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Big Brother 17: Day 58 Recap

Liz and Austin from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Liz and Austin from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

It’s nomination day in the Big Brother house, which means we’re bound to here hours of important game talk. We’ll likely here more about Austwins growing distrust in Vanessa, as well as finding out if they’re going to stick with the plan to keep Becky so that she targets Vanessa for them.


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11:10 AM BBT: John asks Liz if he is put up, could she not put him up as a have-not. John tells her that if she doesn’t make him one, he’s willing to be a have-not for the rest of the time he’s in the house starting next week.

11:45 AM BBT: Austin and Liz discuss keeping Becky so that she can go after Vanessa. They both agree that they’ll tell both John and Becky that they’re pawns. Liz tells Austin that Vanessa is weaseling her way into everything. Austin tells her that it’s best Vanessa thinks she can run everyone’s HOH.

Liz says that she’d still be scared of Becky staying in the house. Austin tells her that they have the option to flip votes if they want, but it’s a good idea because Becky wouldn’t be gunning for them next week, along with Vanessa not being able to throw the next HOH competition because she’ll want to get Becky out. Austin tells Liz not to be sketched out by their new final 5 because he really trusts Meg a lot. Austin tells her that another reason for them to get rid of John is that Shelli would align with him if he were to return.

12:00 PM BBT:  Vanessa tells Austin and Liz that it’s risky if they make a deal with John and he tells Becky who ends up telling James and Meg, because they’d realize that they’re playing both sides. Austin tells her that they don’t need to make that deal, that they just need to let John know that they have the votes to keep him. Vanessa suggests to them that if John somehow comes off, they can tell James that he’s just a pawn and then they’d have the option to flip votes or not.

12:35 PM BBT: Liz chooses Vanessa, Steve, and John as have-nots.

12:45 PM BBT: Austin tells Becky that the things she told them last night changed a lot of things where as she was possibly going to be a target before. Austin tells Becky that they need to know if James, Jackie, and Meg planned to honor their deal and was serious about it. Becky tells them that they truly were because they were all about getting Vanessa out second after Shelli. Austin asks if they can count on her not to go back to John and tell them what they talked about. Becky tells them that her lips are sealed.

Austin tells Becky that if they were to go after her, they’d be doing someone else’s job, but they’d also be doing someone else’s job by getting out Vanessa. Becky gives them her word that they won’t ever touch her block if she’s the HOH. Becky adds that if they put her up, she’ll probably end up going home regardless because Vanessa is good. Austin tells her that Vanessa isn’t controlling them anymore, that they’re onto Vanessa now. Liz tells her that they’ve been distancing themselves from Vanessa after what she told them last night.

1:00 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that they’ll watch how Becky acts when she’s the pawn. He adds that if she isn’t cool with it, they’ll just vote her out. Liz says that Becky can’t get mad because they’ve never worked with each other until now. Liz tells Austin that she’s worried that if they leave Becky in the game, she’ll come after her. Austin tells her that she’d go after Vanessa and use Steve as a pawn. Austin tells Liz that they’ll let Becky think she’s their 6th and Vanessa think the same, then they’ll just let each other battle it out. Austin tells her that Vanessa could be their backdoor option this week if she freaks out because he can see Vanessa pulling an Audrey this week. Austin tells her that he’ll be happy if Meg or James win the next HOH so that they can put up Vanessa and Steve.

1:10 PM BBT: John tells Vanessa that he heard of the 8 person deal from her. Vanessa tells him that she didn’t say anything to him about any deal until it was already known. Vanessa tells John that the two of them have never discussed an 8 person deal prior to yesterday. Vanessa tells him that she didn’t even discuss the deal with Shelli until 48 hours ago and Shelli was made at her for not telling her. John tells Vanessa that she was worried the other 7 weren’t going to keep their end of the deal, so she told Clay and Shelli. Vanessa say that was a different 8 person group. Vanessa tells him that he needs to be careful what he says next unless he knows for a fact of what she said because if he is taking something out of context, that’s on him, not her. Vanessa tells him that to imply he heard it from her isn’t cool because he didn’t.

1:15 PM BBT: Austin and Liz tell James and Meg that they’ve been super sketched out by Vanessa ever since what Becky told them last night. Austin tells them that Becky admitted to them that James was supposed to throw the BOB while on the block with Liz, but say they don’t blame James for it because he was told to do it by Vanessa. Austin tells them that they can’t go after Vanessa this week, but says it would be dumb for them to go after Becky as well. Austin tells them about the idea of letting both Vanessa and Becky think they’re the 6th in their alliance, then letting the two of them battle it out.

Liz tells Meg and James that she wants Becky to stay, then they’d just get out someone like John this week who has done really well in competitions. Meg tells them that their idea to keep Becky in the house to target Vanessa is a good idea. Austin tells them that Vanessa is the second-coming of Audrey now.

1:28 PM BBT: Vanessa corners Steve in the lounge and asks him if John heard the 8 person deal from Becky. Steve tells her that both him and John learned of it from Becky. Vanessa tells him that John is trying to lie and say that she told him, which means that he’s either stupid or a manipulator

1:30 PM BBT: Vanessa tells John that Steve just told her that Becky was the one who told him about the 8 person deal. John tells her that he heard the conversation between Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa, and it was very similar. John tells her that he didn’t even say she told him in front of anyone. Vanessa says that he said it in front of Steve. John asks if she’s saying she doesn’t trust Steve now.

Vanessa tells John that she wants to help him, but she doesn’t know where his loyalties are. Vanessa tells him that they’re in similar spots because they’re both not in groups that they feel has unity. Vanessa swears on her mother that she didn’t tell Shelli or Clay about the 8 person deal. John tells her that he never heard anything negative about her from James or Clay. John tells Vanessa that he felt like he was being bullied at the time of that argument to throw one of those two people under the bus. Vanessa tells him that bullying is a really strong word and that she can’t imagine someone as evolved as him can’t see it from her perspective. Vanessa tells him that if she blames him for the Clay and James incident, that’s unfair. John tells her that she was the one who brought it up. John adds that he doesn’t like when she cries and yells at people. Vanessa tells him that she’s sorry he feels that way and then she walks out of the room.

1:40 PM BBT: Liz tells Becky that everything she told them about Vanessa hit them hard and make them start to question Vanessa. Liz tells her that she doesn’t want to blindside her, so she might be put up as a pawn. Austin tells her that they have the votes to keep her and get out the person who she is next to, which will likely be a floater. Becky asks if Vanessa will be the main target this week. Austin tells her not necessarily, that they’re going to see how she reacts to everything this week because this would be about the time she might implode.

3:00 PM BBT: Liz nominates Becky and John

3:05 PM BBT: Austin tells Julia and Liz that John has to go this week because he’s gone crazy and could kill them. Liz tells them that John is her number 1 target.

3:15 PM BBT: Liz tells Julia that Austin is perfect because he’s doing all of her dirty work, taking blame for the decisions, and getting the blood on his hands. Juila tells Liz that she doesn’t want Austin influencing her HOH because she knows that last night when Austin was pushing for John to go, it was because John was after him, not them. Liz tells her that she won’t, that he better not come into the room thinking he has entitlement because hasn’t won anything. Julia tells her to play up the fact she likes him so that Austin thinks she’ll take him to final 2 over her.

Liz and Julia agree that John has to go because he’s crazy and they don’t like him. Julia brings up Vanessa and says that she was her advocate, but now knows that she was wrong and that Vanessa can’t be trusted. Julia adds that she doesn’t think that Vanessa will make it far in the game because shes’ like Audrey. Liz tells Julia that she needs to smooth things over with John because as of now, he wouldn’t even go after them, he’d go after Austin and Vanessa. Julia asks her what they do about Vanessa. Liz says that somebody else needs to be the one to take her out.

3:40 PM BBT: Vanessa joins Julia, Liz, and Austin in the HOH room to tell them about his conversation with John. Vanessa says that John was saying she was bullying him, when actually they’re both victims. Vanessa adds that she was trying to befriend John and be nice to him, but he wasn’t having any of it. Julia says that John didn’t have the balls to say Clay was the one who did it, so he embarrassed himself.

Vanessa tells them that she’s uncomfortable with John in the house because she doesn’t want him to attack her while she sleeps. Vanessa adds that she thinks John has a mood disorder and can be threatening. Steve joins the conversation and tells them that John thinks that if he doesn’t win the veto, he’s going home. Vanessa tells him that she told John he has the votes, so she doesn’t know why John thinks she’s lying. Liz tells them that she doesn’t know who to put up if John or Becky win veto because she doesn’t want any blood on her hands, so they shouldn’t use it. Steve tells them that right now John is a question mark, but they should turn that into something positive for them.

4:10 PM BBT: John asks Meg if Vanessa is upstairs spinning things against him. Meg tells him that she’s up there, but she’s been seen through a lot, so it’s unlikely they’ll believe her. Meg tells John that Austin and the twins have started questioning Vanessa after they learned about a few things they’ve done in the past. John tells Meg that Vanessa told him that the two of them need to work together. Meg tells him that it would help his game to throw her under the bus. John tells her that his only worry is Vanessa and Austin being closely connected. Meg tells him that Austin cares more about the twins than Vanessa. Meg asks why Vanessa has it out for him. John tells her that Vanessa knows that he knows he caught her in a lie.

4:30 PM BBT: Meg tells James about her conversation with John. Meg adds that Vanessa is the crazy one. James agrees and says that he’s ready to blow up on her, tell her that she’s a weasel, snake, and a liar.

4:35 PM BBT: Meg tells Liz that John isn’t worried about her or Julia at all, he’s just worried about a connection between Austin and Vanessa.

4:45 PM BBT: Meg tells Austin that she talked with John in the have-not room and he seems fine. Meg tells him that John said he caught Vanessa in a huge lie. Austin says it’s about the fact that Vanessa actually did leak the 8 person deal to Clay and Shelli. Meg tells him that people are saying John’s going crazy, but the conversation she had with him was normal. Meg finishes by letting Austin know that she doesn’t have to worry about him.

4:55 PM BBT: Liz tells Austin and Julia that she’s nearly done with Vanessa and says that she needs to go soon. Liz adds that she trusts James and Meg way more than she trusts Vanessa. Austin tells the twins that they have to stop Steve from smoothing things over between John and Vanessa. Austin tells the twins about John catching Vanessa in a huge lie about leaking the 8 person deal. Austin adds that was the reason why Vanesa was up there trying to cover her tracks. Austin tells them that Meg said they don’t have to worry about John because he’s going after Vanessa. Julia tells Austin that she wants to keep John over Becky if he’s going after Vanessa too. Austin tells them that once they get out whoever remains from John or Becky next week, they’ll target Vanessa.

5:25 PM BBT: Austin tells John that a lot of weird things have been happening with Vanessa in the last few weeks and they’re starting to catch on. Austin tells him that he trusts him because he talked openly about the twins earlier in the game and he kept it to himself. Austin tells John that they’re in too deep with Vanessa and don’t know how to get out of it. John tells them that Vanessa said she was pulled into the 8 person deal. Austin tells him that is a lie because she created it. John tells Austin and Liz that the fight between Clay and James started because he told Clay that he didn’t trust Vanessa, he told James, who then said something to Vanessa about it. John tells them that Vanessa knows the real reason now. Austin tells him that Vanessa still acts like she doesn’t know the actual reason.

Austin and Liz tell John that they’ve heard a lot about Vanessa this week and it’s shocking. Austin tells John that they don’t want him to go home at all. John tells them that he’s been after Vanessa this entire time, he just didn’t tell anyone because he thought the two of them were close. Liz tells John that he’s not the only one revealed stuff about Vanessa this week. Austin tells him that he’s been wanting to work with him since week 1, so now they’ll possibly be able to moving forward. John tells Austin that he’s willing to make a deal that he’d put up either Meg or James with Vanessa if he wins HOH, he’s willing to do that. Austin says that is a great deal. Austin tells John that it might be a house decision next week where everyone vows to get Vanessa out because every single person now has a reason.

6:10 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that they can’t be the ones to take out Vanessa because when Shelli took out Audrey, it ruined her game. Austin tells her that the entire house will go after Vanessa next week which is perfect. Austin tells Liz that Vanessa painted this picture of some psycho out to hurt her because she knew that John would tell them the truth. Austin says that unfortunately Becky will have to bite the dust this week unless she wins veto, and if she does win it, John will have to bite the dust.

7:50 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin and the twins if Meg and James have anything against her. Austin tells her that he doesn’t think so, that he thinks that they’re all good with one another. Vanessa tells them that it’s best for them to go far with Meg and James instead of John and James because they’d have an easier time beating James and Meg. Vanessa tells Liz that the best target for the week if Becky because it splits up her and John, as well as makes it so Steve has to be more loyal to them.

8:00 PM BBT: John tells Becky not to pick James, Meg, or Vanessa for houseguest’s choice. Becky tells her that Meg doesn’t win anything, which would give her a 1/5 shot at winning the veto, so Becky says that she’ll likely pick Meg. John tells her regardless of which of them goes, if the revival competition is endurance, either has a good shot at winning.

8:05 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that everything is going perfectly because everyone wants Vanessa out next. Liz tells him that he wants her out so bad. Liz adds that what Vanessa just tried to pull by coming up there with them as so awkward and uncomfortable. Austin leaves, leaving the twins alone. Liz tells Julia that she needs to minimize her conversations with Vanessa because it’s not like they owe her anything. Liz tells her sister that whenever Vanessa asks them anything, they don’t give her the real answer, they’ll just give her a random one to keep Vanessa off their back. Liz tells Julia that she’s not going to be the one to get Vanessa out, but someone better do it. Liz tells Julia about her and Austin’s conversation with John. Julia asks if Austin wants to keep John now. Liz tells her that they both do because John is going after Vanessa as well and he’s less of a threat to them than Becky is. Liz explains that Becky would go after them, while John would go after Austin, which she’s okay with.

8:10 PM BBT: Austin tells James and Meg that they need to make Vanessa feel so comfortable that she throws the next HOH competition. James asks what he needs to do when going about Vanessa this week. Austin tells them that him and the twins don’t plan on talking with Vanessa at all other than when she comes to them. Austin tells James and Meg that the only person not on board with the plan to get Vanessa out next is Steve and that’s because he doesn’t know about it.

11:45 PM BBT: Austin tells Meg about his conversation with John and tells her that it’s been confirmed that Vanessa was the one who leaked their 8 person deal to Clay and Shelli because John walked in on her doing so. Meg tells Austwins that she believes it was Vanessa who also planted the seeds in Steve’s head that he couldn’t trust Jackie or James, so he put up Jackie and left James as the backup option. Austin tells them that Vanessa will likely throw the next HOH because by the end of the week, she’ll have deals with everyone. Julia tells them that Vanessa is public enemy number 1 and needs to be the person taken out next week. Julia asks what they’d do if Vanessa came back into the game from winning the revival competition. Meg tells her that they’ll just send her right back out.

1:05 AM BBT: Meg tells James that she’s already accepted the fact that she’s going up as a pawn if the veto is used. James tells her that if he wins it, he plans to keep the nominations the same.

1:35 AM BBT: Steve tells John that they still need to play nice with Vanessa because she has power and he’s on the block. Steve tells him that his attitude is what has been scaring people. Steve adds that he hasn’t been himself since Clay and Shelli left. Steve tells John that he isn’t at risk this week because he has Steve, Austin, and Julia backing him. Steve tells John not to pick him with houseguest’s choice because it would risk the two of them going up as a pair.

1:40 AM BBT: Austin and Liz tell Steve that they want the nominations to stay the same. Austin begins filling in Steve on everything that has been uncovered about Vanessa, including the lie that John caught her in about telling Clay and Shelli about the 8 person deal. Liz asks Steve who it was who told him about the deal. Steve tells them that it was Becky and says that John also told him that Becky was the one to tell him too, but that John did walk in on Vanessa telling Clay and Shelli, but only had it confirmed by Becky.

Steve asks if they’re going to backdoor Vanessa this week. Austin tells them that it would be a terrible idea for them to be the ones to get her out because of all the dirt she has on them, so they have to let someone else do it next week. Steve questions how Meg and James aren’t mad at him. Austin tells him that everyone is focused on Vanessa. Austin explains to him that Vanessa has become the new Audrey. Steve asks how he could use John to help them. Austin tells him that they could bring in John to replace Vanessa in their alliance. Steve tells John that he shouldn’t have John pick him with houseguest’s choice because he wouldn’t want to use it. Liz tells him to tell John to pick Julia because she hasn’t played in a veto yet. Steve asks if he can tell John that he has his, Julia, and Austin’s vote no matter what. Austin tell him yes, as long as Becky doesn’t find out. Steve tells them that Becky knows she’s the target because she’s been talking about it all day.

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