now even though there is nothing important left to talk about. James agrees and tells her that he’s glad Becky’s the one who’s going now.

11:50 AM BBT: Liz gets her HOH camera

5:00 PM BBT: After a conversation with Vanessa, Steve begins talking to himself and the viewers. Steve tells us that he liked how Vanessa thought he was joking about backdooring her when actually he was serious, though just not yet. Steve adds that he wants James out next so that way it would be Meg and Jackie, Meg and James, Meg and Becky, or Meg and Shelli, all depending on who comes back from jury. Steve finishes by saying that he doesn’t want to win the next HOH because he’s safe with Austwins, Vanessa, and John.

5:15 PM BBT: John tells Steve that for their game, they need to get Vanessa out next week because they can’t let them take out James or Meg. John adds that whichever person comes back from jury, hopefully they’ll go after Austwins. Steve agrees that breaking Austwins up needs to be done. Steve asks what each person returning would do. John tells him that Becky and Jackie would go after Austwins, while Shelli might rejoin Vanessa, which would be worst case scenario. John tells Steve that if he has to promise Vanessa he won’t nominate her in exchange for his vote, he’ll accept it but still nominate her anyway. Steve tells John that there might be a deal between Austwins, James, and Meg because they kept them safe this week. John tells Steve that the words “final 5” were never mentioned in their deal with Austwins, which is good because they’d have to turn on them before final 6.

John tells Steve that the pawn they put up against Vanessa might have to be one of them because the other side might see this as a good chance to take out someone from the other side. Steve tells John that Vanessa would be a good person to have in the house because she’d be the target of whoever returned from jury. John tells him that he doesn’t think so, that it’s about numbers now and the longer they leave Vanessa in the house, the better chance of them becoming the targets. John explains that right now Austwins say they want Vanessa out, but that might change if they realize that getting Vanessa out makes no sense for them. Steve questions if another Goblin returns to join James and Meg. John tells him that they’d be fine because it would be 3v3 and the two of them could just sit on the sidelines. Steve tells John that getting out Vanessa would be a big and awesome move.

7:35 PM BBT: Meg tells Liz that she caught Steve, John, and Vanessa talking, then afterwards she had a weird conversation with John and it didn’t sound like he was gunning after Vanessa at all.

11:35 PM BBT: James and Meg agree that John has to be a twist because he gets called in the DR so much. They say they’re onto him, they just don’t know what the twist is yet.

11:40 PM BBT: Julia tells Austin and Liz that Meg said she talked with John and it didn’t seem like Vanessa was his target. Julia asks what if John were to win HOH and take on of them out. Austin tells her that he wouldn’t do that. Julia asks if they’re 100% sure that John would go after Vanessa. Austin tells her that John would consult them and do what they want if he won HOH. Julia changes the subject and says that Becky is so annoying. Liz agrees and says that the dessert she made them was disgusting. Julia asks if Becky knows she’s going home. Austin tells her that she doesn’t. Austin says that Becky probably got her swollen toe on purpose. Liz agrees and says that Becky is a dirty player. Austin says that they’ll tell Becky that John has given them good points on why he should stay, so she needs to start campaigning, in hopes that she gives up information on John. Julia asks if they should take out Vanessa next week. Austin tells her that it depends on who wins HOH.

12:00 AM BBT: Meg tells Austwins that John is a question mark to her because he’s only told Austwins that he’s going after Vanessa and nobody else. Meg tells them that they just need to be careful with that they tell John because getting Vanessa out isn’t his focus. Meg tells Austwins about John saying they should vote to keep Becky. Austin tells her that he probably said that so that he could have a reason to target her and James. Austin says he originally wanted John out this week because he’s called to the DR so much, but that changed once John was adamant about getting Vanessa out. Austin adds that if John wins, they’ll be able to strong-arm him into doing what they want. Austin tells Meg that John hates Vanessa. Meg asks why he’s always hanging out with her then. Austin tells her that he’s following their plan on letting Vanessa feel good going into next week.

12:40 AM BBT: Becky tells John that if him and Steve aren’t connected to a side, they should wait to see who wins this next HOH to officially pick. John tells her that he doesn’t think that Steve is connected to Vanessa anymore, so whoever comes back from jury, they’re willing to secretly work with. John tells Becky that his plan for next week is to win HOH and get Vanessa out.

12:50 AM BBT: Austin asks Steve is John is on good terms with Vanessa again. Steve tells him that John is just trying to make Vanessa feel safe so that she throws the next HOH like they wanted.

1:00 AM BBT: Austin tells Liz that he thinks Steve is right about John only hanging out with Vanessa to make her feel safe. Austin tells Liz that the new expendable pawns are both John and Vanessa.

1:30 AM BBT: James tells Meg that he’s worried about Steve and John. Meg tells him that she doesn’t think Steve will turn on them again. James tells her that John could be saying he’ll nominate Vanessa but he could actually just throw one of them up. Meg tells him that she told Austwins that earlier. James tells her that someone from their group will be sitting on the block if John wins HOH, so they can’t let him win. James adds that Vanessa will be in John’s ear the entire time he is HOH.

2:30 AM BBT: John tells Becky that he has to keep Steve closer to him than before because he hasn’t been telling Steve as much information as he was telling her because he wasn’t loyal to his deal with Steve.

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