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Big Brother 17: Day 42 Recap

Clay and Shelli from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Clay and Shelli from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

It’s going to be a day of campaigning in the Big Brother house as we’re only one day away from the fifth eviction of the season. Operation Save Jason kicked off last night and is now in full-swing. We’ll get to see both Jason and Meg push that agenda, along with seeing how Clay and Shelli respond to it. Things could get interesting if Jason or Meg find out that Clay and Shelli don’t actually plan to vote for him, so you won’t want to miss out on that drama on the Live Feeds!


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10:55 AM BBT: Shelli tells Vanessa about Meg’s plea for Jason to stay. Shelli tells her that Meg said she’s closest with them two and Clay. Vanessa tells her that doesn’t make sense because she doesn’t talk with Meg, so she’s probably just saying that because she knows that’s what Shelli would want to hear. Vanessa tells her that they can’t undo what they’ve already done because if they were to save Jason, Jason will always have that seed of doubt in his head, regardless of what the plan would be. Vanessa tells Shelli that their odds of making if farther are better with Becky than they would be with Jason. Vanessa tells her that they’re making the better choice by keeping John as an ally by not sending Becky home. Shelli says they can let Jason and Jackie think that her and Clay are going to be swing votes so that Jackie votes Becky out, then they can have that leverage over Jackie with Becky. Vanessa tells her that it might not be best to do that if they plan to work with Meg in the future.

Clay joins the conversation in the HOH room. Clay tells them that John just said that Becky is so much more happy now that she’s working with them, which means they’re guaranteed that Becky wouldn’t target them, unlike Jason. Vanessa agrees and says that Becky is virtually alone, while Jason is the four of a 4 person alliance that they could break up by sending him out. Shelli tells Vanessa that they’ve realized that John and Becky are the strongest duo in the house because they’re both under the radar, nobody’s target, and both extremely good at competitions. Clay says that John and Becky would be the people that need to be targeted during a double eviction, so they should start planting those seeds.

Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli discuss trusting Meg and bringing her into their group after they get Jason out. Clay and Vanessa agree that they’d want to get Becky and John out before they got Meg out. Vanessa tells them that Meg has no reason to doubt that they’d protect her, but they’d need something in return from her. Vanessa says that they can offer Meg protection if she’s willing to tell them whenever they’re being talked about as a possible target by the other side.

12:45 PM BBT: Liz tells Vanessa that Jackie up Jason’s butt, so Becky would be someone they could work with, while Jackie is dead in the water. Austin says that Jackie is acting like she has this big army behind her when she’s actually screwed. Austin adds that Jackie might think that they can get Steve as a swing vote, but Steve has already promised him that he’s not going to vote to keep Jason. Vanessa tells Austin that Meg and Jason are campaigning to Clay and Shelli will likely come to the two of them soon and try to split them apart from Shelli and Clay.

3:40 PM BBT: Meg tells Jason that Clay and Shelli are worried about Jackie, so they need to make it seem like Jackie is on their side and that they’ll be able to control her if they send Becky home. Meg tells Jason that Shelli responds to paranoia, and Clay responds to loyalty, so that’s what he needs to play up when speaking to them.

3:50 PM BBT: Jackie asks Vanessa who Austin and the twins would want out if they won HOH. Vanessa tells her that they don’t her that kinds of stuff, but says that the twins are going to do whatever Austin tells them to. Vanessa tells her that Austin will probably do the easiest thing which would be to take out Steve.

5:25 PM BBT: James asks Jason if they should try and get Steve nominated next week. Jason says that they should and that he can call him a rat while doing so. James tells him that he’s going to nominate Steve and whoever he’s bringing his information to so that he can say “You can sit next to your owner”.

8:50 PM BBT: Meg tells James that if she wins HOH and stays in power, she’s not scared to do what she wants now. James asks her if she’d put her intended target up straight up. Meg tells him that she wouldn’t, that she’d backdoor them. James tells her that if they’re going to play like this, they need to have a plan as to what they’re going to do. Jackie tells them that the twins are going to do what Austin wants them to, so Austin is the one running the show.

9:00 PM BBT: Becky tells Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa that if she won HOH, she’d put up Austin with Steve with the intention of backdooring James. Clay asks her if she had to choose between sending Austin or Steve home, who would she pick. Becky tells Clay that she’d pick Steve, but would ask the group first.

10:20 PM BBT: Becky tells Shelli that she’s done a lot to prove her loyalty to the two of them, yet it doesn’t seem like Clay is trusting her. Becky tells her that after she revealed her targets to Clay, the first thing he did was ask her if she would go after Jackie. Shelli tells Becky that if she felt attacked, that wasn’t Clay’s intention, that Clay is just very wary of where Jackie stands in the house and wanted to see how she felt about her. Becky tells Shelli that she personally doesn’t want to be the one to take Jackie out because Jackie hasn’t done anything to her. Shelli tells her that she feels the same way and will just let Clay take Jackie out.

Becky tells Shelli that if they were to take out James, she’d be able to bring in Jackie and Clay would be able to bring in Meg. Becky tells Shelli that she has confidence in their new group and is excited to start making moves with them.

10:45 PM BBT: Clay and Vanessa agree that they’ll be in a better position in the house if they were to take out Jackie rather than Becky. Clay tells Vanessa that they will distance themselves from Austin and Liz to Meg so that she targets Liz and Austin instead of them two or Shelli.

10:50 PM BBT: Clay asks Austin who he’d target. Austin tells him that he’d go after Jackie 100%. Austin tells him that the only way that Jackie would stay is if her and James both won power, but at that point she’d deserve to stay. Austin tells Vanessa that he’s okay with John, Steve, or Becky winning HOH as long as it isn’t the minions (Jackie, James, and Meg). Vanessa tells them that they have a 56% chance of winning both HOHs while the other side only have 6% of winning both. Austin tells them that if they need someone to throw the BOB, they can just put Becky up on one side and John on the other because John will throw it to save Becky.

11:25 PM BBT: Liz tells Steve that she doesn’t like how Austin is always touching her. Liz adds that Austin has a girlfriend and she’s not cool with that. Liz tells him that tonight will be the last night she sleeps with Austin because when Julia enters, she’ll have an excuse to sleep with someone else.

11:50 PM BBT: Shelli tells Vanessa and Clay that she believes that Becky is genuine when she says that she wants to work with them. Clay tells her that he believes she is genuine too, but that Becky still has question marks around her because he doesn’t really know where her head is at. Shelli tells them that if they do work with Becky, she’s going to want Steve out and they can’t let that happen. Shelli says that Becky doesn’t know that Six Sense is going to come before the four of them (Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, and Becky).

1:15 AM BBT: Austin and Jackie have a discussion in the lounge about not going after one another and the vote tomorrow. Jackie tells Austin that Jason is going to be evicted regardless of how she votes, but says that she’s still going to vote to keep Becky because that is what she promised her.

1:30 AM BBT: Austin retells his conversation with Jackie to Vanessa, Liz, and Steve. Austin tells them that he still thinks that Jackie is going to put up him and Liz if she wins the next HOH, and that he’s still going to put her up if he wins as well.

1:55 AM BBT: Jason tells Shelli and Clay that Becky said that she isn’t going to go after a big target if she wins the HOH tomorrow, but she said if she were to win the double eviction HOH, she’s going to put both of them (Clay and Shelli) up. Jason adds that Becky said that Shelli is the one running things while Clay is just the muscle. Jason tells them that Becky is trying to act like she’s flying solo when she’s actually in tight with both John and Jackie. Jason tells them that both Becky and John implied targeting the two of them at a double eviction.Shelli tells Jason that if he’s going to say this stuff, they’re going to need to know who the other people were there that she said this to. Jason deflects the question and changes the subject.

Jason tells them that if they voted to keep him, Jackie would as well and that would give him enough to stay. Jason tells them that the next HOH competition is likely going to be an endurance and that is something that he’ll win and be able to keep the two of them safe. Jason tells them that he’s willing to let them tell him who to nominate, but he says he’ll likely go after the twins. Shelli asks him how they can knows he’s not lying. Jason tells her that she’ll give her anything she wants. Shelli asks Jason why he waited so long to come to talk with them. Jason tells her that he feared if he came to her too early, it would leave so much room for more discussion that he’d end up overdoing his campaign. Jason tells her that he doesn’t know what he’s doing when it comes to the social part of his game and that’s why Meg is the one who’s controlling that for the most part.

Jason tells Clay and Shelli that he has no loyalties, deals, or alliances to Jackie at all. Jason tells them that he knows in the long run that he wouldn’t be able to go far with James and Jackie, so he’d be eternally grateful if they kept him here. Jason tells them that Jackie and Meg are a sinking ship, and he’s not going to go down with it because he never made an alliance with them. Jason tells him that the only real alliance he made is when the three of them and Meg made that alliance, he was planning on being loyal to it. Jason tells them that he wouldn’t have any issue cutting Jackie loose because he’s not working with her. Jason tells them that Jackie is a show girl who lives this life everyday, so he’s not going to go far in the game with someone who’s willing to cut his throat if it came down to it.

Clay tells Jason that if they were to vote to keep him, they’d be showing their cards. Clay adds that Jason saying that he’d be the target in the house would be used as an easy excuse to put them up because people can just say that they can go after Jason next week. Jason tells Clay that him and Meg discussed it and they want to be loyal to the two of them because they need Clelli. Clay tells Jason that they wouldn’t benefit from him leaving. Jason swears on his life, his mother’s life, and everything that he owns that if they were to keep him, neither him nor Meg would ever target the two of them.

3:10 AM BBT: Jason leaves the have-not room, leaving Clay and Shelli alone to discuss Jason’s plea. Shelli asks for Clay’s reaction. Clay says that he’s a “no” for keeping Jason. Clay tells her that Jason didn’t have any evidence against neither John nor Becky that they were coming after them, that Jason didn’t have any concise points, his stories kept changing, and that he oversold them by talking too long. Shelli and Clay both agree that it’s too late for them to flip the plan.

Shelli tells Clay that they need to pull John and Becky together tomorrow and tell them what Jason is accusing them of saying. Clay tells her that they need to get people to be more clear when they say “people in power” and “power couple” so that people don’t insinuate things like Jason was doing. Shelli tells Clay that they need to get Becky and John promise not to put them up during a double eviction.


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