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Big Brother 17: Day 54 Recap

Becky Burgess from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Becky Burgess from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Today is going to be the craziest day we’ve had in Big Brother in years. Today’s veto meeting will be a complete and total blindside on one of the most confrontational people in the house. After the meeting, we’re going to be in for days of Live Feeds gold.


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9:00 AM BBT: Wake up call.

9:30 AM BBT: John asks Becky why Meg was so open about talking about the plan with him. Becky tells him that she told Meg about him knowing last night, along with telling Steve about the plan. Becky tells him that Vanessa completely believes that he’s going up. Becky adds that Vanessa stuck close with Steve all day yesterday because she thinks she’ll need his vote to vote him (John) out to keep Shelli.

9:35 AM BBT: Vanessa asks Steve if he stays up all night and people are actually not telling him anything. Steve says nobody says anything important to him, says that he doesn’t know what’s going on today. Vanessa asks him to swear to that. Steve swears.

9:35 AM BBT: Becky tells Austin that she’s putting up Vanessa today because she caught her playing everyone last week. Becky adds that Vanessa had no right to pull both their groups together to make a deal that the only purpose was to keep her safe while she played both sides. Austin tells her that he just wants to clarify that their double eviction plans are still on. Becky says they 100% are. Austin tells Becky that she should let Jackie, James, and Meg know that he’s keeping this information to himself as a sign of trust. Becky tells Austin that she’s going to take full responsibility, so he and the twins can act shocked, along with voting how they want since they have enough votes to get Vanessa out.

10:00 AM BBT: Austin tells Meg that Becky told him everything and he understands where she’s coming from. Austin adds that their double eviction plan still stands with him and the twins. Meg says that it still stands for them too. Meg tells him that they only need 4 votes, so the blame is going to fall onto them, so him and the twins can stay out of the line of fire.

10:20 AM BBT: Austin tells Liz that Vanessa is going home and there is nothing they can do about it because they don’t have the votes. Austin tells her that they can exact surprised and still vote how they want so that Vanessa is still good with them.

10:55 AM BBT: Vanessa is put up as the replacement nominee

11:00 AM BBT: Vanessa asks Shelli if she knew that she was going to be put up. Shelli said that she had a feeling, that Becky told her that she was concerned and confused about her game. Vanessa says that if Becky was concerned that is something she should have known, but now it’s too late. Shelli tells Vanessa that this is not her (Shelli) fault, and that she’s been loyal to her this entire time, so it upsets her that she’d insinuate that.

Vanessa says that this was a big risk because of all the information she has on Becky. Vanessa adds that it’s fine for Becky to be a hypocrite, but she shouldn’t expect to be a hypocrite in hiding that’s gonna get away with this. Vanessa says that Becky made a big mistake with this move because shes’ (Vanessa) going to be one hell of a jury member and now there is no way that Becky will win the game. Vanessa adds that Becky needs to look at the bigger perspective, because she didn’t when making this small move.

11:05 AM BBT: Becky begins explaining to Austin, Liz, and Julia that their deal still stands, that she had to put Vanessa up because she caught Vanessa playing the entire house last week and she couldn’t let that stand. Liz tells Becky that she doesn’t need to worry because if she was in her shoes, she’d see this as the best decision as well.

11:30 AM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that this was Becky’s plan all along, that she didn’t tell them because she didn’t want them to have to lie to her. Shelli uses this moment to confront Austwins about the 8 person deal they made to get her and Steve out. Shelli asks if she should expect to go up if one of them wins HOH. Liz says absolutely not. Vanessa tells Shelli that she should expect it. Austin says that everything has changed after this move. Vanessa tells Shelli that she’s not going to say a bad word about her, but she’s going to put up a fight and make a logical argument to Becky.

11:40 AM BBT: Julia asks Vanessa if Shelli told her about the conversation that she had with Jackie last night. Vanessa tells her that she didn’t, that Shelli knew about this plan all along. Julia tells Vanessa that they’re going to be voting to keep her and plan to tell her that in front of Shelli.

11:40 AM BBT: Austin goes to Steve to figure out where he’s standing and to tell him that Shelli is everybody’s next target. Steve tells him that it’s him and Shelli. Austin says that Shelli will go before him, so they just have to worry about changing minds after. Austin tells Steve that Vanessa is gone because they have the votes, so she’s checkmated.

11:50 AM BBT: Steve tells the camera that it’s funny because Becky’s speech was just as applicable for him as it was Vanessa, it’s just that he’s hiding it better.

11:52 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Becky that her speech was pretty harsh, especially to someone like her, so she’d like her to explain herself. Becky asks why she was so paranoid when she won HOH. Vanessa tells her that it’s because she’s not dumb and knows that she’s close with John. Vanessa tells Becky that if she wanted a pissed off jury member, she has it because she had the change not to blindside her. Becky tells Vanessa that she forced her word in front of everyone, and that’s what really pissed her off. Becky adds that Vanessa always says she’s about her word, but forced her (Becky’s) word out of her, didn’t let it be given. Becky tells Vanessa that she doesn’t feel the need to explain herself to her, so she gets up and walks away.

11:55 AM BBT: Vanessa goes into the kitchen trying to catch Becky, telling everyone that Becky is being super mean to her while she’s trying to be as sweet as possible.

12:00 PM BBT: Vanessa goes into the have-not room to tell Jackie, James, and Meg that Becky was just yelling at her, then ran inside. Vanessa adds that she’s been keeping secrets for Becky, but not anymore. Vanessa tells them that Becky knew about the Jason plan the entire time, that she even asked if she could act surprised. Jackie tells her that they already know this, that Becky was put in a terrible position. Vanessa tells her that Becky isn’t the victim, she’s been the master manipulator. Jackie says that no she hasn’t. Vanessa tells them that Becky was the one who was coming down and leaking things that were being discussed between them in the HOH room.

12:15 PM BBT: Becky goes into the have-not room to tell James, Jackie, and Meg what happened between her and Vanessa outside, along with her talk with Austin, Liz, and Julia.

12:25 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that he already talked about it with Steve, and there is nothing they can do to save Vanessa. Austin tells Liz that Becky said she had her reasons for getting Vanessa out, so now they have their reasons for getting one of them out, though he’s unsure if they should do that during the double eviction. Austin tells Liz that John has officially joined the other side. Liz tells him that John is only doing that because of Becky. Austin tells Liz that he wouldn’t put up Becky because she could still float back to their side if they were HOH.

Shelli joins them in the storage room. Austin tells her that they have her back and are only saying whatever people want to hear from them. Austin tells Shelli that if John really is with them, they have their four votes, which means Vanessa is gone. Shelli says that John is with Becky, not so much James, Jackie, and Meg. Liz reiterates to Shelli that she still wants to work with her after Vanessa leaves. Shelli agrees and says that they’re all she has. Austin tells her that they just need to lay low this week because all arguments that Vanessa tries to make will be moot points.

12:40 PM BBT: Liz tells Julia that Vanessa is dead in the water because the best they could do is a tie vote, which then Becky would break the tie and send Vanessa home. Liz tells her that she doesn’t know if Austin has been throwing the comps, but he needs to start winning. Julia says he hasn’t been throwing them, he just sucks. Julia adds that Vanessa will have more loyalty to her than Austin ever will. Liz tells her that Austin would never get them out. Liz tells her that this means war and if their side gets HOH, one of James’ group is gone.

2:20 PM BBT: John tells Shelli that he thinks the twins will go after the two of them before they will go after Jackie, James, Meg, and Becky. John and Shelli begin discussing possibly burying the hatchet with James and starting to work with them. Shelli tells John that she’s open to going after Austin and the twins with James’ side or going after James’ side with Austin and the twins. John asks if the twins would be really upset if they lost Austin. Shelli tells him that she doesn’t think so. John tells Shelli that he’d nominate both twins and tell them they’re not the target, then use the veto to take one of them off and backdoor Austin.

John tells Shelli that she doesn’t have to do anything because nobody is buying what she’s selling. Shelli asks him if he thinks James would vote him out and keep Vanessa. John tells her that there is absolutely no way that James would do that. Shelli tells him that the things she’s heard about Vanessa had started making her really suspicious of her anyway.  John tells Shelli that he’s glad he has her here now because she won’t mess up like Clay did. Shelli tells John that she still feels as good about him when Clay was here, so he can trust her.

3:05 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Shelli that she doesn’t think these people are good people, they’re hurtful people. Vanessa tells her that Becky yelled at her with venom in her voice, then go up and walked off. Vanessa adds that Becky is just upset with herself because she gave her word and didn’t keep it. Vanessa says that Becky never intended to put John up, that she was the target the whole time and John was the best cover story she could think of. Shelli says that she thought Becky was excited to play the game with them. Vanessa points out that she put her on the block. Shelli tells Vanessa that all of them would have, including her because of the 8 person deal that was made behind closed doors. Vanessa tells her that Becky has no integrity and is willing to give people her word when she doesn’t plan on keeping it. Vanessa tells Shelli that it’s a toss up between which of them stays, so they should strategize together to make sure whichever does stay has the best chance.

Vanessa asks Shelli if she thinks that Austin and the twins knew about the plan of her being nominated at the veto meeting. Shelli says that she doesn’t think that twins ever knew. Vanessa says that Austin knew.

3:35 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin and Liz that they should be mad because it’s going to be Austin that they turn on next. Vanessa asks if she’s the target and they plan on voting her out. Austin tells her that is what they said. Vanessa tells Austin that it would make no sense for James to vote to keep Shelli, so he should try to swing that vote. Austin tells her that he can try. Vanessa tells Austin that her argument to stay is that Shelli has more available plays to make than she does because she’s connected to John as well as them. Austin tells Vanessa that he thinks that Becky is taking a bullet for Jackie, James, and Meg because he believes this was a four person decision. Vanessa tells Austin that she made it happen for him when his back was against the wall, so now she’s asking him to do the same for her. Austin tells her that the only way that she is staying is if she can flip James, Jackie, and Meg, flipping one of them just don’t work. Vanessa asks Austin and Liz if they feel like they have to vote with Becky’s side. Austin tells her that they don’t and that Becky told them to vote how they want.

Vanessa tells Austin that if it’s not possible for her to stay, he should just tell her and she won’t even try, she’ll just enjoy her last few days. Vanessa adds that she’s just upset that Becky hurt her feelings and she was actually fine before than.

3:45 PM BBT: Liz and Austin agree that they’re not going with the plan during the double eviction and will go after James’ group if they win the HOH. Liz tells Austin that she’s not going to do Vanessa dirty work because she needs to campaign for herself as it was her who got herself into the situation she’s in. Liz adds that Vanessa has a lot of blood on her hands and she can’t really say she didn’t see this coming because she has made so many bold moves.

3:55 PM BBT: James says that he’ll put up Shelli and her sorority sister (Liz) to insure that Shelli is the one voted out next.

4:05 PM BBT: Shelli says that Vanessa said Becky yelled at her. Austin tells her that Becky said she didn’t, but Vanessa said she did, so he doesn’t know what is going on. Liz tells Shelli that they tried comforting Vanessa but she turned it into game talk and started acting like they owe her favors. Shelli asks if they’re going to be scared to target the other side of the house. Julia and Austin say that they’re not. Liz and Austin tell Shelli that Jackie, James, and Meg can’t even come out of the room without each other so it’s getting bad. Julia tells her that James worries her the most because if he’s willing to put up her with Clay, he’s going to be willing to put up her with Liz.

5:15 PM BBT: Shelli asks the twins who they’ll go after if one of them wins HOH. Liz tells her that she knows who she has put up in the past. Julia tells her James. Julia adds that they’d never waste their HOH on getting someone like Steve or John out. Shelli tells them that they’ve taken two stabs at them, now they’re trying to turn them two against her, Steve, and John.

5:25 PM BBT: Shirt-Gate begins.

7:50 PM BBT: Vanessa has a meltdown while talking with Austin. Vanessa says that she is the only person to be on the block and not understand why. Vanessa adds that all her friends are abandoning her, so the people who consider themselves her “friends” suck. Austin leaves the room. Vanessa calls him a joke and “a f*cking ass”.

7:55 PM BBT: Vanessa has a meltdown to Julia and Steve. Vanessa tells them that nobody has checked on her in 7 hours, which deeply hurts her feelings. Vanessa adds that Becky literally yelled at her so loudly that it made Becky’s voice quake. Steve and Julia leave Vanessa to be alone. Vanessa calls says “I hate them people. Fake mother f*ckers”.

8:45 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz and Julia that he’s sick of Vanessa going nuts on the first day of being on the block when it’s not needed. Austin adds that Vanessa needs to stop acting like there is rules that people need to follow.

9:55 PM BBT: Vanessa has another breakdown to Shelli and Steve. She tells them that she has come to the conclusion that she’s a big idiot. Vanessa tells them that everyone has been in pairs, while she’s been alone the entire time. Steve tells her that he’ll be right out the door with her because he only has 2-3 weeks max before the 8 person deal comes after him.

10:25 PM BBT: Jackie asks if John is going after the twins. Meg tells her that is what Becky said and that she doesn’t think John would ever go against them or James. Jackie agrees. Meg tells James that the other side is worried about Steve, which they should be. James agrees and adds that if Steve wins HOH, they’re screwed.

11:15 PM BBT: John asks Steve what they should do if they win HOH. Steve tells him that he’s going to wait to see what Vanessa does and see what cracks it causes amongst people. Steve adds that he’s going to see which set of nominees would cause the biggest cracks. John tells him that they just have to pick a side an decimate the other one. John adds that no one side is a powerhouse in competitions, while him, Steve, Becky, and Shelli are. John tells him that he thinks they can get Becky closer on their side, but they just have to keep quiet about it.

11:30 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Julia not to count her out yet because she has some really good ideas to flip votes this week. Vanessa asks who is seen as the biggest competition threat when it comes to her or Shelli. Julia says that it’s Shelli. Julia tells her that the only person that is targeting her is Becky, not anyone else. Vanessa tells her that she’s going to hit them with the Vanessa Attack when they don’t expect it.

11:55 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Shelli and Steve that her target is Becky, and that she’s going to make sure that major damage is done to the way the house is organized before she leaves. Vanessa adds that she’s a very persuasive person who is going into jury who plans on persuading, so she offers best of luck to Becky on trying to win now. Vanessa tells Them that after she blows up, it’s going to be easy for people to put her up because nobody is going to like her afterwords.

12:10 AM BBT: Austin and Liz agree that they’re not going to stick with the double eviction plan since Becky already went against it, so they’re going to put up John with Jackie, then backdoor James if one of the first two win the veto. Austin tells her that they still have to let James, Jackie, Meg, and Becky think that they’re going with the plan, that way they put up Shelli with John next week.

12:25 AM BBT: Shelli tells Vanessa and Steve that since James wants to try and take Clay’s shirts from her, she’s going to wear the A&M shirt when she puts him up on the block after she wins HOH.

12:30 AM BBT: Jackie tells Becky that Vanessa tried telling them that she (Becky) knew about the Jason plan the night before, and wasn’t actually shocked about what happens. Jackie adds that she was also told that Becky tried making an alliance with Vanessa’s group called “The Generals”. Becky tells her that none of that is true, that they shouldn’t listen to what Vanessa says, and that they shouldn’t let things that happened in the past break up their alliance now when them staying together is the most important thing.

1:40 AM BBT: Jackie, James, and Meg begin discussing possibly keeping Vanessa instead of Shelli. Jackie tells them that everyone will still be against Vanessa if they get Shelli out. Meg tells them that this is their chance to get Shelli out and they’re really going to regret it later if they don’t. Meg adds that it’ll be easier to get rid of Vanessa during the double eviction if they get Shelli out this week. James tells them that this will be a classic BB blindside because Shelli has been sitting up on the block all week like she’s safe. James adds that Shelli has more loyalty to the other side of the house than Vanessa does. James says that the shirt incident lets them know that Shelli is still salty about him splitting up Clelli. Meg and Jackie agree that they’re more comfortable in the house with Shelli than they are Vanessa. James tells them that he doesn’t want to go against Becky, but the whole house went against what he wanted last week.

James tells them that they just needs the twins and they’ll have to votes to keep Vanessa. Jackie tells him that both the twins and Austin will vote to keep her because Becky said they could. James says that by getting Shelli out, they’ll have a better chance of keeping Becky safe since Shelli would be the one to come after her. Meg says it’s easier and better to get Shelli out first then send Vanessa home next. James agrees. Meg adds that nobody in the house is against Shelli, while there is more people beyond just them that are enemies with Vanessa. James tells her that he’s on board with keeping Vanessa. Jackie says that she doesn’t want to go against Becky. James tells her that Becky will understand. Meg tells them that they need to think about the whole team right now and now just Becky. James says that they can let Vanessa do what she does best which is campaign. Meg tells them that they need to be on Vanessa’s side. Jackie says they’ll just chill out tomorrow and make their decision on Wednesday.

2:30 AM BBT: Meg tells Jackie that she would never suggest this plan if she didn’t believe that they’d be able to get Vanessa out later. Jackie agrees and says that they can’t just let Shelli stay after being up on the block with no chance of getting off again. Jackie brings up the possibility of Vanessa winning HOH and putting up Becky. Meg tells her that it’s better Becky is put up there instead of James. Meg and Jackie agree that Becky would have no choice but to stay with them because she will have no where else to go. Meg tells Jackie that if Austin or the twins do win the double eviction HOH, they’ll have no choice but to put up Vanessa if they want their deal to stand.

3:20 AM BBT: Becky tells James that by getting out Vanessa, they’re closing the gap that links Shelli, Austin, and the twins.

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