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Big Brother 17: Day 46 Recap

Vanessa and Jackie from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Vanessa and Jackie from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

It’s going to be another day of punishments and scrambling in the Big Brother house as James’ group tries keeping enough votes on his side to get out Shelli, while Clay pushes for a new plan to get someone nominated, or at the very least save Shelli. James still has no idea that Vanessa has rallied enough votes to save Shelli, so we’re going to be in for good Live Feeds if he finds out, or an even good eviction show if he never does.


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2:45 PM BBT: James tells Meg that Vanessa wanted to know if he was going to keep the nominations the same, so he told her that he was. James tells her that he’s keep the nominations the same and his target remains Shelli. James tells Meg that Shelli is the brain of Clelli’s operation. Meg tells her that they just have to make sure they get the votes. James tells her that they will have the votes. James tells Meg that if she’s having doubts about the twins vote, she shouldn’t because they’re likely going to vote however they want them to because they didn’t put them up this week.

3:00 PM BBT: Liz tells James that Clay begged her to vote him out to keep Shelli. Meg tells James that Clay did the same thing with her. Liz tells James that Liz tells James that Clay and Shelli are going to come upstairs to campaign to get him to put up Steve. James tells her that his plans don’t change after he makes them. Liz tells James that Clay and Shelli don’t care about anyone except themselves and the people who are in power.

3:20 PM BBT: Liz tells Clay that she was just up in the HOH room and James was saying that he doesn’t want to use the POV because it’ll get more blood on his hands. Liz tells him that James wants to keep him over Shelli. Clay tells her that he knows James does.

4:30 PM BBT: Photo booth hour.

4:34 PM BBT: Clay tells Shelli that they’ll never say Steve’s name when they’re talking with James so that if James does try to tell Steve, they won’t be lying when they tell Steve that they never said his name. Shelli agrees and says that they can pull the “just get to jury card” and say that they won’t get mad it James’ group nominates them again next week. Clay says that it would be better for James’ game to get out Steve because that is something the whole house is on board with and Steve doesn’t have someone he’s working with that will come after James if he gets him out. Clay tells Shelli that James needs to think they’re on his side. Shelli says that they can be, that she’d love to work with him.

8:10 PM BBT: Clay and Shelli discuss when is the right time to talk with James about using the veto. Clay tells Shelli that they need to tell James that people are close to him right now just because he’s in power, so he’s going to need them in the coming weeks. Clay tells Shelli that if they get her out, he’s going to tell James’ group that if one of them doesn’t win HOH next week, one of them is going to be going home. Shelli tells Clay that he shouldn’t do that, but when they talk to James, they cannot say a single person’s name so that they have plausible deniability if James tries saying anything to anyone.

9:10 PM BBT: James tells John that he feels like the house is going to want to vote Shelli out. John tells him that he’s going to vote however the house wants him to. James tells John that Shelli is a better competitor than Clay, which is why Clay should be the one to stay. James tells John that he’s 99.99% sure that he’s going to keep the nominations the same.

9:20 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Clay and Shelli that James was talking about how he turned down $5000 and a trip to Ireland to win the veto, so there is no way that he’s going to use it. Clay asks why James’ biggest concern is as to why he wouldn’t use the veto. Vanessa tells him that it’s probably that James doesn’t want to get more blood on his hands. Vanessa tells Clay and Shelli that there is a move that they could make, but they’d have to betray someone and there is little chance of it working. Vanessa tells Clay and Shelli that they just need to go for it with their talks with James because nothing is impossible in this game.

9:25 PM BBT: John tells Austin that both Clay and Shelli are going to be the same for him in the game, regardless of who stays. Austin agrees and says that whichever stays will be gunning for James anyway. John tells Austin that they both wants good TV, and good TV would be letting Clay take himself out of the game to save Shelli. Austin agrees.

9:35 PM BBT: James tells Jackie that he’s worried about Vanessa. Jackie agrees and says that she can do anything at any time. James tells her that Vanessa told Clay and Shelli that they were going up because there is no way that her, Meg, or Becky told them because none of those people would turn on them like that.

9:45 PM BBT: Shelli tells James and Meg that if they both make it through this week alive, they would be two jury votes that they wouldn’t have otherwise. Shelli tells them that she knows her and Clay are a target, so if they were to stay, they’d remain a target ahead of the two of them. Shelli tells James and Meg that they’re giving them the opportunity to save them and have two people that they can put up when they win HOH again and neither her or Clay will get mad at them for doing it. Shelli tells James and Meg that it’s just too early for them to be taking shots at each other when they could be working together.

Shelli and Clay tell James that he could put up a someone with no ties in the house in the house so that nobody would be coming after them next week. Shelli tells James that if he did choose to keep the nominations the same, whichever person did stay would have animosity towards him, unlike someone who doesn’t have anyone.

James tells Clay and Shelli that everything they’ve said is true, that he knew he was going to be making waves with his decision, and that he made this decision because he felt like they were drifting apart because they were not including him in things. James tells them that it seems like there was a line drawn for a reason and that if he wouldn’t of won HOH this week, the people who turned on their original deal to get Jason out would’ve stuck together to get him, Jackie, or Meg out this week. James tells them that he turned down $5000 that his daughter could have used, so if he is going to use the veto, he’s going to need clear evidence as to who and why he should put someone else up. Shelli tells James that using the POV will be more valuable than the $5000 because of the loyalty they’d gain from her and Clay. Clay tells James that they wouldn’t ever nominate, vote against him, or target him during a double eviction if he were to take one of them off and put up a new target as the replacement nominee.

James tells Clay and Shelli that someone told him that there was a plan to put him on the block if it wasn’t for him winning HOH this week. Clay tells him that he has heard people say that they would put him up this week, but Clay says that he doesn’t want to name names. Shelli tells James that they were told this entire week was pre-planned and they were going to nominate her and Clay all along. Meg tells her that isn’t true at all. James tells Clelli that if they would have come to him with who wanted him put on the block, they wouldn’t even be nominated right now. James tells Clelli that his worry is everyone gravitating towards them (Clelli) if they got into power and having the house make them turn on their allies again. James asks Clelli if he was to keep both of them, if someone close to them told said they wanted James put up, would they tell him (James) about it. Shelli says that they absolutely would.

10:05 PM BBT: Julia tells Austin and Liz that she would rather vote Clay out. Austin tells her to just wait and see what James has to say later.

10:10 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that she’d be fine with Steve going up, then Clay and Shelli being saved, but says that they’d have to worry about whatever the deal was that they made with James was. Vanessa tells him that Clay and Shelli are desperate and the only card they have left is telling James the information they know, so that makes her nervous. Vanessa asks who the twins would target next week if they came into power. Austin tells her that they’d both ask her (Vanessa) first.

11:05 PM BBT: James tells Meg that he think they should just stick with their original plan of keeping the nominations the same. James tells her that Clelli really wouldn’t be nominated if he would’ve been told someone wanted him nominated. James tells Meg that it had to of been Becky who said that because it wouldn’t of been anyone else that he’s close with. Meg tells James that it wouldn’t make sense for it to be Becky, and even if he was targeted and nominated, they have the votes to keep him.

James tells Meg that Vanessa is like a cheating spouse that always thinks her partner is cheating because she knows that she’s the one who’s doing the bad stuff. James tells her that is why Vanessa is always so paranoid about getting backdoored. James tells Meg that Vanessa is going to have to go soon because of how wishy washy she is. James tells Meg that they just have to make a smart decision with the veto because it could be the determining factor if they’re going to get picked off or not.

11:25 PM BBT: Meg tells Austin and the twins that they just want to make sure that they still feel the same way about everything. Austin and the twins tell James and Meg that they went out on a limb to keep them safe this week, so they’re willing to do whatever they want them to. Meg tells Austin and the twins that they’d love to start working with them on taking everyone in the house down. James asks Austin what he thinks about targeting Steve. Austin tells him that Steve is someone who he was probably going to target if he won HOH, but says that they can just go after the floaters next week. James agrees.

Austin tells Meg and James that Clay is less of a threat. Meg tells him that she agrees fully. Liz tells them that guys get over things quicker than girls do, so Clay will likely get over it while Shelli would always hold it against them. Julia tells them that Clay is the person that she knows the least in the house, so she wouldn’t mind seeing him go. Meg tells her that it’s smartest for their game to evict Shelli. Julia tells her that she’d like to know the Clay without Shelli anyway. James asks if he should give Clay and Shelli a heads-up that he’s keeping the nominations the same. Austin says that he should do it right before the meeting.

12:00 AM BBT: Shelli starts having a breakdown in the backyard because they put their game on the line to save Austin last week and now nobody is defending her or Clay when they are nominated. Shelli says that she doesn’t think that Austin or the twins are upstairs supporting them right now, so they need to go back up there when they come down. John tells her that Vanessa wants to be loyal to everyone, so that’s why she withheld the information that they were going to be nominated. Clay says that Vanessa is the one who has been swearing up and down that she’s the most loyal person in the house. John tells him that in order to keep them safe, he’s had to lie to people like Steve who thinks they’re going to the end together. John tells them that he has to take Jackie out because she knows about the deal that they all made with her and Jeff.

12:15 AM BBT: Julia tells Shelli about the conversation upstairs is only about Clay telling people to evict him over her. Shelli tells Julia that neither her or Clay want to go home, and they feel like their group is turning against them. Shelli adds that she feels like everyone is lying to them. Julia says that they aren’t. Shelli tells Julia that keeping her and Clay in the game would protect her, Liz, and Austin, but nobody is fighting for them. Julia tells Shelli that she’s been trying to save her. Shelli tells her that she doesn’t think her or anybody else has been trying at all. Shelli tells Julia that she doesn’t understand why her and Clay put their games on the line for them when it’s not being repaid.

12:20 AM BBT: Julia tells James, Austin, and Liz about Shelli cornering her in the bathroom, saying that nobody is defending them after all she’s done for their games. James tells Austin and the twins that Clay has been saying that they agreed with being okay with sending Steve home if they could get him nominated. Julia tells him that they said that to their face, but don’t actually want that because she knows that Clelli only care about each other and nobody else. Julia says she doesn’t want to talk with Clelli anymore and is done with them altogether. Julia says after Shelli cornering her, it’s going to be easy to vote her out.

12:25 AM BBT: Clay tells John that there was an eight person alliance called “Dark Moon” but isn’t together anymore since Jason left. John tells him that he had no idea about it because Becky didn’t tell him. Clay tells John that he shouldn’t fault Becky for that.

12:35 AM BBT: Julia tells Vanessa that Shelli just attacked her about nobody having her or Clay’s back after all they did for Austin. Austin tells Vanessa about their conversation with James and that he’s planning on keeping the nominations the same. Austin tells Vanessa that Clay and Shelli are telling people that they were last to know that Jason was going up.

12:35 AM BBT: Meg tells James that she doesn’t trust Vanessa fully because she’s the one who sent Jeff and Jason home. James adds that she almost sent him home.

12:40 AM BBT: Austin tells Clay that he and the twins were working on James to get him to use the veto to put Steve up. Austin tells Clay that he owes him and Shelli everything since they saved him last week and says he feels for Clay because this could have been him and Liz in the situation.

12:44 AM BBT: Vanessa tells James that she’s on board with getting a floater out because she knows that it wouldn’t get any more blood on his hands. Vanessa asks James if he’s thinking about it. James tells her that he isn’t.

12:50 AM BBT: Shelli tells Vanessa that she wants the Six Sense to have a heart to heart because she doesn’t feel like any of them are supporting her and Clay. Shelli tells Vanessa that they’re the ones who they fought for, who’s in their alliance, and that she wants to feel like it’s being reciprocated. Shelli asks Vanessa if she thinks that James is considering using the veto. Vanessa tells her that she does. Shelli tells Vanessa that she thinks that people are saying to their face they’re on board with getting Steve out, but they’re saying the opposite to James.

12:50 AM BBT: James tells Steve that people are wanting him backdoored this week, so he’s going out on a limb for him by not doing that. James tells Steve that the two people on the block are the ones who are trying to get him backdoored. James tells Steve that he’s telling him this in confidence, so he hopes he doesn’t run and tell them. James tells Steve that he hopes that he’ll (Steve) look out for him the way that he (James) looked out for him if he wins HOH.

1:05 AM BBT: Clay tells Vanessa and Shelli that James it outside on the couch with Steve right now. Vanessa tells them that James would tell Steve that they want him nominated so that he earns Steve’s trust.

1:10 AM BBT: John asks Steve if they should pick a side to be on soon. Steve tells him that they’re already on a side because there other option would be to join only 3 people (James, Jackie, Meg).

1:20 AM BBT: Shelli tells Clay that she’s thinking about exposing everything, but says she’s going to give their alliance a chance to talk.

1:25 AM BBT: Austin tells Shelli that James is planning to keep the nominations the same, but he is concerned that the floaters could get to the end.

1:25 AM BBT: Clay asks Meg if there is a shot of James using the veto. Meg tells him that she doesn’t think so. Meg tells him that Austin and the twins said that they need to get floaters out, but breaking up Clelli is a big game move, so that’s what they need to do. Clay tells Meg that they’re the reason Austin is in the house and that’s how they’re getting repaid. Clay tells her that him and Shelli are getting sent out of the house for playing such an honest and moral game, which just isn’t fair. Meg tells Clay that when James is in power, he has to be the one to make the choices. Clay tells Meg that the three people he’s been working with has screwed them, other than Vanessa, but Vanessa has still been playing both sides.

Clay tells Meg that Vanessa was the one who was entirely the reason that Jason was sent home, not because anything they did. Meg tells Clay that he thinks that she has pull on James, but she really doesn’t and his decisions are based on his own judgement.  Clay tells Meg that she’ll go further in the game with him and Shelli because of how loyal they are. Clay tells her that they’re so loyal they’re going to be going home because of it. Clay tells her that James needs to suck up his pride and do what is best for his game, which would be using the veto and putting up a new target. Clay tells her that if she cares about them as a person, she’d be fighting for them to stay.

Shelli joins the conversation and Meg tells her that Austin and the twins are saying they’re on board with keeping the nominations the same. Shelli tells her that she’s close to just laying everything about out on the table and showing James who he should really be mad at. Clay starts getting upset with Meg for knowing that they were going up but didn’t give them a heads-up. Meg tells him that she didn’t know if she could trust them. Clay tells her that is the same reason he didn’t tell her about Jason going up. Meg asks him how and why he would’n’t trust her. Clay backed off and changed the subject. Shelli begins to break down and says that she’s just tired of this because she’s been so honest and nice and now she’s being targeted for it.

2:30 AM BBT: Clay tells Shelli that they have nothing to lose, they don’t need to expose people, but they need to let James know more of the truth. Clay tells her that Vanessa, nor anyone else, has been 100% loyal to them. Shelli tells him that the one person they could throw under the bus is Becky, and she’s not willing to do that.

2:35 AM BBT: Clay asks John if James asked him about being on board with getting Steve out. John tells him that they didn’t ask. John tells them not to give up because when people scramble, things change. Shelli tells him that nobody cares, so nobody is going to scramble.

2:40 AM BBT: Clay tells Shelli that he doesn’t trust anybody, that he only trusts her and John. Clay asks Steve what he talked with John about. Steve tells him that he wanted to make sure that he wouldn’t put James up since James didn’t put him up. Shelli tells Clay that was a generic answer so James definitely told Steve about them trying to get him nominated.

2:50 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Clay and Shelli that she saw the wheels turning in Meg’s eyes when she brought up getting out a floater this week instead of them, so there is a chance. Clay tells her not  to think about it anymore because James has made up his mind. Clay tells her that the reasons James doesn’t want to use the veto aren’t justifiable, that if he wanted what is best for his game, he’d save him and Shelli by putting up a new target. Austin tells them that he’ll talk with James about putting up a floater in the morning tomorrow before the pov meeting. Shelli tells her that he needs to do it tonight because by morning it’ll be too late. Clay tells Austin that based on what Meg and James are saying, he’s not fighting for them like they fought for him last week, so it’s almost insulting. Austin tells them that he’ll go present the argument to James tonight than.

3:15 AM BBT: Austin tells James that Clay and Shelli are in the desperation stage, offering to go up next week as pawns and vote however James wants them to if he (James) uses the veto to put up a floater. James tells Austin that it’s too risky to keep them both because there is a chance that they could reclaim power in the house. Austin tells James, Becky, and Jackie that Clay and Shelli are willing to volunteer to go home next week if they keep them around just one more week so they can be in jury together. James tells him that he rather take the risk of getting one of them out this week and dealing with whichever one of them stays.

3:50 AM BBT: James tells Meg that Clay has put a deal on the table where if he uses the veto to get out a floater this week, him or Shelli will volunteer to go home next week since they’ve made it to jury. Meg tells her that she had a heart to heart with Steve and he’s all excited about going to jury since James promised him that he wouldn’t be put up. Meg tells him that they’re not playing just to get to jury, they’re playing big picture game. Meg tells James to go with his gut. James tells her that his gut is saying that he should keep the nominations the same and split Clelli up. James tells Austin and Meg that his mind is made up and he’s going to keep the nominations the same.

4:15 AM BBT: Meg tells James that she thinks there is something more going on than what they think. James agrees and says that Austin was campaigning hard for Clay and Shelli. Meg says that Clay and Shelli got so pissed when they heard that Austin and the twins weren’t fighting for them. James says that Clay, Shelli, Austin, Liz, and Vanessa have probably been in a group and have been tight for a while now. James tells Meg that Clay and Shelli don’t want to tell them anything, even if it means one of them goes home because of it. Meg says she’ll go talk to Clay and Shelli. James says to tell them that it’s now or never if they’re going to give them reason to target someone else.

4:25 AM BBT: Meg tells Clay and Shelli that there are a lot of unanswered questions right now and if they’re able to answer some of them, there is a chance that James could change his mind about not using the POV. Meg tells Clelli that everything is weird because it seems like everyone is cover each other’s tracks. Clay tells her that people are trying to play every angle, telling people that they’re loyal to them when they’re not. Shelli tells Meg that people that were saying they were loyal to them last week are now throwing them under the bus. Meg tells Clay and Shelli that pleading that they’ll be loyal will only get them so far, so they need to give James actual information.

4:45 AM BBT: James tells Clay and Shelli that in order for him to do something huge like using the veto, they’re going to have to tell him something huge in return that would justify putting someone else up. James tells them that it says a lot of about who’s working together based on what people want say about certain people, even when their game is on the line. Shelli asks James if anyone has said anything to him about getting them off the block. James tells them that nobody has, that everyone is fine with them getting split up. James tells them that everyone is saying that Shelli is going home on Thursday if she’s still on the block, so that’s what’s going to happen if they don’t give him any information to work with.

Shelli tells James that the reason Jason went home is because after Austin found out that Dark Moon was trying to target him, he got the ball rolling to target Jason, that nobody else was thinking Jason but him. Shelli tells James that Austin has an alter ego named Judas and that it was his wrestling name. Shelli tells him that sometimes it’s Judas who does things, sometimes it’s Austin. James asks her if she’s done any narcotics lately. Shelli tells him that she hasn’t done any drugs, that Austin told her that he is both Austin and Judas. Shelli tells James that Austin is a dangerous person to be in the house. Clay tells him that if there is someone that isn’t helping his game, it’s Austin. Clay adds that if they get Austin out, they can control the twin’s votes. James tells them that was information he needed to hear. James tells them that he’s on board with getting Austin out, but he has to make sure that Meg and Jackie are on board too.

5:40 AM BBT: James wakes up Meg and Jackie to come upstairs to the HOH room. Shelli tells Jackie and Meg about how Austin is the reason that Jason went home because he got the ball rolling. Shelli tells Jackie that they clearly made the wrong decision by getting out Jason instead of Austin.  Shelli tells them about Austin having to personas, his alter ego named Judas and his regular self. Shelli tells them that Judas was the hinky vote for Audrey. Clay tells Meg and Jackie that if they can get Austin out this week, the twins will be easily workable. Jackie tells Clay and Shelli that everything that was just said was things that were said last week.

Jackie asks them why it had to be Jason who went home and not Steve. Clay and Shelli tell her that Austin had his reasons to get Jason out. Jackie asks them if that means that Austin is controlling Vanessa now. Jackie tells Clelli that Steve was supposed to be plan c last week and that didn’t happen, so now they want him out again. James asks Shelli if Austin was the person who wanted him put up as a replacement nominee. Shelli confirms. James tells her that if he would have known that, her and Clay would have never of been nominated. James asks how Vanessa would feel about Austin going home. Meg tells them that Vanessa has hinted that Clay and Shelli being up was the right decision. James tells Clay and Shelli that him, Jackie, and Meg are going to have to decide on what would be more beneficial to their game.

6:20 AM BBT: James asks Jackie and Meg how they feel about everything. Jackie tells her that everything Clay and Shelli told them were things they knew last week. Jackie tells James that if Clay and Shelli don’t go home, it has to be Vanessa that goes. Jackie explains to them that if what Clay and Shelli are saying is true, it’s Vanessa fault that Jason went home. Jackie tells James that if they send Vanessa home, Shelli and Clay will be safe and won’t care if she goes. James tells them that Austin still has a huge target on his back when it comes to him for wanting him put up as the replacement nominee. James says that Vanessa is the one who dropped the hammer on Jason, but Austin is the one who came up on all of the lies. Jackie and Meg say that Austin had good cause because Jason squealed on him and he had to protect himself. James says that they should just keep the nominations the same. Jackie says that Shelli has to go home. Meg tells her that she will be.

Jackie tells James and Meg that Clay and Shelli protected Austin last week, which makes her think that what Audrey said was true and that there is an alliance.

6:40 AM BBT: Clay and Shelli update Vanessa on their talk with James, Jackie, and Meg. Vanessa tells them that she wishes she didn’t know because now she’s going to have to lie to Austin. Shelli tells her that she’s thinking about telling James to keep the nominations the same because she just did something (throwing Austin under the bus) that is so against who she is as a person. James says he just realized that Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, Austin, and Liz have been working together. Jackie says that no wonder Austin was trying to get them to stay and that it just confirms their reasons why Shelli has to go. James says that they have to get Vanessa out when they get the chance.

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