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Big Brother 17: Day 55 Recap

Steve and the girls of Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Steve and the girls of Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

We’re in for another hectic day in the Big Brother house as Vanessa continues her rampage, along with James, Jackie, and Meg’s complete flip of the script. We’ll see some campaigning and possible more confrontation from Vanessa, along with more discussion from The Goblins about sending Shelli packing against Becky’s wishes.


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11:45 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Shelli that she can’t stand Becky because she isn’t kind, she’s a cold person, she’s calculated, and she has ice around her heart. Vanessa adds that Becky is just doing what James, Jackie, and Meg want, but instead she’s taking the heat and making up an excuse that makes no sense. Shelli asks if she thinks that Steve’s target really is James. Vanessa tells her that she has to wonder if that’s true.

11:50 AM BBT: Jackie tells James that Shelli, Vanessa, and Clay think that Meg and Jason were the votes for Jeff to stay and that her, James, Jason, and Meg were all in an alliance and that’s why she was so upset when Jason was on the block. James says that they all tried to screw them. Jackie says that Shelli was the one who split them all up.

12:00 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Julia that she can’t fake being kind to Becky because she’s not a phony. Vanessa adds that Becky owes her an apology.

12:10 PM BBT: Vanessa asks Steve if she can count on his vote. Steve tells her that he needs some time because he wants to vote for her, but doesn’t want to burn bridges with Shelli and John. Vanessa says that he is closer to her than with anyone else, along with her being the one who has told him everything, so that is reason enough to vote to keep her. Vanessa tells him that if within 2 hours of the vote she doesn’t have majority, he can vote however he wants. Vanessa tells him that he can say that they made a 2 week deal the week she got Jason out to keep his safety, so that’s why he has to vote to keep her. Steve tells Vanessa that he wants her to stay but he doesn’t see it happening. Vanessa tells him that she believes it’s very possible because she’ll let everyone know that she’s after Becky, not James, Jackie, or Meg.

12:25 PM BBT: Steve asks John if he’s sure that Jackie, James, and Meg are going to vote out Vanessa. Steve tells him that he made a deal with Vanessa when she was HOH that he’d vote her way for two weeks since she kept him safe, so he wants to keep that promise since it shouldn’t matter if they have the votes. John tells him that he shouldn’t vote to keep Vanessa, but he says that he’s done it before so he can’t really talk. John adds that Steve just needs to let everyone know that he’ll be voting against the house.

12:55 PM BBT: Jackie, James, and Meg begin discussing that keeping Shelli in the game is only good for Becky’s game, not theirs. Jackie tells them that she’ll feel horrible if Vanessa wins HOH after they keep her and she targets Becky. Meg tells her that is better than Shelli staying and taking out James. Jackie adds that it’ll be way too hard to get Shelli on the block for a third time. Meg agrees and says that now people will be more willing to nominate Vanessa. James asks if they think Becky will hold a grudge for keeping Vanessa. Meg tells him that she thinks Becky will understand. Meg says that Becky needs to think logically about why it’s better to keep Vanessa. Meg adds that Vanessa only has Austin while Shelli has both of the twins.

James says they’ll ask people who they want to go home, and if the majority does say Shelli, they’ll say they just want to vote with the house. Meg says that they can’t do this until late tomorrow night. James says that Vanessa already has their 3 votes secretly, so she won’t need to campaign to them. Jackie finishes by saying that they’re not going against Becky because they still plan on getting Vanessa out later.

1:40 PM BBT: James tells Meg that it’s confirmed that Shelli took Clay’s shirt from him because DR just asked him about it. Meg tells James that he sent her man home and wore his shirt, that it’s like going hunt then wearing the fur coat around. Meg tells James that they have to rig the vote to keep Vanessa. James tells her that they already have 3 of the votes. James says that he didn’t hold it against them for voting Clay out, so Becky shouldn’t hold it against them for voting Shelli out.

James asks Meg how long does she think that Becky has been working with the Shelli’s group. Meg says a long time and that she didn’t come to their group until recently. James says that everything has been going Becky’s way, that she’s won $10000, never-not pass, HOH, and she still has no blood on her hands. James says that Becky gets to fall into their group now and be 150% safe meanwhile he’ll be going up if they keep Shelli. Meg says that Becky wasn’t with them until she won this HOH. James says that Becky has been playing a good game. Meg agrees, but says that they’re not letting her run their game this week. Meg adds that Becky is trying to convince them that keeping Shelli is a good idea when it’s not. Meg says that she doesn’t think that Becky has been playing them all game, but she does think that Becky is using them to do her dirty work this week. Meg tells James that Becky has to go sooner rather than later as well. James agrees and says he’s been thinking about that.

2:30 PM BBT: James tells Jackie about Shelli stealing his shirt being confirmed and adds that it says a lot that she’d do that, that it means if Shelli wins HOH, he’s going up.

4:55 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Julia that Steve made an alliance with Shelli and John since they weren’t included in the 8 person group, so Steve isn’t going to vote to keep her. Vanessa tells Julia that they were pulled into the 8 person deal last, so they had no choice but to join it. Vanessa tells her that the only way she stays is if a “Gremlin” (James/Jackie/Meg) flips their vote. Vanessa tells Julia that she can tell Austin that her, Liz, and Austin will be pissed at him if he doesn’t vote to keep her.

5:05 PM BBT: Vanessa tells James that she isn’t going to say anything bad about Shelli, but says that she’s going to present valid arguments as to why it would be better for his and his allies game to keep her. James tells her that it isn’t set in stone as to how he’ll vote, so he wants to hear the arguments she has.

5:08 PM BBT: Liz tells Austin that Vanessa reminds her of Audrey and it’s getting scary. Liz adds that at this point she rather Vanessa leave. Austin agrees.

5:20 PM BBT: James tells Austin that he doesn’t care who stays or goes, he just wants to make sure that they’re all on the same page and work together on this decision. James tells him that Jackie and Meg feel the same way, they also don’t want to vote against the house. Austin tells him that Becky decided that they’d vote out Vanessa, but says he could make a case both ways. James tells Austin that he needs to remember that Shelli threw him under the bus with Clay. Austin says that he had to break down like a little bitch to prove that he wasn’t a heinous liar, that he was humiliated by Vanessa and that isn’t something that he’ll forget. James tells him that maybe Vanessa actually is the master manipulator. Austin tells him that it’s people like Vanessa that he doesn’t want around because they just bring people down. James tells Austin that he’s screwed if Shelli wins HOH because she’s going to put him up with someone like Jackie or Meg. Austin agrees.

5:50 PM BBT: James tells Jackie and Meg about his conversation outside. Jackie tells him that it shouldn’t be hard for Austin and the twins to flip their vote considering the were never friends with Shelli before. James tells Meg and Jackie that he realizes now that they’re going to be screwed if Shelli stays.

5:58 PM BBT: Vanessa tells James that Becky was running downstairs to tell Clay and Shelli everything that was discussed in the HOH room so that Becky could gain trust with the two of them. Vanessa tells James that she’s not a liar, she’s not a rat, and she’s not a phony and that’s why she couldn’t be outside faking it with Becky because she can’t stand her. Vanessa tells James that she didn’t want to put up Jason, that it was Clay and Shelli’s idea, along with Becky knowing about it the entire time because she asked if she could lie to James’ group about it. Vanessa adds that Becky told them that she knows she’s low on the totem pole on his side of the house and that Becky said she trusts Vanessa’s side more, which is why she brought them information. Vanessa tells James that Becky straight up said that she was leaving the night crew to join the day crew, then after she did that, she changed her sleeping schedule to be up during the day and moved out of Jackie’s bed.

Vanessa tells James that Becky said he was a sexist and every time he’s in power, she plays up the flirty dumb girl that someone likes James would want. Vanessa tells him that Becky doesn’t like him personally and that Becky said if she won HOH, she was going to come after him. James asks Vanessa if she thinks that she could get Austin and Liz to vote to keep her because that would be a deciding factor. Vanessa tells her that she’ll be able to do it 100%.

6:10 PM BBT: Jackie and Meg agree that they rather get the the twins out before they get Austin out. They also agree that John and Steve will have no choice but to stick with them even if they keep Vanessa because there is now way that they’d join her side. Meg tells Jackie that they’ll tell people about the new plan to evict Shelli tomorrow so that there is less time for everyone to flip.

6:15 PM BBT: Austin tells James that John is getting called to the DR more than anyone, so there has to be something more going on with them than they know. James tells Austin that he found out that Becky has been calling him a sexist even though had just given her $5000 last week. James says that Becky got mad about Audrey calling her a racist, but now she’s the one accusing him of a being a sexist. James tells Austin that he doesn’t see Vanessa as the type of person to make this up. James tells Austin that if Vanessa stays, he knows that she isn’t coming after him and that she also isn’t coming after Austin and the twins.

6:20 PM BBT: Meg and Jackie tell Becky that people are getting too close in the house and that’s not good for them. Becky tells them that there is no way that Austin and the twins are going to stick with the deal they made after they went back on their word with them to get Vanessa out because now they have no reason to trust them, though Becky says it doesn’t matter because they control the votes. Meg tells her that Shelli is going to work with everyone. Jackie agrees and tells Becky that Shelli needs to go.

6:25 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin and James that Steve has an alliance with John and Shelli since those were the people who were left out of the 8 person deal. Vanessa tells them that by splitting them up into the 3 groups, James, Jackie, and Meg, then Austin, Liz, and Julia, then Shelli, John, and Steve, Becky has poistioned herself perfectly to be protected from each other them because Becky is close with Jackie, close with the twins, and close with John. Vanessa tells James that Becky also said that she was getting Clay to do her dirty work by getting out Jackie, so that way she didn’t have to do it herself. Vanessa tells James that if he keeps her, James and his allies won’t have to worry about being the target because she’ll only go after Becky and use Steve or John as the pawn. James and Austin tells her that they’re both sold on the plan to keep her. Austin and James tell her that they’ll be able to get the twins & Jackie and Meg.

6:40 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Liz and Julia about everything that has happening, including all of the information about Steve’s alliance with Shelli, along with everything that Becky has been doing. Vanessa tells them that Steve cannot be trusted, so they can’t talk anymore game with him. Vanessa tells them that Becky tried making an alliance called The Generals, but her and Shelli didn’t take it seriously and rolled their eyes at the idea.

7:00 PM BBT: James tells Meg and Jackie that he has so much information now and says that he always knew that Becky was a snake in the grass. James tells them that Becky said he’s a sexist and plays up the dumb flirty girl when he’s in power to stay in his good graces. James tells them that Becky was the one who was running downstairs to tell Clay and Shelli everything that was talked about in the HOH room. James tells them that it was Becky’s idea to nominate him week 5 until she realized he won the BOB, then Jason was chosen instead. James tells them that Steve told Vanessa that he couldn’t vote her way because he’s in an alliance with Shelli and John that was created because they were left out of the 8 person deal. Jackie says that John, Steve, and Shelli is the scariest combination there is. James tells Jackie that Becky was going to get Clay to do her dirty work by putting her up and getting her out.

Meg tells Jackie and James that Becky is wanting to keep Shelli because she wants Shelli to do her dirty work by getting one of them three out. Austin joins the conversation and James tells them that they’re on the same page, and that after they make the final decision, they need to stick to it no matter what and not flip anything. Austin tells them that the three of them and him, Julia, and Liz would be able to make final 6 if they wanted to. Meg and Jackie tell him that is what they want to do. Austin says that Becky is covered on all sides because of the moves she’s made. Jackie tells him that Vanessa is going to do the same thing. Meg tells them that this is going to be one of their last chances to get Shelli out, so they can’t skip on it again. Jackie says that she’ll feel terrible if Vanessa stays and then takes out Becky. James tells her that Becky just won $10,000. Austin, Jackie, James, and Meg agree that they’ll tell Becky about the plan flipping.

7:25 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Liz that it means a lot that they’re having her back like this so she’d like to go to the final 4 with them. Vanessa tells Liz that Steve telling her that he’s aligned with Shelli and John is very valuable information to her. Vanessa adds that if she does stay, she’ll pray that Shelli wins the buyback and gets to reenter the game.

7:35 PM BBT: Jackie, Meg, and James say that they all really trust Austin and say that he has the same intentions as they do. Jackie says that they’re not betraying Becky because they’re not voting against her. Meg agrees and says that they’re not putting her up and they’re not scheming against her. James says that it’s pretty much settled that Vanessa is staying. Jackie and Meg agree that if they win the double eviction HOH, they have to put up Vanessa. Meg says that Austin and the twins wouldn’t be against that.

7:50 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Julia that Steve is the reason she’s nominated, he feels guilty, and now he’s scampering because of it. Vanessa explains that Steve told John information that they talked about, which John then went up to tell Becky. Vanessa says that Steve sold her out and she could read it on his face. Vanessa says that Steve pulled strings to make sure that she was put up to be evicted so that Shelli could stay in the house and work with him.

8:00 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz and Julia that the double eviction is going to be easy now because they’ll be safe and John will be the one to go home. Vanessa tells them that the three new targets are Becky, Steve, and John.

8:00 PM BBT: Steve tells Shelli that he made a deal with Vanessa two weeks ago not to vote her out and he doesn’t want to break his word. Shelli tells Steve that if Vanessa didn’t specify votes, then it wouldn’t be going against his word. Steve tells her that she’s right. Shelli tells Steve that she wants to play the game with him because without Vanessa, she won’t know who else she can trust. Shelli asks if there is any pressure coming from Austin or the twins to vote her out. Steve tells her that there is a little pressure coming but it’s from Austin only. Steve tells Shelli that there is no doubt in his mind that he needs her there more than he needs Vanessa. Steve tells Shelli that if they flip on her, he’ll be following her out the door.

Shelli tells Steve that they should think about getting rid of Austin because they could then work with the twins because she doesn’t think that they’d be too upset about him going to jury. Steve tells her that the twins aren’t playing the game, Austin is speaking for them. Shelli tells Steve that if it comes down to him and Vanessa on the block, Austin and the twins are going to keep her over him. Shelli tells him that she’ll nominate Austin and one of the Goblins if she stays.

8:25 PM BBT: Jackie, James, and Meg discuss possibly nominating John with Vanessa, then putting up Steve if one of them win the veto. Jackie says that if Vanessa wins HOH, she’ll put up Becky and John. James says they’ll get out John if that happens. Meg tells them that Vanessa will keep her word if she gets her to give it to them in front of other people.

8:45 PM BBT: Booze delivery.

8:50 PM BBT: Steve tells John that the 8 person alliance is a thing, that Becky confirmed it to him today. John tells him that he doesn’t think it’ll last much longer. Steve tells him that they’re going to have to pick a side. John tells him that it doesn’t really matter which side they go to at this point. John asks Steve is Jackie came up to him the week Jason left asking for a vote to against Becky. Steve tells him that she didn’t and that he couldn’t imagine Jackie going against Becky like that. Steve tells John that they need Shelli to help them break up the 8 person alliance. John agrees.

9:20 PM BBT: James tells Jackie that they’ll hear Shelli out as to what she has to say. James questions Jackie if she thinks that Becky was forced into The Generals alliance as much as she’s acting like she was. Jackie tells him that she believes Becky, that she wasn’t trying go rogue, that she just got caught up. Jackie tells him that there is something else going on because it doesn’t make sense why Becky want s to keep Shelli so bad.

9:35 PM BBT: Austin begins updating Liz on everything that happened today with James and Vanessa. Vanessa, Meg, and Julia join them shortly after. Vanessa tells them that Steve made a big mistake by telling her about the alliance with Shelli and John. Austin begins speculating as to who it was who has been leaking information. He says that it could be Becky leaking information to John, but it could’ve been Vanessa leaking information to Shelli, so it sorta cancels each other out. Meg says there is a missing piece as to why Becky wants Vanessa out so badly. Austin tells her that it’s possible that she just made up an excuse to keep Shelli. Meg tells them that they’ll just have to get Becky to understand that they’ll put up Vanessa during the double eviction.

Austin, Liz, and Julia go on a rant about how John is called to the DR so much. They agree that he’s been called way too often for someone that doesn’t do anything, so there has to be more to him. Austin tells him that John is the one who he wants out next. Julia agrees and says that he’s been acting super sketchy.

10:40 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Jackie, James, and Meg that Shelli, Clay, Steve and John were the ones who wanted Jason put up, not her. Vanessa tells them that Becky flat out told her that she was going to target James and that she wanted someone to target Jackie, just she couldn’t be the one to do it.

11:00 PM BBT: Becky tells Meg and Jackie that they’ll need to be on their toes because the vote is going to be closer than they think. Jackie tells her that if something does happen, they’ll just get Vanessa out next. Becky told her no, that Vanessa needs to go out first.

11:15 PM BBT: Shelli tells Jackie and Meg that if their decision to keep her changes, she’d like to know so that she can be prepared. Shelli tells them that she just wants to get reassurance that what Becky told her is still true. Jackie tells her that as of now it is, but Vanessa is trying to talk to them about Becky. Shelli asks even if Vanessa is telling them things about Becky, what would that have to do with her staying. Shelli tells them that she knows Austin and the twins are going to vote against her because Austn feels like he owes Vanessa.

11:20 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Steve that he has a loyal group when it comes to Freaks and Geeks, so he just needs to chill out. Vanessa asks how John and Shelli know about the 8 person deal. Steve tells her that Becky told them. Vanessa tells Steve that he needs to be loyal to her because if someone turns their back on her, she will turn her back on them and it will hurt.

11:30 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Shelli that she doesn’t know what people plan on doing because she isn’t getting any strong feelings Vanessa and Shelli both say that nobody is telling them anything, not even Steve. Vanessa tells her that Becky should be mad at her because she didn’t force Becky to give her word that she eventually broke. Vanessa tells Shelli that regardless of who it is that goes home, it’s likely that they’ll be following the other one out the door. Vanessa tells her that she’s not going out of the game without blowing up Becky’s game first.

11:35 PM BBT: James asks why Shelli is even still in the house. Meg tells him that it’s because they kept her last week. James tells her that they’ll be getting her out this week.

12:00 AM BBT: Becky tells Meg that it’s a huge deal for Vanessa to go first this week because Shelli is not as much as a social player as Vanessa is. Becky tells her that she thinks her (Meg), Jackie, and James are a little more indifferent about who goes, but she’s not. Becky tells Meg that she has a bullseye on her forehead now if Vanessa stays. Becky tells her that if Vanessa stays, she’s gone because Vanessa will send her packing. Meg tells her that isn’t true because they have the votes.

Becky tells Meg that she wishes they would have told her if they rather of kept Vanessa earlier in the week so that she could have handled this differently instead of thinking that what she said didn’t matter since Vanessa was going home anyway. Becky tells her that she’ll be extremely upset if Vanessa stays. Meg tells her not to freak out because Vanessa is just one person. Becky tells her that Vanessa isn’t just one person, she is too good. Becky tells her that Vanessa can convince people of anything, including her not to trust Jackie and Shelli not to trust Clay. Becky asks if they can just focus on Vanessa since she risked so much. Meg tells her to not go crazy because Vanessa is only one person.

12:25 AM BBT: Becky wakes up Shelli to tell her that Jackie, James, and Meg are scared of her taking them out during a double eviction if she were to win it, so they’re looking for her to initiate some sort of deal that would keep them all safe, so she needs to get that done as soon as possible.

1:00 AM BBT: Meg tells Jackie and James that Becky has realized that the votes could potentially flip and now she’s crapping bricks. Meg tells them about her conversation with Becky and tells them that this just isn’t sitting right with him. James agrees and questions why  she wants Vanessa out so bad. Jackie and Meg agree that Becky is just going to have to come to terms with the new plan on her own. Meg adds that Becky’s mind is set in stone about getting Vanessa out. James tells her that it’s likely because she was planning something and they’re screwing with her plans. James tells them that it isn’t up to Becky who is evicted anyway, that it’s the house that decides.

1:10 AM BBT: Becky joins Jackie, James, and Meg in the have-not room. Becky  tells them that they had 3 days to tell her that they’re switching targets and she would have no issue, but now she’s lied to someone’s face, told them off, and blindsided them, and now they suddenly want to keep that person in the house. Becky tells them that she’s 100% fine with getting Shelli out next, she’d just really prefer to get Vanessa out first. Jackie and Meg tell her that getting Shelli nominated and sitting on the block come Thursday is too hard. Becky tells them that they should have realized that by Monday.

Becky tells Jackie, James, and Meg that she needs their votes to get Vanessa out, that she needs to know that when she wins an HOH for their group, she’ll have the support that she needs. Jackie says they’ll just have to see what happens tomorrow. Becky tells her that they had 5 days to change their plan, and 5 days to tell her about their concerns. Meg tells Becky that they have their back, they are just trying to figure out how to get both Shelli and Vanessa out in the best way possible. Jackie tells Becky that her safety is their priority. Meg confirms and says that her safety isn’t in question because even if Vanessa did win, she’d nominate her with John and she knows for a fact that they have the votes to keep her. Becky tells them about how manipulative Vanessa can be. Meg tells her that one someone gets put on blast like Vanessa was, nobody believes them anymore anyway. Meg reassures her by saying that Austin, Liz, and Julia have made it clear that she isn’t on anyone’s radar and will be protected by them.

Becky tells Jackie, James, and Meg that Shelli is with John, while Vanessa is with Austin, Liz, Julia, and Steve. Meg tells her that isn’t true, that all Austin cares about is the twins. Becky asks her why would Austin get so perplexed when finding out that Vanessa was going home than. Becky tells her that she sees Vanessa, Liz, Julia, and Austin as a four. Meg tells her that she doesn’t see that. Meg tells her that Shelli could take one of them out in an instant. Becky tells her that Vanessa could do that same. Becky tells them that both would likely put their group if they won HOH. Meg tells her that Vanessa is more likely to put someone other than them up. Becky asks Meg one last time if they can please take Vanessa out first. Meg tells her that things just don’t feel right. Meg tells Becky that there is no way that any of them are leaving on Thursday and says that the group has her back.

1:20 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Liz and Julia that Becky broke her word to the entire group and threw them all under the bus by telling John’s small group about the 8 person deal to get Clay, Shelli, John, and Steve out. James joins the conversation and Vanessa tells him to tell Jackie that she’s not going to put her out and that she’ll give her word on that, the one thing in the house that is good.

2:20 AM BBT: Steve tells us that he’s nervous about the time when him and John will be nominated together, and adds that the time for that will likely be soon. Steve says that one of the advantages of keeping Shelli would be that he doesn’t know how much crap that Vanessa has been feeding him. Steve adds that if Vanessa is lying to him about the final 2 deals, she’s brilliant.

2:25 AM BBT: James tells Jackie and Meg that Becky’s plea didn’t sell him on keeping Shelli, that all he heard was “me, me, me” from Becky’s mouth. James adds that Becky is a selfish bitch.

2:30 AM BBT: Vanessa gives her word to Jackie, James, and Meg that she is going after Becky and would never use one of them as a pawn. Vanessa adds that She’ll nominate Becky and John, with Steve being the replacement nominee if needed. Vanessa tells them that Becky is playing every side of the house and if they’re unable to see it, she can’t help them anymore. Vanessa tells them that it was Becky would screwed their group by telling John about the 8 person deal.

2:50 AM BBT: James tells Jackie and Meg that if it’s true what Vanessa is saying that Becky has done, it cannot be excused because she tried blowing their game up. Jackie tells him that at least they know Vanessa’s game plan now. Meg tells James and Jackie that Becky is likely going to tell Shelli that she needs to come offer them a deal of safety. James says that if she does tell Shelli that, it means the two of them are still working together. Meg says that they are. James finishes the conversation by telling them that he’s the dumbass of the season because he gave Becky $5000 and took Clay to a steak dinner.

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