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Big Brother 17: Day 47 Recap

Big Brother 17 houseguests - Source: CBS

Big Brother 17 houseguests – Source: CBS

We’re in for another drama-filled day in the Big Brother house as the veto meeting will be held today, ultimately deciding the fate of the showmance between Clay and Shelli. Clay has nearly blown up multiple times, but Shelli has always held him back. It’s possible we might finally see Clay lose his cool today! Aside from Clay’s possible meltdown, we’ll also see the houseguests decide on who they’ll send home on Thursday, along with their plans for next week.


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9:40 AM BBT: Wake up call.

10:10 AM BBT: James tells Clay that it’s still a toss-up on whether he uses the POV or not.

10:15 AM BBT: John asks James if he knows what he’s going to do with the veto. James tells him that he does. James tells him that he did some investigating and found out that he’d be getting nominated this week if it wasn’t for him winning HOH. James tells him that he also found out that he found out that Clay and Shelli have been rolling with certain people for weeks now.

10:30 AM BBT: Austin tells John that he pleaded his case to James about why Clay and Shelli should stay, so he doesn’t know what else he can do. John tells him that Clay and Shelli had their backs. Austin tells John that he’s right about that. Austin asks if he should go talk to James again before the veto meeting. John tells him that it’s not their fight.

10:30 AM BBT: Shelli tells Clay that James isn’t going to use the veto and she’s going to go home anyway, so she sold someone out that she didn’t need to for no reason.

10:40 AM BBT: James tells Austin that Shelli and Clay told him a lot of things last night, including the fact that he tried to get him nominated when Liz won HOH. Austin tells James that isn’t true at all. James tells Austin that he doesn’t believe Clay and Shelli, and that he just wants to be able to start fresh with him and the twins. Austin tells James that him and the twins are 100% on his side. James tells Austin that he doesn’t know how these next couple days are going to go, but says that Austin needs to be ready. James adds that Clay and Shelli can either be cool about it, or they can go on a war path after the pov meeting.

11:00 AM BBT: Meg tells Shelli that she fears it’s too late and James isn’t going to use the veto. Shelli says than she got pushed into going against herself my selling someone out for nothing, duped into being someone she’s not. Meg tells her that she thinks she was set up possibly. Shelli tells her that she is certain about being set up.

11:05 AM BBT: Austin tells Liz that James told him that Clay and Shelli told him a lot of things about them last night. Austin tells her about Clay and Shelli trying to throw him under the bus. Liz tells says that she can’t believe Clay and Shelli would do that and they’re sh*t heads for doing so. Austin tells her that James said him, Meg, and Jackie want to work with them going forward.

11:10 AM BBT: Shelli tells Meg that she doesn’t understand why James had to go and tell Austin what they talked about last night. Meg tells her that she doesn’t know anything about that. Shelli explains that she saw James talking with Austin earlier this morning in private. Meg tells her that she doesn’t trust Austin or the twins, so she doesn’t understand why James would tell them because it doesn’t benefit him at all. Clay tells Meg that there is going to be some words exchanged between him and James today because he doesn’t respect him after telling Austin what they said to him in confidence. Meg leaves. Shelli tells Clay that he can’t show his emotions like that because she could be wrong and he could’ve been talking with Austin about something completely different.

11:15 AM BBT: Meg tells James that Clay and Shelli are pissed because they think he told Austin about what they talked about last night. James tells her that this is the paranoia that got them in trouble in the first place.

11:15 AM BBT: Shelli says there is no reason for James to tell Austin about what they talked about last night. Vanessa tells her that there is, that it would get Austin even more on his side. Vanessa tells Shelli that Austin is a very forgiving person, so if the nominations don’t change, she needs to come clean to him and not lie about it.

11:55 AM BBT: James decides not to use the veto.

12:10 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz and Julia that Clay and Shelli told James that they were in an alliance together and that they might of said a lot of things that he doesn’t know about. Julia tells him that she wants to vote Clay out. Austin says he doesn’t know about that. Julia tells him that they made it clear that Clay was the one who suggested they go up, not Shelli. Julia says that Shelli is not with anyone. Austin tells her that she’s close with Vanessa. Julia says that if Clay is by himself, he’s going to go to Meg. Austin tells them that Vanessa doesn’t want them to trust James’ group, but he thinks they can. Julia tells them that if Shelli were to leave, it would be easy for her to target Clay. Liz says that they have to think long term and that Shelli is really good at competitions. Austin tells her that Shelli wouldn’t come after them.

Julia says that she’s not going after Steve and that she’s not going after one of them (James’ group). Austin tells her that they can go after John.

12:15 PM BBT: Becky tells John that if Shelli goes, Clay has a good shot at staying, but if Shelli stayed, she’d probably go out the next week. John tells her that they have Clay. Becky says that Clay wants them to vote him out. John tells her that he plans on voting him out if that’s what Clay wants.

12:25 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin and the twins that Clay and Shelli woke her up at 5am and they were both crying, saying they did something and made a huge mistake. Vanessa tells them that Clelli outed their alliance. Vanessa tells them that if Clay and Shelli really did out their alliance, they may have no choice but to work with James. Austin tells her that James has been wanting to work with them. Vanessa tells him that of course James wants to work with them because they’re the ones with the numbers.

12:30 PM BBT: James tells Steve that he wants Shelli to go because she is the brains of the Clelli operation.

12:35 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that she doesn’t know why Clay and Shelli would expose their alliance, that she never thought they’d do something so dumb. Vanessa tells Austin that they ensured whoever stays will be the next one out. Vanessa tells Austin that if Clay doesn’t want to stay, he shouldn’t stay. Austin agrees. Vanessa tells Austin that until they found out what was actually said, they need to avoid James.

12:55 PM BBT: Julia says she wants both Clay and Shelli gone. Liz tells her that she agrees. Julia tells her for this week, it’s in their best interest to vote out Clay. Austin tells them that if Shelli wants to stay, they should make her go to James and admit that everything she said to him was a lie.

1:15 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Shelli that if James’ group knows about their alliance, they’re fucked. Shelli tells her that she didn’t tell James or anyone about their alliance. Shelli tells Vanessa that people have been saying she’s turning against them. Vanessa tells her that she’s the most loyal people in the house. Vanessa tells Shelli that before Austin heard about what they told James, Austin was willing to go against what James wanted and vote Clay out. Shelli tells her that she doesn’t want to campaign against Clay, but for her game, she’d be the stronger player. Vanessa tells her that if they pull Steve, they’ll have the votes to keep her. Shelli asks if she thinks that Austin will forgive her for being such an ass. Vanessa tells her yes.

1:40 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that Shelli never told James about their alliance, that James was bluffing to get him to admit to it. Vanessa tells him that the only thing damaging that Shelli told James is about his wrestling name being Judas, but even then they could just get out in front of everything and admit it to the house in a fun way. Austin says he has an excuse since the name “Judas” is copyrighted by the WWE, so he could say he wasn’t supposed to talk about it.

Vanessa tells Austin and the twins that it wasn’t Shelli who threw the under the bus, that it was Clay who pressured her into it. Vanessa tells them that it’s better for their game for Shelli to stay. Austin and Liz agree. Liz tells her that she just wants Shelli to come clean with them. Vanessa says that she will, and that Shelli needs to volunteer to be  a pawn so that people don’t think they’re working together. Julia tells them that Clay will join the other side of the house, while Shelli would stick with them if she stayed.

2:05 PM BBT: Shelli tells Austin and the twins that she never said they were in a alliance, that James is making that up to get them to confirm it. Vanessa tells her that James used her when her back was against the wall. Shelli tells her that he did and she fell for it. Austin tells Shelli that she can tell James she lied about him being the hinky vote, but he’ll admit to having the nickname Judas. Liz and Julia tells Shelli that they love and adore her so they want to work with her going forward. Julia tells her that she has their vote not matter what James wants. Shelli tells Austin that she’s really sorry about doing what she did to him last night. Austin tells her that he forgives her.

2:25 PM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that it’s getting very clear what they need to do, and that’s save Shelli and get rid of Clay. Austin tells Shelli that he’s going to deny being the hinky vote for Audrey. Shelli tells her that’s fine, that he can throw her under the bus if that’s needed.

2:30 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Steve that Freak and Geeks have the votes to control who goes, so they need to agree on who they’re going to vote out. Vanessa tells him that they’d be playing into James’ group’s hands by getting Shelli out because Clay will join their side. Vanessa tells Steve that she wants to vote to evict Clay, so she’d like his opinion. Steve tells her that Shelli is a bigger threat, but he looks keeping threats in the house as shields so that people target them before him.

2:45 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that they’ll tell people that Clay was the hinky vote for Audrey and he just said it was Austin to try and get him nominated. Vanessa asks Austin if he agrees that getting out Clay is the better plan. Austin tells her that it 100% is.

5:45 PM BBT: Austin tells James that Shelli came clean about what she said to him last night. James tells him that he didn’t believe what she had to say. Austin tells him that he appreciates it and if he wins HOH next week, hime and Meg are safe.

6:50 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that Clay and Shelli said that her and Julia would be happy if he left and that if James didn’t win HOH, him, Liz, and Julia would all be gunning for James. Liz tells him that Shelli is dead to her. Austin tells her that it’s going to ruffle too many feathers by taking Clay out over Shelli, so he doesn’t want to do it.

7:40 PM BBT: Julia tells John that she wants to keep Shelli, but she’s going to vote how the house wants because she’s too afraid to vote against the house.

8:25 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that James said Clay and Shelli tried getting to get him on the block and saying that she (Julia) doesn’t like him. Austin tells her and Julia that going forward, he doesn’t see Shelli as someone who would come after them. Liz tells them that for her personally, she wants Shelli to stay as well. Julia asks Austin if he’s thinking of voting to keep Shelli. Austin tells her that as of now, he is.

8:45 PM BBT: Clay tells Steve that he doesn’t know what James told him, but says that his name never came out of his mouth last night.

8:55 PM BBT: Clay asks Vanessa if it’s true that Shelli doesn’t even have a shot. Vanessa confirms that it isn’t what James’ wants. Clay tells her that Julia, Liz, and Steve will listen to James and will vote Shelli out, so it’ll likely be unanimous since that’s what James said.

9:05 PM BBT: Liz asks Vanessa what Clay’s problem is. Vanessa tells her that Clay thinks he’s staying for sure and that he thinks it’s going to be a unanimous vote to keep him. Vanessa tells Liz that Clay said there was no way that the twins would vote to keep Shelli. Vanessa tells Liz that Clay could’ve been apart of the plan with James the entire time to set Shelli up. Vanessa tells the twins and Austin that Clay is already campaigning against her. Austin tells her that there is no way that he’s staying.

9:45 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz and Julia that he’ll tell Austin that he just doesn’t feel comfortable with Clay in the house so that’s why he’ll vote Clay out instead of Shelli like James wants. Austin adds that he doesn’t think they need to blindside James with the vote by not telling him that Shelli is staying. Liz agrees. Austin tells them that Clay’s true colors are coming out and they’re learning that he’s been using Shelli this entire time.

10:15 PM BBT: Austin tells Jackie that Clay and Jace have known about his wrestling name since week 1 and Clay’s just now trying to use it against him since they’re desperate. Jackie tells Austin that Clay and Shelli said that if him or Liz won HOH, Austin would be coming for them. Austin tells her that is ridiculous. Jackie tells Austin that the house has decided and they’re going to keep Clay even though thinks he’s going. Austin tells Meg and Jackie that Shelli admitted to him that she lied to Jackie, Meg, and James last night about him being the hinky vote for Audrey.

10:45 PM BBT: Shelli tells Clay that the story about how they learned about Judas is via Austin’s tattoo and it was during week 1. Clay tells her that isn’t how he found out.

10:45 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that he told Meg and Jackie about Shelli admitting to lying about him being the hinky vote and they all bought it. Austin tells her that they’re adamant about Clay staying, so it might be a little harder to convince them why Shelli should stay than they thought. Austin tells her that they have to keep Shelli and it’s no question at this point.

11:00 PM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa and Liz that it’s absurd that Clay suddenly wants to stay in the house after telling everyone to vote him out. Vanessa tells Austin that Clay hates him and she doesn’t even know why. Vanessa tells Austin that Shelli was on board with the cover story for how they learned about Judas, but says that Clay was denying it and saying that isn’t how they learned about it. Austin tells her that he’s 100% going to vote out Clay this week and doesn’t care if it’s going to be a blindside or not.

Vanessa tells Austin and Liz that she thinks Clay and James have had a deal all along and this was all an act to get Shelli sent out. Liz tells her that she needs to tell Shelli about all this. Vanessa tells her that she plans on it.

11:15 PM BBT: Becky tells Meg and Jackie that Austin saying that he doesn’t want to win and only wants to make it to jury is making people overlook him. Meg agrees and says that anyone with a Big Brother tattoo is going to be playing to win, regardless of what they say. Becky tells Meg that Vanessa is with whoever is in power that week, so she needs to go, but they can’t go after her until they get the perfect opportunity.

11:30 PM BBT: Steve tells Vanessa and Liz that if they feel so strongly about Shelli staying, he’s willing to be on board with it as well to be their fifth vote. Austin and Liz begin discussing what they’re going to tell James. Austin says that James wanted this to be a house decision, so they can tell him that the majority wants Clay out.

1:45 AM BBT: Steve asks James if Clay and Shelli tried getting Austin put up. James tells him that if he told them that he wasn’t going to put him (Steve) up, they shifted to Austin and started spilling all sorts of information about him. Steve asks James who he thinks is going on Thursday. James tells him that Shelli will be the one going because that’s what the house has agreed on. Steve asks him why he wants Shelli out over Clay. James tells him that Shelli is the brains of the Clelli operation. Steve tells James that he’ll (Steve) still be the easy target going into next week. James tells him the he won’t be, but there are a few people that bring him name up from time to time. Steve asks him who he’s talking about. James tells him that he isn’t going to name any names, but he’s the big tall sasquatch guy (Austin).

James tells Steve that Meg, Jackie, Becky, Austin, Liz, and Julia will be voting to evict Shelli, so Steve can vote however he wants because he isn’t going to use him for a vote like everyone else does.

2:10 AM BBT: Steve tells the feeders that if he wins HOH, he’s going to put up Shelli and Becky.

3:50 AM BBT: Clay and Shelli tells Steve that they are the reason that Austin is still in the house and now one of them is going to be going home because of Austin. Clay tells him that Austin gravitates towards whoever is in power that week and has no problem backstabbing people, so he needs to make sure he watches his back. Clay and Shelli begin to tell Steve that James completely changes when he gets HOH because he gets his hands into everyone’s games and goes on a power trip. Steve asks Clay and Shelli what they plan on doing since they’re both on the block. Clay tells Steve that he’s been telling people to vote him out and that he’s not going to be campaigning. Shelli tells Steve that if Meg and Jackie make a deal with him, they’re only doing it so that he doesn’t put them up if he wins, but they plan to put him up if they win.

4:30 AM BBT: Steve is outside alone and tell us that he’s on board with keeping Shelli.

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