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Big Brother 17: Day 61 Recap

James Hulling from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

James Hulling from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

It’s veto ceremony day in the Big Brother house, which means the talks will heavily focus on both the outcome of that, as well as who they plan to actually take out on Thursday. We’ll also here more of next week’s plan, as well as Vanessa reintegrating herself back in with the Austwins because she no longer has to fear a backdoor this week.


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9:45 AM BBT: Wake up call

11:50 AM BBT: Liz decides to not use the veto

11:55 AM BBT: Austin, Liz, and Steve go over the veto meeting speeches. Austin tells Steve that Becky basically said that she’d be coming after Liz if she didn’t use the veto on her. Steve tells him that speeches don’t mean anything.

12:00 PM BBT: Becky tells John that neither Austin, nor Vanessa like her, so she’s not in a good spot. Becky adds that the whole 8 person group is what is screwing her over and she wasn’t even the one to initiate it. Becky asks John why Steve doesn’t like her. John tells her that he doesn’t think Steve dislikes her, it’s just that he’s nervous about the two of them being close.

12:10 PM BBT: Meg tells John that Becky’s speech did not help out in her favor. John tells Meg that he doesn’t want to campaign against Becky because she kept him safe. John adds that he thinks that they should keep Becky over him. Meg tells him to stop. John tells her that he just feels bad because Becky kept him safe last week. Meg tells John that she believes he’s going to be fine this week. John tells her that he’s just going to lay back.

12:30 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin, Julia, and Liz that they need to take John out next because if either Shelli or Becky reenter the game, they’d have John and whichever other 2 are left to make it 4 vs 4. Vanessa adds that if Jackie comes back, the other side won’t want to let her go, the same way that if Shelli came back, they wouldn’t want to let her go. Vanessa tells him that they aren’t going to want to take Meg to the end because all her friends will be in jury to vote for her. Vanessa tells him that if Meg makes final 4, everyone is going to take her to the end.

Vanessa asks Austin if he thinks that someone is going to take a shot at the twins soon. Austin tells her no because he’d be targeted before they would. Vanessa tells him that she doesn’t think so because targeting him would piss off 3 people while targeting the twins only pisses off 2. Vanessa asks if they should throw the next HOH. Austin tells her that he’s been thinking about it because they have deals with everyone. Austin tells her that if John or Steve win, they’d put up Meg and James while if Meg or James won it they’d put up John and Steve. Austin added that they’ll just wait to see who is left in the comp before they decide to throw it. Vanessa brings up the idea of making a deal with John, but getting dirt on him from Becky so that way when they need to get him out, they’ll have cause to break the deal.

12:45 PM BBT: Becky tells Meg that she doesn’t know if she’s a target or not. Meg tells her that she doesn’t think they have a target. Becky tells her that if she were to stay, she wouldn’t have anything against Austin and the twins.

1:30 PM BBT: Becky tells Austin and Liz that her strategy this week will be to convince everyone that she’s going to jury, that way they all don’t cause havoc by finding out that she’s actually just a pawn. Becky tells them that if she stays, they all know her target (Vanessa) isn’t even in question. Becky adds that she’s almost not as well rounded as people are saying because if the competition doesn’t involve running, she likely won’t do better than anyone else. Becky tells them that if she wins HOH, she’ll heavily incorporate them in her decision. Austin asks what she’d do if Vanessa won veto. Becky tells them that she knows what she would do, but they just need to know that it wouldn’t involve them.

1:40 PM BBT: Austin tells the twins that he loves how Becky just sells out James and Meg so quickly, as well as saying that Becky just floats back and forth. Austin tells them that the only reason they’re getting rid of Becky is because if Jackie were to come back, they’d be screwed.

Liz tells Julia that she doesn’t think it’s in her best interest to win the next HOH. Austin tells Julia that if it comes down to her and Vanessa, she should still try to win it. Julia begins campaigning to not target Vanessa, saying that she’s a number for them and someone they should keep until after someone returns from jury. Julia tells them that if she wins HOH, she can’t put up Vanessa. Liz and Austin tell Julia that Vanessa has to go next week because the longer she’s in the house, the more she’ll turn people against them. Julia says she can’t turn people against them because everyone already knows that Vanessa is crazy.

1:55 PM BBT: Liz tells Austin that Julia doesn’t do anything and it’s frustrating because now she’s (Liz) going to be seen as the more threatening twin. Austin tells her that Julia is going to make it to the finals but won’t win because she hasn’t done anything.

3:25 PM BBT: Julia tells Liz that she has a gut feeling that Vanessa wouldn’t nominate them, so they should keep her around as a number.

4:00 PM BBT: Austin tells Steve that Vanessa is a good shield for them barbecue as long as she is in the house, she’ll always be targeted them. Austin tells Steve that Vanessa has been saying that he’s going to be like Ian Terry and turn on his alliance to form Quack Pack. Austin tells him that Meg and James’ two target are him and Steve, so if they put him up there, they have to vote to keep him safe. Austin brings up the idea to making a final 5 alliance between them two, John, and the twins. Steve says they should wait until Becky leaves.

Austin and Steve both agree that Becky needs to be the one out this week. Steve asks Austin if he knows that the twins wouldn’t take him to the final 2 over each other. Austin tells him that he knows, that he cares so much for Liz that he’d be happy to let them get final 2 while he takes third. Austin tells Steve that he wouldn’t necessarily take the twins over him to the final 2 if he won the final HOH.

5:20 PM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that he’s willing to do her idea of placing stakes on winnings. Austin tells her that he’s willing to stake half his winnings. Vanessa tells him that she can make him so much money with half his winnings. Vanessa changes the subject back to game and says that Steve will become a king if they give us enough times. Austin tells her that he knows and that Steve is only a couple weeks away from that. Vanessa tells him that Steve doesn’t want to lose John. Austin says that’s his main guy, but it’s also his shield. Vanessa tells Austin that they can get John to promise them safety for their vote, so that way he can’t put them up but they can put him up.

Vanessa asks him if he believes that James and Meg are good for their word when they say they’re good. Austin tells her that until someone from their team returns from jury, yes. Vanessa questions if they’re stupid to risk letting Jackie come back into the game and her, James, and Meg become a trio again. Austin tells her that Steve will go after Meg and James to stop them from becoming a trio again with Jackie.

5:40 PM BBT: Liz tells Julia that the worst person to come back from jury for the two of them would be Becky, Shelli wouldn’t matter, and Jackie would be someone they’d send right back out. Julia tells Liz that someone needs to take out James because he’s so good. Julia tells her that the only reason she wants to keep Meg and James safe is so that someone other than them can take out Steve. Julia adds that the only person she doesn’t care for is John, she likes everyone else.

5:50 PM BBT: Austin joins Liz and Julia to tell them about his conversation with Vanessa. Julia asks Austin after his talk with Vanessa, wouldn’t it confirm that she wouldn’t put him up. Austin tells her that he doesn’t think she would. Julia tells them that it would be stupid for them to win HOH and put up Vanessa, so they need to wait until two weeks from now and just get John out next week. Julia tells Austin that he needs to become the new Clay in John’s life. Julia asks who Meg and James would go after. Austin says they’d have to go after John and Steve, then backdoor Vanessa. Austin explains that James and Meg have no choice but to work with them until final 5, or at least until someone from their team returns.

Austin tells Liz and Julia about Vanessa’s idea of placing stakes on winnings. Austin tells them that Vanessa has likely won millions playing poker. Julia tells him that Vanessa only drives a Wrangler. Austin explains to her that Vanessa only says she drives a Wrangler, that doesn’t mean that she actually does. Austin tells them that Vanessa is not playing for the money, that gamblers are dangerous because they’ll do anything to win.

6:15 PM BBT: James asks Austin what the plan for Thursday is. Austin tells him that they’re planning on evicting Becky, unless she reveals something huge about John. Austin tells James and Meg about Vanessa saying that Julia should win HOH because she could come after the two of them. Austin tells Meg that she is Vanessa’s biggest question mark as to not knowing where her head is. James asks who would the ideal HOH be next week. Austin tells him that Vanessa would go crazy on him, but he’s still willing to be the one to backdoor her. Austin tells Meg and James that Becky said her target was Vanessa, but said she wouldn’t nominate him or the twins if Vanessa won veto, which means she’d put up one of them two.  Austin finishes by telling them that they’ve positioned themselves perfectly as long as they have a mutual target.

7:20 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Steve that John needs to ask for votes because he can’t just assume he has them, as Becky will be campaigning hard to stay. Vanessa asks Steve what his talk with Becky was about last night. Steve tells her that it was about her job at Abercrombie. Vanessa tells him that she thinks that is just a cover job and she’s actually a professional soccer player because of how fit and nice her body is. Steve tells Vanessa that next week is going to be obvious as to what happens. Vanessa asks if James is the obvious. Steve nods.

9:00 PM BBT: John asks if Steve thinks he should win HOH. Steve tells him that he thinks it would be a good idea, though he says that he doesn’t think they’re in as dire of a situation as he thinks because nobody trusts Vanessa. John tells Steve that if they get out Vanessa, it’ll be them two, Austwins, and James/Meg, which would leave the two of them being more threatening than James and Meg. Steve asks if he still thinks that taking out Vanessa is the right move. John says he does. Steve says they should buddy up with someone. John suggests Austin, Steve agrees. John explains that if they join Austwins, they’re the smaller threat in the group while if they joined James and Meg, they’d be the bigger targets in that group. Steve says if they make it to final 5 with Austwins, it would be 3vs2. John tells him that he doesn’t actually plan on making it to final 5 with that group intact.

Steve tells John that if they keep Vanessa, they’re leaving a bigger target in the game that would be targeted before the two of them. John tells him that he still thinks they should get her out. Steve asks if he doesn’t even think Vanessa is trustworthy enough to only be a shield. John confirms. Steve asks why Vanessa going would be best scenario. John tells him that he’s probably Vanessa’s biggest target. Steve asks who Vanessa is closest with. John tells him no one because, that he thinks it’s all over and that’s why Vanessa freaked out yesterday evening. John tells Steve that he thinks a final 5 with Austwins is a better idea than a final 4 with Meg and James because they’d be the top 2 targets if they joined Meg/James. John tells him that they should just think about it for a day.

1:30 AM BBT: John tells Steve that he’s been thinking about it and making a deal with Austwins is best for their games. Steve asks him if he prefers making a final 6 with Vanessa, or just the final 5 with Austwins. John tells him just the final 5. John tells Steve that if he wins HOH, he’ll put up the Goblins, then backdoor Vanessa.

1:40 AM BBT: Steve asks Liz and Julia if they still want to replace Vanessa in Freaks & Geeks with John. Both say they do. Steve tells them that they should solidify their alliance with John tonight.

1:45 AM BBT: Julia tells John that she’s going to vote to keep him, so he has nothing to worry. Julia adds that they’d also like to work with him moving forward. Julia begins going over the reasons why they want Vanessa out. Liz tells John that they can’t be the ones to get Vanessa out because they’re too close with her. Julia tells him that they’ll all throw the HOH to him if possible so that he can take out Vanessa. Steve interjects and asks if it’s such a good idea to send Vanessa home because someone from jury comes back. John tells him that Vanessa won’t win the revival. Julia tells John that she feels the most betrayed by Vanessa, so that’s why she wants her gone next week.

2:17 AM BBT: Steve tells John that next week is just the wrong week to go after Vanessa.

2:18 AM BBT: Steve begins talking to himself and the cameras. He says that John thinks they have a final 2 and it’s so cute. Steve added that he just couldn’t be out John with jury votes.

2:20 AM BBT: Austin tells Julia that it would be a huge move for her to win HOH and take out Vanessa because the jury would love her for it and would likely gain her enough credibility to likely win the game.

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