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Big Brother 17: Day 56 Recap

John McGuire from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

John McGuire from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

It’s going to be another important day in the Big Brother house today as we’re only one day away from the eviction. Today will be full of campaigns, pleas, arguments, and final decisions. We’ll also see alliances likely turn on each other, along with possible new side alliances and deals forming! We’ll also get to see Becky’s campaigning to try and get the plan back on track.


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9:50 AM BBT: Becky tells John that she learned last night that Jackie, James, and Meg want to send Shelli home first, then send Vanessa home second. John tells her that if Vanessa makes it through the first eviction, he’s going to be nominated. Becky tells him that she really wants Vanessa gone, so she’s hoping that Shelli gives a very convincing argument. John asks if there is anything he could say to change their minds. Becky tells him that he couldn’t, that he’s made every argument that she can to them and they’re still set on sending Shelli home first. Becky tells John that nobody really knows where Austin and the twins stand, so in order to insure someone like Vanessa would go home during the double eviction, she’d have to go up with Liz.

11:25 AM BBT: Austin tells Liz that John is a weird dude and says that he’s never seen him sulk this much. Liz tells him that John got silent when they came outside, but he was whispering with Becky earlier.

11:35 AM BBT: Becky tells John that she wants Shelli here, but she can’t risk her game for her. John tells her that if Vanessa stays, she has a good shot at winning any type of quiz competition. Becky agrees and says that she tried pointing that out to Jackie, James, and Meg, but they didn’t seem to believe it. John asks how much pull does James actually have and says that she could say that this move only benefits James, not the group. Becky tells her that Meg is dead set on the new plan as well. Becky tells him that it’s in Shelli’s hands now because she’s going to have to sell her soul to them at this point to try and change things back around.

11:45 AM BBT: Vanessa tells John that there is a lot that he doesn’t know, and says that she’d love to explain it all to him if she stays because him and Steve will be her only allies. Vanessa tells him that she’s loyal to a fault and whenever someone tells her something, she never lets it out until that person breaks their word, which is what happened with Becky. Vanessa explained to John that Becky is a hypocrite because the only reason why Becky is still in the house is because of her (Vanessa) word, and now she used her word as the reason to nominate her (Vanessa).

12:00 PM BBT: Austin, Liz, and Julia discuss the idea of lying to Shelli to tell her she’s safe so that she calms down and doesn’t freak out. Julia tells them that she hasn’t seen anyone more fake than Becky, but the worst is John because she can’t stand him. Austin tells them that John isn’t smart enough to have the conversations that he needs to have with people to figure out why people are starting to get sketched out by him. Austin tells them that they’re screwed if John wins because he’s likely going to put up him and James just so he can watch the chaos.

12:05 PM BBT: Becky tells Jackie that Vanessa has the ability to put together a group to go after them, while Shelli doesn’t have the ability to properly lead anything. Becky adds that Vanessa is just telling them what they want to hear just like she did to her earlier this week about saying she’d be willing to vote Shelli out when they both know that isn’t true. Becky tells Jackie that if Vanessa stays, she’s going to be put on the block with Meg and she’ll be the one going home. Jackie tells her that Vanessa isn’t the only one that would target their group. Becky tells her that both Shelli and Vanessa would nominate them, but only Vanessa has the ability to put together a group to finish off the job. Becky tells her that Vanessa will lie to their face about going after Steve and John, because she’d actually be going after them.

Jackie tells Becky that this isn’t something they had been planning and hiding it from her. Jackie adds that this all happened at the last minute and it was something they couldn’t plan for. Jackie tells her that nobody will nominate Shelli again if they don’t get her out this week. Jackie tells Becky that she wants Vanessa out as much as she does, but says that she just doesn’t feel comfortable with Shelli still being in the house. Jackie tells her that it’s going to be harder for Vanessa to play now, so she’ll be going home next. Becky tells Jackie that if she (Becky) isn’t the one who is taken out next week, it’ll either be her or James.

1:25 PM BBT: Austin, Liz, Julia, and Jackie agree that it needs to be John who they get out before Steve. Jackie tells Austin and the twins that her, James, Meg, and Becky want Vanessa to be the one who is evicted after Shelli. Jackie tells them that she’d nominate John and Vanessa. Austin and the twins tell her that they’d nominate Steve and John. Austin tells Jackie that Vanessa would put up John and Becky, then they could just vote to keep Becky. Austin tells Jackie that he doesn’t think it’s a smart move to take out Vanessa during a double eviction when people like Steve and John are still in the house.

1:45 PM BBT: Shelli tells John that she knows that Vanessa is campaigning against her. John tells Shelli that if she does go home, it’ll be either him, Steve, or Vanessa that goes home next if one of them don’t win the HOH. Shelli tells him that she feels like people are lying to her. John asks if people are telling her that she’s safe. Shelli tells him that nobody is saying anything to her. Shelli asks him what made the plan change. John tells her that James isn’t going to be able to be convinced that she isn’t after him for getting Clay out. John tells Shelli that he’s heard Meg and James are scared of her.

John tells Shelli that Vanessa told him that Becky isn’t her target. Shelli tells him that Vanessa has been saying that she’s not going to target them because she’s going after Becky. Shelli tells him that her only change to stay lies with the Goblins, and they’re currently talking to Austin and the twins. John tells Shelli that Becky has lost all control and they now feel like there is a 100% chance she goes after James, while there is only a 99% chance that Vanessa would go after James. John tells Shelli that she’ll have to convince James and Meg that she’s going after Austin and the twins.

2:00 PM BBT: Shelli tells Jackie and Meg that she knows Vanessa can flip things around, along with her pointing everything towards Becky. Shelli tells them that Vanessa is with Austin and the twins no matter what, they will always have each other’s back regardless, meanwhile she’s all alone. Shelli tells them that she’s in need of people, so if they were to keep her, they’d have her allegiance. Shelli tells them that Austwins will never vote for them, they’ll always vote how Vanessa wants. Jackie asks her if Becky brought her any information in the past couple weeks. Shelli tells her that Becky let her and Clay know that they were going up. Shelli tells Jackie and Meg that she’s open to working with them, while Vanessa wouldn’t be. Meg tells Shelli that it’s terrifying that she could nominate her, Jackie, or James to ensure that one of them goes home. Shelli tells them that she’s tired of people being afraid of her when she’s not the scary one.

2:15 PM BBT: John joins the conversation between Shelli, Jackie, and Meg. John tells them that he is loyal and he has proven that with Jeff. Shelli tells them that they need to form something and speak with James about it. Shelli points out to them that nobody is going to take a shot at Austwins, they’ll only use them for numbers. Shelli tells them that he’s willing to nominate, or they could nominate him and put her on the block with him. Shelli tells them that Austin and the twins will be close with Vanessa for as long as they remain in the house. Shelli tells them that her and Clay were looked at as threats, but now there is a group that is twice as big, but isn’t ever talked about being broken up.

Jackie tells Shelli that James knows she’s going after him, while Vanessa has guaranteed him safety. Shelli tells her that Vanessa has guaranteed everyone safety.

2:45 PM BBT: Shelli tells James that she’s not scary and doesn’t want him to be afraid of her. Shelli tells him that she respected his game move of putting her up with Clay, that things ended up being taken personally later on in the week, but now she understands it all. Shelli tells him that Vanessa has 3 very strong people working for her, while she has none. James tells her that everyone is connected somehow. Meg tells Shelli that the only reason she’s nominated right now is because they feared that she’d come after them. Shelli tells them that if they were to keep her and she won HOH, it would be dumb of her to put them up.

2:50 PM BBT: Austin tells Steve that Vanessa is staying and that they should act like they’re going after each other because it takes the target off of both of them.

3:20 PM BBT: Meg and James tell Jackie that they have to worry about one of them being put up, not worry too much about Becky because Becky would throw them under the bus at any second if it benefited her. Meg tells them that personally she’d like to keep Shelli, but game-wise, keeping Vanessa leaves other targets in the house around them that would be targeted first. Meg tells them that they have a better chance at winning against Austin, Vanessa, and the twins compared to try and win against Shelli, Becky, Steve, and John. James agrees. Meg tells Jackie that there is way bigger risks involved when it comes to keeping Shelli over Vanessa.

3:30 PM BBT: Austin tells James, Jackie, and Meg that him and the twins are with the 3 of them now more than ever because they want to get through double eviction and work together more.

3:35 PM BBT: John tells Becky that Vanessa is telling James, Jackie, and Meg that she was bringing Clay and Shelli information when James was HOH. Becky tells her that she hates Vanessa and says that she should have never of gone after her.

3:35 PM BBT: John tells Steve that he’s confused and says that it’s Vanessa who is doing all of this. Steve tells him that he knows and adds that Vanessa has convinced the rest of the Goblins that she is going after Becky, not them.

3:40 PM BBT: Meg asks Becky what is going on. Becky tells her that she hates Vanessa and that she’s not going to talk to anybody anymore and hasn’t been this entire week. Becky tells them that Vanessa is going to do whatever she can to try and split them apart. Becky tells Meg that Vanessa has the ability to find a way to split people are apart. Meg tells her that Vanessa’s gave has already been busted, so nobody is going to be falling for her stuff because they’re not idiots.

Meg tells Becky that they have to think about the big picture and who they could beat. Becky questions if she’s talking about Liztin. Jackie and Meg both confirm that beating them would be the easiest. Becky admits to them that it’s personal with Vanessa because she is the one who manipulated her, but she also realizes that Shelli is a threat to them. Meg tells Becky that she needs to have a conversation with John because he’s freaking out, going around to everyone saying he needs a team.

4:00 PM BBT: John tells Shelli that he has one last move to try and make before the eviction, which is telling everyone what Vanessa has said after the 8 person meeting.

4:05 PM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that he had a good talk with Steve, so now the only person they have to worry about is John.

4:10 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that they have to keep their deal with James, Jackie, and Meg about not going after them during a double eviction, but they need to keep both Becky and Vanessa around so that they can fight it out during a full week. Austin tells her that Vanessa needs to chill because they can’t make moves against the people they just made a deal with during the double eviction.

4:25 PM BBT: Shelli tells Becky that nobody is willing to take a show at Austin and the twins, which will allow them to make it to the end with ease. Becky tells Shelli that Vanessa is telling people that she has been working with her and John, so now Jackie, James, and Meg no longer trust her. Shelli tells Becky that this is an eye-opener for her and that everything she’s been telling James, Jackie, and Meg has been genuine. Becky tells her that Vanessa will not win the game anymore because she has flipped everything that girl had inside out.

4:45 PM BBT: Austin tells Julia that they don’t want Vanessa to try and force them to do something that would alienate them from Jackie, James, and Meg.

5:25 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin and Julia that Steve is only voting to keep her because the house is. Vanessa adds that Steve is so disloyal and that hurts her feelings.

5:30 PM BBT: Steve tells Shelli that all she needs is John, James, Meg, and Jackie to vote for her and she’ll have enough to stay. Shelli tells Steve that it sounds like Vanessa is doing a good job at scaring him. Steve tells her that he only realized that his vote doesn’t mean anything because the Goblins will vote together. Steve tells her that James, Jackie, and Meg are thinking about flipping to keep Vanessa because Vanessa would be going after Becky, not them. Steve tells her that she needs to get it in their head that Vanessa is more dangerous than her.

5:55 PM BBT: While talking to the cameras, Steve tells us that he’s made up his mind and will be voting however James, Jackie, and Meg do.

7:00 PM BBT: Feeds return after being down for a little over an hour. Houseguests were shown clips of events that happened throughout the season. They had about 45 minutes to study everything for a potential memory competition tomorrow.

7:30 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that nobody is going to beat Steve in this competition because he’s like a computer who doesn’t forget anything. Austin tells her that the only person that he’s worried about is John, and this isn’t the type of competition that John would win, so they should be good.

7:55 PM BBT: Vanessa asks how things are looking. Jackie tells her that everything is looking good, that she might want to talk with Becky to ease her mind because Becky is starting to accept that she’s staying. Vanessa tells her that everything would be good with Becky if she told her it was only a game move, instead she said this move was personal.

8:25 PM BBT: Vanessa tells John that she was the last person pulled into the 8 person deal and she was only apart of it because Austwins included her in it. Vanessa tells him that she didn’t know the terms of the deal was to target him, otherwise she shouldn’t of accepted it. Vanessa tells him that she had to throw the last HOH competition because if she would have won it, she’d of had to break her word and that isn’t something she is willing to do. Vanessa tells John that she isn’t someone she’s coming after at all, and says that their final 9 deal still stands, along with being willing to extend that agreement.

Vanessa tells John that if she stays and gets passed the double eviction, she’s a creative thinker and has ideas to change the way that things are structured in the house. Vanessa tells him that he needs to think of ideas to change things in the house because there is no reason to accept the way things are currently organized. Vanessa tells John that he has the reputation of loyalty because he always stuck with his votes, so he should use that to his advantage and start making deals. John tells Vanessa that he’s in a crappy spot because of the 8 person deal. Vanessa swears to God that agreement is over and done with.

9:15 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Julia and Liz a fake version of her plea to John. She tells them that John came up to her and it was one of the worst campaigns of her life. Julia asks if she’s confident that she’s staying. Vanessa says that she’s not 100%, but she does think that she’s favored.

9:30 PM BBT: Vanessa asks the twins who would be their backdoor option if John or Steve were to win veto. Julia tells her that they’d put up Becky and send her home. Julia asks who Steve would put up. Liz tells her that Austin talked with Steve today and said that they’re good and wouldn’t put them up. Vanessa agrees and says that they have too much on Steve for him to try anything.

Vanessa asks who they think would be the most likely to go after the twins. Julia tells her James or Becky. Julia tells her that she’d prefer to get someone big out, not someone like Steve or John. Vanessa tells her that Becky is a good target. Vanessa tells them that it’s pointless to keep their word to James’ group during this double eviction. Liz says that  she doesn’t trust Jackie. Vanessa tells her that she’d be weakening Jackie by taking out Becky. Vanessa tells them that they have to win this HOH because it’s time for the good guys to win again.

11:25 PM BBT: Julia tells Vanessa that Becky wants to know what the votes are. Vanessa says that it’s none of her business. Vanessa tells her that she thinks Becky’s strategy is to bake everyone cookies and other food that is bad for you so that they don’t do good during the HOH competition. Julia tells Vanessa that if she wins HOH, she wants to put up James and Jackie. Julia adds that she wants to start branching out from Austin and Liz instead of just being seen as a trio without her own game. Vanessa tells her that if she stays, she’ll help her.

11:35 PM BBT: Becky tells Meg and Jackie that Austin and the twins are downstairs helping Vanessa study for the HOH competition even though they told them they need her to lose so that they can get her out next week. Becky tells them that it’s clear if Vanessa were to stay, she’ll link up with Austin and the twins. Meg tells her that Shelli would have people she’d link up with as well if she stayed.

12:20 AM BBT: James tells Vanessa that Steve said he wants to vote with the house. Vanessa tells him that is the definition of a floater.

12:30 AM BBT: Shelli tells John that Vanessa isn’t campaigning against her, she’s campaigning against Becky and it’s working. Shelli asks him if he thinks there is a shot of James coming around to get Vanessa out. John tells her that he doesn’t think so. John tells her that she would have to sell her soul for the entire game. Shelli tells him for Meg, Jackie, and Becky, it’s better to keep her over Vanessa.

Shelli tells John that every time her and John tried telling Vanessa that they feel good about him, Vanessa would say that she didn’t know about him and would try to push them away from trusting him. Shelli tells him that Vanessa is making stuff up and told Jackie, James, and Meg that they’re in an alliance with Becky.

12:35 AM BBT: Shelli asks if she has a shot at staying at all. Jackie tells her that she does. Shelli tells them that she’s aware of the new 8 person alliance between Jackie, James, Meg, Becky, Austin, Liz, Julia, and Vanessa. Meg tells her that isn’t an alliance. Shelli tells them that if they vote Vanessa out, they’re weakening Austin and the twins and gaining her and Becky as total allies. Meg says that she’s more scared of Steve and John than she is of Austin and the twins. Meg explains that it’ll be easier to get out Vanessa than it would be to get out Steve or John. Shelli explains to Meg that if she Vanessa stays and votes Becky out, it’s going to be the 3 of them vs the 4 of Vanessa’s group. Becky asks Shelli who she’d put up. Shelli tells her that she’d put up Austin and Steve or John and one of the twins. Shelli tells them that Vanessa has all nominated them, while she hasn’t. Shelli explains that she loves the twins, but it’s unlikely that they’re ever going to be nominated because they have Austin as the shield. Meg tells her that they know this.

Jackie tells Becky, Meg, and Shelli that she wants Vanessa out and that’s why she wants to win HOH so badly if Vanessa were to stay.

1:00 AM BBT: James joins the conversation. Shelli asks James where he stands. James tells her that it’s a group decision and he’s going to go with what they want. Shelli tells James that she wants to bury the hatchet with him and give him her word that she won’t go after them. Jackie and Meg tell Shelli about Vanessa being the one to put together the 8 person deal so that they could target the remaining Clelli member.

Shelli tells James that if she were to keep her, she’d be loyal to him. Shelli tells James that if he keeps Vanessa, she’s going to gun for Becky and Becky is going to be gone. Shelli tells James that Austin and the twins are weak with Vanessa because they won’t be able to win HOH without her. Shelli tells them that she doesn’t trust Austin’s side and they won’t be seeing her running over to be with them like Vanessa has.

1:20 AM BBT: Jackie tells James that she feels bad but Shelli has to go eventually, and if they kept her this time, she’d feel ever worse going after her a third time. Becky tells them that Shelli was right when she said that Vanessa, Austin, and Liz will put them on the block if they were to win HOH. Becky tells them that she believes Shelli when she says that she has no game because she couldn’t pair up with John and win. Becky explains that Shelli has been alone in bed while Austin and the twins have been helping Vanessa study. James asks if they should just keep Shelli one more week. Jackie says they could send her home second during the double eviction. Jackie tells them that they could use Shelli to take out Austin, then get her out.

James asks Jackie what she thinks. Jackie tells him that she wants Vanessa out so bad, so it really doesn’t matter which they choose to keep or send to jury. James tells her that if Shelli does stay, she could easily join together with other people. James adds that Vanessa is not well rounded in competitions like Shelli is. James tells her that if they were to flip votes, they’d have to explain their flip flopping to Austin and the twins.

1:30 AM BBT: Austin tells Meg that he knows for a fact that Vanessa will go after Becky and a floater, but after she might go after one of them. Austin tells her that Shelli hates James and the the only reason she wants to stay is to take him out. Liz tells Meg that Shelli talks about Clay all day, so she’s still going to be bitter towards James.

1:40 AM BBT: Steve tells Shelli that Vanessa will win HOH and put him and John up. Steve adds that he really wants to vote to keep her, but can’t be the one hinky vote because it’ll screw up his game. Shelli tells him that she understands and says that she wouldn’t ask for his vote unless she knew there was a chance.

1:40 AM BBT: Becky tells Jackie and James that Shelli would keep the four of them safe, while Vanessa wouldn’t. Jackie says that would only be if Shelli won. Becky tells her that they could take out Shelli if she didn’t win the HOH. James asks who would go up to ensure that Shelli goes home. Jackie tells him John would work. Jackie tells them that Meg is really adamant about keeping Shelli. Becky tells her that she’s adamant about keeping Vanessa. Becky tells them that it doesn’t feel right how hard Austin is campaigning for Vanessa. Jackie agrees and says it’s weird.

Jackie explains to James that if they were to take out Vanessa, Austin and the twins would still put up Shelli, meanwhile they wouldn’t put up Vanessa if she stayed. Becky tells them that Austin and the twins want Vanessa to stay because Austin needs her as an ally because the twins don’t think, making the two of them the planners for the four person group. Jackie asks James what he thinks. James tells her that he’s going to go with the group. Becky explains to them that she’s not only feeling not safe with Vanessa, but she’s also not feeling safe because of Austin and the twins now because they’re a group.

2:00 AM BBT: Becky tells Meg that if Vanessa wins double eviction HOH, one of them will be the one to go. Becky explains that if Vanessa stays, they’ll be the ones going after her because Austin and the twins are working with her, so they’d never go against her. Jackie tells Meg that if they kept Shelli, Austin and the twins would definitely put her up, guaranteeing that Shelli ends up on the block again if one of their six win HOH. Meg tells them that Vanessa is easy to take out, but Shelli scares her. Becky reiterates Jackie’s point of it being a 6vs1 if Shelli stays, but it’ll only be a 5vs1 if Vanessa stays. Jackie tells them that they’re gold if they can get Steve and John to nominate Vanessa.

2:05 AM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that Jackie is questioning her, but James and Meg aren’t. Vanessa wonders why because she says she hasn’t lied. Vanessa tells Austin and the twins that Shelli has to be saying she will go after the three of them. Vanessa says that she can offer Meg the ability to pick her second nomination if she were to win HOH. Vanessa begins giving Julia information that she can give to James about Shelli. Vanessa tells her that she can’t go to James with this because James would tell Shelli that she’s talking bad about her, which would justify Shelli campaigning harder.

2:30 AM BBT: Meg tells James that she doesn’t know how much she can believe that Austin and the twins are working with Vanessa. Meg asks if him if he thinks that Austin, Vanessa, Liz, and Julia are actually together and would screw them over. James tells her that everyone has screwed them over already. Meg and James agree that they don’t think that Shelli would come after the two of them if she were to win HOH. Meg tells him that if Shelli did keep her word and went after Austin and the twins, that isn’t something they need to have happen yet. Meg tells him that keeping Shelli makes their game weaker, while making Austin and the twin’s game stronger. James agrees. Meg says that Shelli has to go. James tells her that he knows where he’s voting now. Meg agrees.

James tells Meg that he wouldn’t care if Austin and the twins took Becky out. Meg tells her that she feels the same. Meg tells him that she feels like Becky will come after her because she has said so much this week.

2:50 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Jackie that Shelli is saying that she controls Austin and the twins, but says that she actually doesn’t even know 1/8th of their game, which means she doesn’t control anything.

2:55 AM BBT: Jackie asks Steve if Vanessa were to stay, would he target her. Steve tells her that he thinks she knows who he would want out. Steve asks what they are planning on doing. Jackie tells him that right now they’re still thinking about it. Jackie tells Steve that she wants both Shelli and Vanessa both gone tomorrow and that is her game plan.

3:05 AM BBT: Jackie tells James and Meg that if they were to get rid of Shelli, she thinks that Steve will put up Austin and Vanessa. Meg tells them that Shelli is telling them that she’ll go after Austin and the twins, but that isn’t the right deal to try and push.

3:15 AM BBT: James tells Steve that it is coming down to who they think is more likely to win HOH, so they’re leaning towards getting Shelli out. Steve asks if James is promising him that him, Meg, and Jackie are voting out Shelli. James confirms that they are.

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