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Big Brother 17: Day 52 Recap

Jackie Ibarra from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Jackie Ibarra from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

It’s Friday, which means the veto competition will be played today! With that being said, today’s discussions will be heavily focused around the the results of that veto competition and what everyone’s plans moving forward are going to be. It’s possible that we’ll also see some early campaigning from the nominees and potential nominees, as well as certain people trying to get who they want out nominated by Becky.


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8:20 AM BBT: Steve tells Shelli that Vanessa told each other that she would save them. Steve tells her that he thinks she’ll save whoever it is that picks her to play. Steve adds that it’s just weird because Vanessa is saying she’ll save him while John is admitting to him that he won’t if he wins it. Steve says he fears that John would go up as the replacement if Vanessa were to use the veto on him, though Shelli told him that she doesn’t think that Becky would put John up. Shelli and Steve agree that Becky would likely nominate Austin or Liz if Vanessa were to win the veto. Steve tells Shelli that he thinks that John is safe, so he’ll likely choose Vanessa if he draws Houseguest Choice. Steve tells Shelli that he thinks that John is safe because if Becky is willing to go back on the 8 person agreement by nominating Vanessa, she should be willing to do the same with Austin.

10:45 AM BBT: POV player get chosen. Austin and Meg had their chips drawn, while Shelli picked Vanessa to play when she drew Houseguests Choice. Becky, Shelli, Steve, Austin, Meg, and Vanessa are playing.

10:55 AM BBT: John tells Steve that it looks bad that Shelli chose Vanessa.

11:00 AM BBT: Shelli tells John that she’s sorry about picking Vanessa with Houseguest Choice, it’s just that she didn’t feel like she had a choice because if she didn’t pick her, Vanessa would have blown up. John tells her that it’s a gamble, but it might pay out if her, Steve, Becky, or Meg mange to win it. John tells her that if Vanessa does win it, he has a backup plan ready.

11:05 AM BBT: Steve tells Shelli that now she has two players playing for her. Steve adds that he believes that if Vanessa wins veto, she’ll use it to save her. John joins the conversation and tells them that they need to win this. John tells them that he saw Austin and Vanessa run into the have-not room to talk in private directly after the players were chosen.

11:25 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Shelli that if she wins the veto, she’s going to use it on her. Vanessa tells her that if comes down to the two of them left, Shelli should throw it to her and so that way they’ll both be safe because Vanessa swears to use it on her.

11:40 AM BBT: Becky tells James, Jackie, and Meg that she believes that everything will go well. James agreed and said that his gut tells him that Steve is going to win it and so far his gut hasn’t been wrong. Becky says that if Vanessa does win it, she’ll ask Vanessa not to use it in front of people and say that if she does use it, Austin or one of the twins will have to volunteer to go up. Meg says that she needs to win it because if the nominations stay the same, there is a risk that should would so, so if she takes her down and puts up Vanessa, everything would go according to plan.

11:50 AM BBT: Austin and Liz agree that if Vanessa wins veto and uses it, it’s going to make her a huge target.

12:10 PM BBT: POV competition begins.

5:35 PM BBT: Steve wins the POV

5:40 PM BBT: Becky tells James that this couldn’t have gone any better because Steve hates Vanessa and he’ll be on board to vote her out. Becky tells him that she’s going to tell Austin and the twins that John is going up, but they’ll actually put up Vanessa and they will have to votes to evict her.

6:05 PM BBT: James tells Meg that he’s really proud of her for how good she did, but says that it’s better than Steve won. Meg agrees and says that this makes this lives a lot easier since he’ll be the one to use it on himself. Jackie asks who would be the better person to send home, Shelli or Vanessa. Meg tells her that she thinks Vanessa, but says they should be the one to tell Shelli she’s staying, that they need to let Becky work her magic.

6:10 PM BBT: Vanessa asks James and Meg if their plan is still on. Meg tells her that she doesn’t know because she hasn’t spoke with Becky. Vanessa tells them that she doesn’t think Becky will nominate John, but says that she should because he’d be safe next to Shelli.

6:55 PM BBT: Meg tells James that Vanessa is going to freak out. Meg asks if he thinks that Austin and the twins are going to be pissed. James tells her that he doesn’t think so as long as they’re not the ones going up. James tells her that he’ll likely go after Shelli next week, which leaves Shelli being the only person that they can’t have win HOH.

7:25 PM BBT: Meg tells Jackie that this next week is going to be scary. Jackie tells her that she hopes they don’t piss off Austin and the twins, then have the three of them coming after them. Meg tells Jackie that she thinks Austin, Liz, and Julia will still want to make a deal with them if they send Vanessa home because they’re more likely to win since they have the numbers now. Meg and Jackie agree that they have to get rid of Shelli next because leaving her in the game is dangerous.

7:30 PM BBT: Meg tells Becky that Vanessa came into their room freaking out making sure that the deal was still on and that she was saying that Becky would be an idiot not to put up John because he’d vote to keep Shelli. Becky says that after both Vanessa and Shelli are on the block together, their true colors are going to come out. Becky tells Meg and Jackie that Vanessa told her that the two of them were campaigning against her when she was on the block next to Jason and she believed it. Jackie says that she’s going to have to call Vanessa out on that. Becky tells her that she shouldn’t because there is a chance that Vanessa comes back and it could hurt her game.

Becky tells Jackie, James, and Meg that she isn’t going to tell Austin, Julia, Liz, and Shelli about Vanessa going up before the meeting because she rather do it after. Becky says that she’ll tell them that they can vote how they want since they already have enough votes to insure that Vanessa goes. Jackie asks if she’s sure that they have John’s vote. Becky tells her that she’s confident that they do. Becky says that she’ll tell Vanessa that she brought up good points as to why Shelli should stay, so they’re keeping Shelli and putting her up instead. Becky says that all they have to do is ignore Vanessa when she’s put up and then she’ll dig her own grave.

7:45 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Steve that Becky has already gone against the deal that was made by putting him up because John was supposed to be the one who was put up. Vanessa says that she’d make a bad pawn, while John would make the perfect pawn because there is no way that he’d go home.

8:17 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that she’s counting on him to go upstairs and tell them that if they just stick with the plan and nominate John, they’ll be safe during a double eviction because their deal will still stand.

8:20 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Shelli that if for some reason they do end up on the block together. Vanessa gives Shelli her word that she won’t say a bad word about her. Vanessa says that production didn’t give her meds on time, so she had withdrawals that made her sleepy and that’s why she did so bad in the competition, and that’s just not fair.

9:40 PM BBT: John tells Becky that Vanessa got into Shelli and Steve’s head about picking her for veto, so she had to do damage control and tell them a little early about their plan to backdoor Vanessa. Becky tells him that’s fine and asks if Steve wants Shelli out more or does he want Vanessa out more. John tells her that Steve wants Vanessa out more. Becky tells John that all they need to do now is stay quiet and let Vanessa panic because she will seal her own fate that way. John tells her that out of everyone, he thinks that Austin is going to be the only who to retaliate after they get Vanessa out because he thinks Austin and Vanessa are closer than they think. John adds that’s why they’ll need to go after him sooner rather than later.

11:20 PM BBT: Vanessa tells James that John wouldn’t go home if he was put up with Shelli and they all know that it would be a no risk move. Vanessa tells him that they all gave their word to keep this deal, so if Becky goes against it, it will cause a tremendous amount of distrust. Vanessa tells him that by straying away from the deal, Becky would be making a big target out of herself. James tells her that he agrees. Vanessa asks James if Becky told him that she’s sticking to the deal. James tells her that Becky hasn’t talked to him about it. Vanessa tells him not to bullshit her, that she figured of all people, he’d be the one who’d want the deal to stick. James tells her that he does.

Vanessa tells James that she got so much blood on her hands two weeks ago when she was nominated by making sure that Becky wasn’t sent home, so she’s hoping that favor is returned this week. Vanessa tells him that if Becky breaks her word, she’s not going to be a happy jury member and will make sure that she voices her opinions to the other jury members. James says that it’s obvious that John has to go up. Vanessa agrees and says that she doesn’t think John would even care. Vanessa tells James that in the long run, she’d be someone that he could work with and form a tight bond between because she keeps her word. James agrees and says that he wants Shelli to go home. Vanessa asks that if she does go up, she can assume that she has his vote to stay. James confirms that he’ll vote to keep her.

11:35 PM BBT: Shelli tells Becky that she just wants to know where everything stands. Becky tells her that everything is the same from when they last spoke. Becky reassures Shelli that Vanessa will be going on the block next to her. Becky tells her that she has more than enough votes to get Vanessa out this week. Becky tells her that Steve hates Vanessa, Vanessa went against John during the fight between James and Clay, which means they have a minmum of 5 votes.

11:50 PM BBT: Liz tells Austin that she doesn’t want to declare a war against James’ group yet because Shelli isn’t valuable enough to them in order for them to draw that line. Liz says she hopes that Vanessa doesn’t turn on them. Austin tells her that Vanessa couldn’t turn on them because she would have nowhere else to go. Liz say she’d be scared if she was Vanessa. Austin tells her that there is a possibility that Vanessa goes up even though their deal was that John goes up.

11:55 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Becky that she’s not a dummy and understands that John is her friend and that’s why she put Steve up instead of him like they had agreed. Vanessa tells her that it would be a bad plan to go against Austin and the twins right now because they’re 3 votes, which leaves the possible replacement nominees as either her or John. Becky tells her that this week is going to be easy. Vanessa asks if she’s saying that she’s not going to put her up. Becky confirms that she’s not going to put Vanessa up. Vanessa tells Becky that she doesn’t have to worry about the votes to get Shelli out because she plans to vote with the house and Austin, Liz, and Julia know that Shelli threw them under the bus last week. Vanessa tells Becky that she got so much blood on her hands last week by keeping her safe, so she hopes that Becky is going to return that favor.

12:00 AM BBT: James begins retelling his conversation with Vanessa to Jackie and Meg. Jackie tells him that if Vanessa comes up to her, she’s just going to start laughing. James tells them that the gist of Vanessa’s long spiel was the if Becky goes back on her word and nominates her, all hell is going to break loose.

12:40 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Meg, Jackie, James, and Austin that she just had a talk with Becky and she believes that she’s going to uphold the deal that they made last week. Vanessa tells them that she’s on board to make another deal going into the double eviction. Jackie tells her the last deal they made was explicitly for the double eviction, so they already have a deal that covers that. Vanessa tells them that they’re going to need to get Steve out during the double eviction because he wins every competition that he needs to so he’s going to start kicking their asses soon. Vanessa gives them her word that she’s going to vote Shelli out.

12:50 AM BBT: Becky tells Meg and Jackie that actions speak louder than words and Vanessa says she is all about her word, but he actions are all over the place. Becky tells them that she told Vanessa that she’s going along with the plan and nominating John, but in reality she’s not. James says that Vanessa will for sure campaign against Shelli, so maybe then Shelli will spill the beans in regards to what Vanessa has done.

12:55 AM BBT: Becky tells Meg, Jackie, and James that she doesn’t feel bad for Vanessa because she’s been bullsh*tting so many people in the game. Becky explains that Vanessa needs to stop trying to act like she’s saving her from places that she put her in. Becky tells them that she was told Jason was going to be getting evicted the night before the live show by Vanessa.

Becky says that Austin still feels like he’s in debt to Vanessa, but in reality he doesn’t owe her anything, that she tried taking him out. Jackie says that Vanessa is getting everything she’s wanted. She’s getting to jury, Austin made it to jury, and Shelli is going to be staying in the house. Becky asks which twin they’d take out first when it comes down to it. James and Meg agree that they’d choose Liz.

1:40 AM BBT: Steve tells Shelli that James is social gaming him like nobody’s business, really working him hard. Steve tells her that the whole Vanessa thing doesn’t make sense to him yet. Steve adds that he doesn’t know what Vanessa did to make everyone want to target her instead of others. Steve tells Shelli that they have the votes no matter what Vanessa tries to pull.

1:55 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Shelli that Becky told her that she’s not putting her up. Vanessa tells her that she thinks John is being nominated, so she has hope of Shelli staying. Vanessa tells her that they have to get the five votes because if it’s a tie, Becky will keep John over her. Vanessa tells her that the two of them, Steve, James, and Meg need to make a side alliance to secure themselves safety.

2:10 AM BBT: Jackie tells Becky that if Vanessa tries coming at her (Becky) after the veto meeting, Jackie is going to throw down. Becky tells her that she’s thinking about calling out Vanessa in her nomination speech, saying that the 8 person alliance to target Shelli was her idea, that she wanted John  to be in the spot she’s in now. Becky tells Jackie that when Vanessa flipped on her (Jackie), James, and Meg, they were all replaced in Dark Moon by everyone else in the house.

Becky asks Jackie that since Shelli is alone and terrified, why would it makes sense that they go after someone who is by themselves. Becky explains that Shelli is better as an individual, but Austin and the twins are a strong trio. Jackie asks if they should put both twins up next week. Becky tells her maybe, that they will have Shelli to keep the target off of them in the meantime.

4:19 AM BBT: Steve tells Shelli about The Goblins alliance between Jackie, James, Meg, and Becky. Shelli and Steve begin discussing why the 8 person alliance to target them was made. Shelli tells Steve that is the fourth 8 person alliance that Meg and James has been apart of.

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