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Big Brother 17: Day 43 Recap


Jason Roy from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

It’s going to be a hectic day in the Big Brother house as today is eviction day, which means one houseguest is going to be sent home, and afterwards, two new people will be crowned the Heads of Household! It’s possible that we’ll see a complete and total power shift tonight, which would make for some great Live Feeds!


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10:00 AM BBT: Wake up call.

10:30 AM BBT: Jason told Steve not to worry about voting for him because with Clay and Shelli, he doesn’t stand a chance. Jason tells Steve that he needs to watch out because Becky has said she wants to put him up. Jason tells him that other than that, he should be in a good place.

2:10 PM BBT: Shelli tells Becky that Jason said that she (Becky) said she was going to target the power couple during a double eviction. Becky tells her that she hasn’t talked to anyone about who she’d target during a double eviction, so that can’t be true.

2:55 PM BBT: Becky tells Meg that Jason made up bad things about her that she never said and that she is scared he is making up more bad things as a hail mary to try and flip votes. Meg tells Becky that she’s voting for Jason, but says that she’s on Becky’s side. Becky tells her that the vote is likely going to be 6-3 to evict Jason, the 3 votes being Meg, James, and America’s Player.

3:00 PM BBT: James tells Meg that he’s not going to even talk to Becky because she should of been the one who comes to him. James tells Meg that it looks like it’s just going to be them two and Jackie, and hopefully they could pull Becky over.

3:05 PM BBT: John asks Vanessa if Jason did anything to make him be on the block. Vanessa tells him that he didn’t do anything to her personally, but says that this is what everyone else wanted to that’s what she did. Vanessa tells him that Jason is a great player that is the core of a 4 person alliance. Vanessa tells John he doesn’t need to be the pawn anymore because Austin said he’d be the pawn to get Jackie, James, and Meg out in the coming weeks.

6:30 PM BBT: Jason is evicted

8:55 PM BBT: James win Head of Household. Before winning, James made a deal with Shelli not to nominate or backdoor her, Clay, or John.

9:10 PM BBT: Julia replaces Jace on the memory wall.

9:20 PM BBT: Julia asks Liz why she’s still be loyal to Austin when he said he wanted her (Julia) out. Liz tells her that Jason made all that up and that Austin wasn’t doing it to hurt her. Liz tells her that Austin never wanted her out. Julia tells Liz that she doesn’t believe that. Austin joins the conversation and Julia tells him that it was shady for him to talk with Jason like he did. Austin tells Julia that it wasn’t shady. Liz tells Julia that it wasn’t shady, and she can’t just cry over spilled milk now. Julia asks why they all knew her name, that Austin volunteered that information. Austin admits to her that it was his mistake. Julia tells Austin that she thought they were friends. Austin tells her that they’re beyond friends, that he was doing anything he could to keep them safe and make sure they both entered the house.

9:25 PM BBT: James, Jackie, and Meg wonder why there were only 2 votes for Jason. They question if America’s Player could of been involved but quickly mark that out as an option. They wonder if Jason was America’s Player this entire time since he was the one who originally brought up the idea of one being in the house. James tells Meg that he couldn’t just let them get taken out, so that’s why he won. James tells her that it’s time for them to fight back and rattle their cage.

9:40 PM BBT: James tells Vanessa that he has some investigating to do before picking his targets, but says he’s going to do what is best for his game just like she did. Vanessa tells him that she can respect that.

9:40 PM BBT (kitchen): Austin tells Clay that it’s likely he’ll go up with one of the twins or both of the twins will be put up.

9:50 PM BBT: Shelli tells Vanessa and Clay that she’s upset with herself for not winning that HOH so she just needs to talk it out. Vanessa tells her that she has nothing to worry about because James is a man of his word and will honor the deal they made. Vanessa says that hopefully James will target the twins. Shelli says that she doesn’t want him to target the twins. Vanessa says that it’s either her or one of the twins who go home.

Clay tells Shelli that it’s good she didn’t win this HOH because now they’ll be able to play in the double eviction HOH, which will double their chances of winning. Clay tells Shelli that they don’t owe Austin, the twins, or Steve anything, so they need to plant the seeds in James’ head to go after them because that is what is best for their game. Shelli tells him that one of their alliance members are going to go home and it’s her fault. Shelli asks Clay how he’d feel if he was Vanessa. Clay tells her that it would suck, but that it’s not Shelli’s fault that the other 6 didn’t perform better.

10:10 PM BBT: Liz and Julia have a check-in to catch each other up on everything. Liz tells Julia that she (Julia) is being too annoying about everything, so she needs to calm down before she upsets people. Liz tells Julia that James winning HOH is the worst thing that could have happened for them. Liz says that James will likely put her up with Austin. Julia says wouldn’t he put up Jackie for putting him up. Liz tells her that he isn’t going to do that because they’re working together now. Julia tells Liz about everything Austin said about her and says that Austin wanted her out. Liz tells Julia that Austin is just obsessed with her and didn’t actually want to send her home. Julia tells Liz that she hopes she is more loyal to her than she is to Austin.

Julia tells Liz that she can’t trust Austin, he disgusts her, she isn’t going to be able to be nice to him, and that she doesn’t believe anything he says. Liz tells Julia that she knows that she hates him, but she needs to suck it up because it’s better for their game to work with Austin and keep him in the house. Liz tells Julia that she’s going to tell James that she kept them off the block last week, so he shouldn’t put her up. Liz says she can also promise neither of them will go after him if they win HOH next week. Julia tells Liz that she hopes they put Austin up because it’s better for them, and that Liz better not cry about it. Julia tells her that they need to make a deal with James to have his back, not target him, not put him up, and never vote against him if he doesn’t put them up.

11:20 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz and Julia that he believes that Clay and Shelli are going to try and get James to put up Steve. Austin tells them that if James puts up either him or Vanessa with Steve, they’ll have the votes and be fine.

12:25 AM BBT: James gets his HOH room.

12:45 AM BBT: Becky tells James, Jackie, and Meg that Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa area  trifecta. James tells them that he did make a deal with Shelli not to put Clay up, but says he’s still going to investigate to see if he has cause to nominate one of them. James says that they should think about getting Vanessa on their side. Meg tells him that she wouldn’t, that they need to think about getting Austin and the twins. Meg tells James that he needs tot think about putting up Austin and Steve, winning the POV and use it on Steve, then backdoor Shelli. Becky tells James that he needs to be careful because he’d be upsetting the biggest competitors by backdooring Shelli and he can’t play in the next HOH. Meg tells her that only Clay would be upset.

James tells the group that only Liz would be the one that could be on the block with Shelli and insure that Shelli is the one voted out. Meg tells him to put up Steve and Liz, and tell Clay and Shelli that Austin is the backdoor target. Meg tells James that Vanessa doesn’t have any set in stone loyalties to Clay and Shelli because she bounces back and forth between them two and Liztin, so they could probably get her to turn on Clay and Shelli if they put up Shelli are the POV meeting. James asks Meg about the time that Clay and Shelli were questioning his loyalty. Meg tells him that it was when they were trying to create a final 4 with her and Jason. James says that them leaving him out of the final 4 deal shows that Clay and Shelli wanted him out. Meg says that Clay and Shelli are clearly a power couple. Jackie says that Shelli needs to go. Meg tells James that when he’s having his talks with everyone, he needs to let people think that Steve is the target.

12:50 AM BBT: Liz tells Austin and Julia that James’ group is coming for them and that they’d be stupid to think that they aren’t.

1:25 AM BBT: Vanessa comes upstairs to talk with James about nominations. James tells Vanessa that he swears on everything that he feels like the two of  them have a good relationship. James asks Vanessa if she’s heard about anyone wanting to target him. Vanessa tells him that she has, but that she can’t reveal names because she’s not a rat. Vanessa tells him that Jason and Meg told Clay and Shelli that they didn’t know where his head is at and didn’t know if they could trust him or not. Vanessa tells James that this is his last chance to get someone that he thinks will be a bitter jury vote or someone he just wouldn’t want to be in jury with. Vanessa tells James about someone throwing his name out to try and get him put up as the replacement nominee when they didn’t realize he had immunity for winning the BOB.

Vanessa tells James that it would be smarter for him to make a big move. Vanessa tells him that he’s in the perfect position to break up relationships so that he can free people up to work with him. James tells her that he’s going to make a big move because he doesn’t want to waste this HOH. James asks Vanessa if she’s going to take it person if he makes a big game move this week. Vanessa tells him that if he has to go after someone that is her friend but it’s the right game move for him, she won’t take it personal. Vanessa tells James that she is in tight with Clay and Shelli, but knows that she’s their third wheel and that they’ll always put each other before her. Vanessa tells James that she’ll also understand if he wants to target the twins. Vanessa tells him that she’ll support him in whatever he does and will also help quarterback his move if he wants to tall her the direction he’s thinking. Vanessa tells James that the deal she has to offer him is that she won’t nominate or backdoor him and one person of his choice until final 7. James tells Vanessa that she has nothing to worry about.

2:00 AM BBT: Austin comes up to the HOH room for his turn at nomination talks. Austin tells James that his only goal is to get to jury, so if James wants him to throw an HOH for him, he’ll do it, and if James wants him to win an HOH to keep James safe, he’ll win the HOH. Austin tells him that if James makes it to the final 2, he has his vote. James tells Austin that he wants to work with him, Liz, and Julia. Austin tells him that they want to work with him too. Austin tells James that he’s playing for jury, so if James wants him to promise he won’t go after him (James) or Meg, he’ll do it. James asks Austin who he’d like to see go. Austin tells him that everyone was saying they’d like Steve out so he’s thinking that too. James asks Austin if he’d support him if he were to make a big move this week. Austin says he will 100% and will get the twins on board too.

Julia and Liz join the conversation in the HOH room. James tells them that they don’t have to worry about him trying to take one of them out this week. James tells them that they’re safe with him. Julia says that the feeling is mutual. Liz tells James that they were recruits, not superfans, so they don’t really know what they’re doing. Liz tells James that her and Julia just want to make it to jury together. Julia tells James that the both of them are willing to work with him.

2:00 AM BBT (lounge): Vanessa tells Clay and the twins that James doesn’t know they’re all together, he thinks that she (Vanessa) is with Clay and Shelli, while Austin has the twins. Vanessa tells the twins that when the campaign to James, they need to play up the fact that they’re just there to have fun, that they’re not superfans who really know what they’re doing.

2:10 AM BBT: Becky tells Clay that James, Jackie, and Meg are determined to backdoor either him or Shelli because of what happened with Jason last week. Becky tells him that they want to blindside him, so he needs to act happy and oblivious.

 2:20 AM BBT: Vanessa asks Clay what Becky just talked to him about. Clay tells her that Becky asked him who he’d target. Vanessa tells Clay that they’re staying this week so he should feel good. Clay tells her that if the opportunity presents itself, he feels that James is going to blindside him or Shelli. Vanessa says it would blow up James’ game to try to backdoor him or Shelli because he made a deal with them in front of the whole house. Vanessa tells Clay that she feels good after her talk with James.

2:40 AM BBT: Clay tells Shelli that James is feeding everyone bullshit, that Becky came and told him that their real plan is to blindside the two of them. Clay tells her that James’ group thinks that they had something to do with Jason going home, that they started it. Clay tells her that James’ group thinks that because they went back on their deal with the 8 person alliance, that their word went out the door too. Clay tells Shelli that Vanessa warned him about Vanessa because she’s going on her own agenda. Shelli tells Clay that she’s super pissed because it was Vanessa who came up with Jason to be the replacement nominee, so Shelli says she wants to go upstairs and tell Meg that, which would also let Meg know that they know what they’re thinking of doing. Clay tells Shelli that if they call Meg out, it will ruin their connection with Becky and she won’t be able to come to them with information anymore. Shelli says that she wants to go upstairs and tells James everything because she feels like Vanessa is steering the target at them.

Becky joins them in the lounge. Becky tells Shelli that James, Jackie, and Meg are all completely on board and dead set on backdooring her this week, so they need to play it cool, look happy, win the POV, and keep the nominations the same. Shelli tells Clay that they need to get Vanessa and tell her that she’s fine with pointing the target at Austin. Clay tells her that they have to watch what they tell Vanessa, because they can’t tell her all of this. Shelli says they need to tell Vanessa about James’ group wanting to backdoor them.

2:50 AM BBT: James tells Meg, Jackie, and Becky that he told Austin and the twins that they’re not his target because they aren’t. Meg tells James that if they want to make sure someone gets taken down with the POV, he needs to put up Vanessa and Liz. Meg tells him that if Vanessa is next to Shelli, Shelli will be the one who goes home. Meg says that they might need to bring Austin, Liz, and Julia upstairs and tell them that they need a pawn. James tells them that he made a deal not to nominate Vanessa. Jackie tells him tot tell Vanessa that the house flipped and wanted her on the block because that’s what she did with them.

Becky tells them that if they put up Vanessa as a pawn with the intentions of backdooring Shelli, Shelli could win the POV and she would keep the nominations the same even with Vanessa up there because she wouldn’t want Clay put up. James tells Becky, Jackie, and Meg that they come up with the plan, he’ll execute it. Meg tells James that they can tell Vanessa the they’re putting her up because she’s the only person that Clay and Shelli would use the POV on. Meg says that they’ll pretend that Austin or Steve is the backdoor plan. James says he’s willing to break his deal with Vanessa because this is Big Brother and it’s time to start bouncing checks. James says that he may just put Clay up and face the wrath of Shelli.

2:55 AM BBT: Shelli tells Vanessa that they’ve fucked themselves over by working with Austin and the twins. Shelli tells her that Becky told her and Clay that James’ group is on board to blindside them and that James doesn’t give a crap about the deal they made during the HOH competition. Shelli tells Vanessa that they think her and Clay are the reason that Jason went home, so they’re the only ones taking the blame. Vanessa tells her that if there is only one of them up on the block, they wouldn’t have the votes. Clay tells Vanessa that James is going to try and pull Austin and the twins onto their side to get them on board to backdoor them. Vanessa tells him that it wouldn’t work, that Austin owes her his life in this game, so he’s going to be loyal to them. Shelli tells Vanessa that Austin’s argument that he won’t play to win has no merit and it was never a compelling argument.

Shelli tells Clay and Vanessa that she wants to go upstairs and tell James everything so that he targets Austin and the twins. Vanessa warns Shelli that if she tries to get people in her own alliance targeted, it’s going to blow up her game. Vanessa says they could sell Becky out for floating between the two sides. Clay says he’ll get James to swear on his daughter he will stay true to his deal that he made between them.

3:25 AM BBT: Jackie and James agree that they have to get in tight with Austin and the twins. James tells her that if they put up Vanessa as a pawn and Shelli wins the POV for her, he’ll put up Clay. Meg tells them that she trusts Austin and Liz more than she trusts Clay and Shelli, so she’s on board.

3:30 AM BBT: Clay and Shelli come up to the HOH room. James tells Clay that he’s thinking of going with the original plan from last week of just backdooring Austin. Shelli tells James that she just wants to make sure their deal is still good. James tells her that it worried him when she asked for that deal because it was never even in his mind that he’d target her or Clay. Clay tells James that they feel like they’re being targeting by people who think they were the ones who wanted Jason out. James tells Clay and Shelli that Vanessa told him that someone was trying to get him put up as a replacement nominee until they realized he had won the BOB and was immune. Shelli tells James that Austin is the reason that Jason went home because he started scheming after he found out about being a backdoor target. Clay tells him that he’s going to be pissed if people are insinuating that it was them who said that.


James tells Shelli and Clay that them two and Meg are the only people that he trusts. James tells Shelli that he doesn’t understand why she tried making that deal during the HOH comp because he already told them that he wouldn’t nominate or backdoor them. Shelli tells him that she just wanted to feel solidified that there is trust between them. James tells them that he’s never felt bad about them, that the only thing that made him feel wary was the Jason thing. James tells them that he needs help with the nominees. Clay tells him that he doesn’t know where Austin and the twins stand because he doesn’t have a relationship with them. James tells him that he could put up Steve because he doesn’t have talk game with him. James tells Clay that he doesn’t want Steve to float to the end of the game. Clay tells James that if he knows Austin and the twins are going to vote for someone over him, he needs to get some of them out. James tells them that he’d rather leave the twins alone.

3:40 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Jackie that it was sounding like people were trying to spin it that she was the one who wanted Jason gone. Vanessa tells Jackie that her concern is that James has told everyone but Steve that he won’t nominate them, but that he needs two nominees. Jackie tells Vanessa that James doesn’t want her to go home. Jackie tells her that if she does get nominated, she’ll try to win the POV to take her off.

4:25 AM BBT: Shelli tells Clay that she thinks that Meg told James that they threw his name out as a replacement nominee last week. Clay tells Shelli that James gave them his word, so he has to keep them safe this week. Shelli tells Clay that as long as they make it through this week, she doesn’t care what else happens. Shelli tells Clay that it’s sketchy that she told James that someone threw his name out there.

4:30 AM BBT: Steve asks James what his goal is for this week. James tells him that he just wants to make it to jury. James tells Steve that he doesn’t want to waste this HOH, so he wants to make a huge move this week. James tells him that he wants to get out people that would never vote for them in jury, like couples since they’d always vote for each other. Steve asks if he’s the target. James tells Steve that he isn’t a heavy hitter, so he wouldn’t be considered a big move. Steve asks if he should expect to be a pawn. James tells him not at all. James asks Steve if he thinks it’s too dangerous to split up a pair. Steve tells him not at all, that he doesn’t know when it’ll be win he wins HOH again.

6:40 AM BBT: James tells Meg that he’s going to go for the jugular and put Clay and Shelli up outright instead of putting up two pawns to just backdoor Shelli. James tells Meg that he’s been thinking upstairs for a couple hours and Clay & Shelli are going to be mad at him either way, so he’s just not going to use pawns at all. James says that Clay and Shelli need to be broken up and that he’s set on his decision. Meg and James both think that if Clay and Shelli are the final nominees going into Thursday, they’re going to turn on each other. James says he’ll tell Clay and Shelli that he nullified their deal like they did to theirs.

Both Jackie and Becky join the conversation. James tells him the new plan of putting Clay and Shelli up together instead of using pawns. Jackie says they’ll both get to play in the POV if he does that. James tells her that only one of them would be able to win it.


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